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  1. Josh Tagg

    Another 'light' restoration

    The decision was made to take mothers colorado off the road as the chassis had split and had broke 3 mounts off the axle all within 6 months. So what turned in to, we'll repair the chassis and get a new back axle has now turned in to this. One way to cure the isolation boredom. If anyone has any...
  2. Josh Tagg

    Kzj70 build

    Hardly anything to do on the latest project, unlike the rest of cars we've had haha. Still found something small to do, had a brand new syntethic rope lying around so decided to swap the wire rope out. Already had the proper fairlead required, just cleaned the drum while rope was off and...
  3. Josh Tagg

    Kzj70 seats

    Recently aquired a very nice land cruiser as you may have seen. I could just do with some rear seats for it if anyone has any? Cheers
  4. Josh Tagg

    Good on this lad, wish I could do the same!
  5. Josh Tagg

    Scotland 19

    We set off to Edinburgh on Friday to our favourite campsite morton Hall, set the oz tent up and then immediately took it back down, wind blowing it all over the place. As much as I like the oztent I've never found it much good in wind, probably because its just a big square. So out came the...
  6. Josh Tagg

    West Coast recommendations

    This year we're just having a week round Scotland. As the heading says has anyone got any good camp spots or places to visit they'd recommend? We're going up as far as Applecross. Been round Scotland a few times just don't want to do the same places we've already done (apart from Edinburgh, back...
  7. Josh Tagg

    Ctek 120 dc dc

    This looked fairly cheap, promo code is payday 20 and get 20% off. If anyone was after one at the moment
  8. Josh Tagg

    Vito camper for sale

    Unfortunately the time has come to sell my old vito, I've owned this about 6 years and it's what got me in to travelling. It's been a fair few places, Scotland tours about 5 times, round Ireland, France and Spain 3 times and all round the UK. As I've now got 4 cars 1 has to go. So it's a 2002...
  9. Josh Tagg

    Classy member

    A new addition to the fleet arrived today, it's very green so the tree huggers will be happy. Pure 80s Mercedes it's lovely, 4 litre v8, electric seats, pillarless coupe. 47000 miles from new with 2 owners. All original tool kit, first aid kit, car cover and books complete. Not been on the road...
  10. Josh Tagg

    ARB deluxe rack

    As said arb roof rack with fitting kit for a 120 it says
  11. Josh Tagg

    Longfield cv and shafts

    Not seen these on e Bay and with the price of genuine I wouldn't say these are a bad price
  12. Josh Tagg

    Collie door moulds

    I don't suppose any of you chaps have some n/s door mould trims for a 90 series you'd want to sell? It's a lwb so after both, mothers only had the car about 7 year but today forgot how wide it was.........
  13. Josh Tagg


    Some tred recovery boards if anyone is In the market
  14. Josh Tagg

    Arb skid plates Nice looking piece of kit for somebody
  15. Josh Tagg

    £50 off sump gaurd

    Just in case anyone was thinking of buying one, now's not a bad time
  16. Josh Tagg

    Romania bound (east bound and down)

    Bonjour and good evening live from colmar. Hit the joyus brithish roads last night down to Dover, what bits were open anyway! Ferry was at 6 this morning so had a "bit" of kip last night in car then was all aboard ready for the morning. Wasn't a great start, George decided to deposit things out...
  17. Josh Tagg

    Another yota

    Well after I'd lost all hope in getting a hilux for a new daily driver to replace the old damper van this gem cropped up. Vx model so air con and central locking, electric windows. 120000 mile so barely run in. Not much to do on it really, serviced, timing belt. Replaced the back springs...
  18. Josh Tagg

    Does life get much better

    Here we are in Edinburgh, not a cloud in the sky, had to get out of the tent as was too warm. Yes TOO WARM. Jet boil has done the honours and made a good coffee, now going to get sarnies on the go for a good day of what's the word...... drinking. Marvellous
  19. Josh Tagg

    Air/manual locker

    Anyone else noticed these little gems? Might be of use to someone, sounds like a good cheaper reliable option may be
  20. Josh Tagg

    A nice spot of spring camping

    Well the last few days have been spent camping in the fine British sunshine....... not quite it's mainly rained and been quite windy. Never the less we've had a good time, found some nice places, lanes and campsites. The car performed faultless apart from the damn alarm which played up and car...
  21. Josh Tagg

