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  1. Shayne

    Washing her bottom

    Tired of getting wet trying to get the pressure washer under her I’m sad to learn Clarke are about the only manufacturer not to offer some sort of u bend gutter extension . Plenty of quick release options if I’m lucky enough to buy an adapter that actually fits but then I thought why not just...
  2. Shayne

    80 series interior step nuts

    80 interior rear step nuts , I’m assuming they are something fancy and I can’t find them to buy ?
  3. Shayne

    Aquasteel not a review

    But a curiosity , given I read all the usual claims while comparing to similar products before buying and ultimately deciding to try it and see for myself is the only way forward . So when I found this dried spill which would have convinced me without all the reading I figured I’d post it up...
  4. Shayne

    Sarah Everard

    Not to detract from the tragic circumstance that should never happen , I'm confused by all that's followed . Are the feminists protesting their right to be recognized as the weaker sex or am i missing something :confusion-shrug:
  5. Shayne

    Is there a CV joint test

    Must i get the spanners out just to look at the CV ? There's been a mild pull to the left on steering for a while which is gradually getting worse which had me reading all the steering box posts so i have some idea when i get around to looking at it , but lately the 80 has developed a loud...
  6. Shayne

    Farewell ratrace and rest in peace .

    I recently learned Michael Hall who instigated the very first and now infamous annual Landcruiser club Romania pilgrimage back in 2015 has sadly passed away , another victim of Covid-19 .
  7. Shayne

    Tired of leds anyone got these Hella ? If so will these fit What i'm looking for is an...
  8. Shayne

    Cheap tent power

    Bored window shopping found this BEAUDENS Portable Power Station 166Wh/52000mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Solar Generator, 2000 Cycles, 230V AC and 3 USB Ports, for Outdoors Camping Travel Fishing Emergency Power Supply Backup: Garden & Outdoors - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]...
  9. Shayne

    Voting Fraud

    Personally i don't believe the hype but i'm bored and wondering what if banks did the counting with a 1 dollar refundable vote . I imagine digital voting is avoided because it would be very easy to corrupt but trillions of dollars change hands on a daily basis and every one must be accounted for .
  10. Shayne

    Krown rustproofer V condensation ?

    Will it trap moisture in ? Its an outside of the box question but because i have been investigating repairing my almost 5 year old valliant combi boiler due to build quality issues i've got to wondering if a light coat of Krown inside the main heat exchanger might extend its built in terminal...
  11. Shayne

  12. Shayne

    Question for an engineer ................

    I want to spend 3 grand on boat propeller shaft couplings but before i do i must identify the PCD of the output flange coupling . It's not a standard part because its a bobbin used to clear a protrusion on the gearbox so couplings don't foul , though it probably is a standard size with regards...
  13. Shayne

    Exam Results Fiasco

    Give them all an A pass rate FFS , Teachers are human too with the same petty prejudice and preference as anybody so the kid who made them look stupid by being more intelligent than the teacher gets marked down while two short planks Frank gets top marks coz his mum wears a mini skirt ...
  14. Shayne

    TOY !
  15. Shayne

    New Bronco

  16. Shayne

    When you need all your seats .................

    But you like camping Dock Outdoors - Premium Field Kitchens - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  17. Shayne

    Engine swap perfectly good 1KD (d4d) to a 1KZ-te .

    You would have to drive my 1KZ to understand why i want to do it other than the fact my 1KD body and chassis is in better overall condition . Can i assume the engine mounts are the same ? will i end up swapping the dash as well ? Both swb 90's are too good to go but one has to as i don't have...
  18. Shayne

    Welcome to our world Mr Branson

    We would be happy to offer you a 500 million interest only loan at 5% above base rate over 25 years . The full amount will become due on completion . EVERY ASSET YOU OWN IN PART OR FULLY MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE .
  19. Shayne

    95 series bargain by the looks of it
  20. Shayne

    A chance find but something to look forward to anyway

    Penrhyn Slate Quarry, located near Bethesda in North Wales
  21. Shayne

    A curious tale is all And its annoying me that i can't remember who it was big frankie (lifelong fisherman and stand in RNLI coxswain) dragged forcibly from the wheelhouse as the boat sank off my...
  22. Shayne

    Why don't Brits eat fish? If it went t a local market we would earn twice as much and you would pay half as much .
  23. Shayne

    What is coronsvirus

    Well this explains it all a little better than what we have been hearing, worth the read. FEELING CONFUSED as to why Coronavirus is a bigger deal than Seasonal flu? Here it is in a nutshell. I hope this helps. Feel free to share this to others who don’t understand... It has to do with RNA...
  24. Shayne

    I'm sorely gonna miss my Halfords Pro tool set but ..........