    255 85 16

    Has anyone got 255 85 16 on their 80? I've found some toyo open country mt in this size and they're 100 quid each which seems a very good price. They're the same height as 285 75 near enough just wondered if anyone thought the width makes a difference? Pictures of them on would be nice too cheers
  22. Josh Tagg

    Anyone a glass member

    After various trips out around the peaks (closest to me) with os maps loaded on to the iPad I've noticed half the lanes it says you can drive you actually can't. They're either closed to cars or the cruiser simply won't fit. I' just wondering how you lot know what to drive. I've seen glass has...
  23. Josh Tagg

    Heavy springs for a heavy bus

    After using my car for the past few weekends all seems well apart from a slight niggle. The rear springs just aren't stiff enough for the weight of the car how it is now. It's not a daily driver so I leave most of the camping stuff in and shelf system etc. It's currently got suplex 2 inch lift...
  24. Josh Tagg

    Tickover drops on hills?

    For the past 2 nights I've been testing the car up and down dale, all seems well apart from a slight niggle. If pulled up at a junction facing uphill the revs drop? I'm not sure if it stalls as I daren't let it in case won't start. Perfectly fine idle when on flat or downhill and driving uphill...
  25. Josh Tagg

    80 series rear most seats

    Took the back back seats out today as building my storage area in the back on Saturday. Haven't really got much use for these so they're up for grabs, they're in very good condition in the grey/blue colour? Is £50 reasonable to Ask? Either way let me know if you want them, rather someone get the...
  26. Josh Tagg

    Which fridge freezer?

    Ive been looking at a few options for a fridge, im after one that has 2 compartments so I can run a fridge and freezer at the same time. Up to now ive considered the iron man ice cube 65l fridge freezer which is a bare unit. Or ive recently just seen the snomaster 60l double compartment. This...
  27. Josh Tagg

    Project mush 80

    And so after 9 months the old beast finally drove out of the garage the other day. It's not 100% finished yet but the basis is certainly there. It's now structurally sound and has the main metal add ons that I was after. This thread is for the complete vehicle, ive done a few on certain parts...
  28. Josh Tagg

    France voyage

    Since Saturday I've been in France and I have to say it's been marvellous. We've ate and drank like kings and bathed in 30 degrees just about every day. So far we've been to verdun besancon gap antibes and now in Carcassonne. All good apart from some prices, €8 for a pint in antibes...... We're...
  29. Josh Tagg

    Fuel tank removal

    Well been pretty busy on the old rust bucket again. Last week saw the o/s chassis to axle mount get welded on and also some new adjustable trailing arms made. Today set about removing the fuel tank for access to the other side. Looking at the straps I thought there's no way on earth and of these...
  30. Josh Tagg

    Lottery wins

    This has been in the yard at work for a while, it torments me every day! Has a massive pto winch on which weighs 250kg, a large hiab and a flat bed which can lock containers on. Wow oh wow
  31. Josh Tagg

    Just for the laughs

    So today I removed the front axle from the cruiser, not too eventful to remove apart from the trailing arm mount that had been all welded up around/to the bolts. The panhard mount was rotten both spring mounts and the trailing arm mounts...... Lucky I now have a solid one from Andy to replace it...
  32. Josh Tagg

    Back end taking shape

    So after yet many more hundreds of hours the swing out wheel and Jerry can holders are getting somewhere. Still got to fabricate a locking pin for the open and closed positions. Also making some corner sections to finish it off. All tac welded at this point and once happy everything will be...
  33. Josh Tagg

    Are these available?

    If you've read my other post about a rusty 80 you'll know what im currently up against! I was just wondering if any of you guys knew if you could buy these as they look bloody awful to fabricate from scratch. They are the chassis mount for the lower trailing arms of the rear axle. Cheers guys
  34. Josh Tagg

    Owner of a very rusty 80

    Hi all. I bought an 80 series about 6 months ago to build in to a bit of an off roader and over lander,stumbled upon exactly what I was after - a manual with cloth seats and triple diff locks and in the same city as me! I've now learnt to never buy the first thing you look at. The body work and...