    My boat claimed my Halfords Pro rachet and spanner set and my magnusson case which was great for loose tools of every kind , but it has always annoyed me that every job big or small required both boxes open and so i've been searching in vain for something along the lines of this...
  25. Shayne

    OK liability avoidance but really !?! Apparently it would break if the average 5 year old stood on it :lol:
  26. Shayne

    Relative poverty

    I chanced upon this and found it thought provoking . The world bank has a target to end extreme poverty by 2030 which is an admirable goal , but what follows when they are all promoted to relative poverty if the most advance nation in the free world seems to have settled on free parking as a...
  27. Shayne

    Many thanks to Roy Duffy of for a great weekend

    As usual for me the pics and vids are all on somebody elses's device but i hope to add some later . So for now i would just like to say thank you to Nick for inviting me to meet Roy who is a gentleman in every sense as his patience and pleasant , skillful attitude towards recovery gave testament...
  28. Shayne

    Before i pull the hub apart ...............

    ABS ring is covered in grease , my fault i used too much while resetting the bearing last time :doh:but i can't quite picture how deep i have to go to wipe the ring clean ? Not sure how much time i have today so does the shaft have to come out or will i get to it by just removing the wheel...
  29. Shayne

    What bag are we using for coleman dual fuel stove ?

    2 burner , i know its been discussed on here but i can't find the thread .
  30. Shayne

    Parked illegally and won't start

    D4D 90 she snapped the key , i botched a quick repair using wire so she had something to grip because she had to go to work which she wrecked that before i followed her out . I've separated the fob which still works and used epoxy putty to set the key in an old key housing . But now the engine...
  31. Shayne

    Iran's nuclear deal

    After 2 years of slagging a certain someone off for pulling out finally the EU admit he was right :laughing-rolling:
  32. Shayne

    Half a million to ring a bell ?!?

    Could buy a tape recorder and large speaker for 50 quid instead :lol:
  33. Shayne

    Happy end to the year for someone

    Helen's friend who's German Shepard dog always drove her to despair because he liked to wander off occasionally costing her £80 each time the dog pound people called , £240 in one week ! she would come to work going nuts Helen says :lol: just wandered home again after a 2 year absence . She...
  34. Shayne

    Before i buy new clutch master and slave

    Aisin . There isn't a fancy aftermarket self bleeding alternative is there ?
  35. Shayne

    What did Santa bring you ?

  36. Shayne

    4X4 Design proportions

    Why can model makers get it right when it seems to me Toyota , Jeep , Rover , Mercedes all the big names never quite cracked it ?
  37. Shayne

    One for the kids
  38. Shayne

    Aluminium 80 front bumper a chance find i didn't see while actually searching ebay for bumpers
  39. Shayne

    One for wood experts

    I had my table and 6 chairs acid dip striped because maybe 8 years after I first stripped and stained it she decided it was too dark which was originally caused by ronseal discontinuing the product I hoped to use . I’ve since found Fiddes wax which is good stuff but it’s not going to work...
  40. Shayne

    Good job we all want to be Borgs
  41. Shayne

    Custom Fabricators

    Not a recommendation because i have never used them , but having wasted hours in the past searching for such companies with little success and chancing upon this one right now i got to wondering why we don't have a thread listing those we know .
  42. Shayne

    japanese 4x4 parts ltd review A caliper is a caliper to me so time will tell because i bought all 4 corners but customer service is so abysmal i won't be buying from there again . It went...
  43. Shayne

    Not quite fatal

    So just a subtle reminder perhaps of what you should expect and prepare for
  44. Shayne

    My kinda 40
  45. Shayne

    Brake lights - god help me !

    The brake light switch under the pedal seems the most likely cause but because the tow socket fell to bits when i took it off for a look inside i thought right i will replace that and get rid of the reverse alarm and because I still have working upper taillights in the shed I will fit them as...
  46. Shayne

    Shall i paint brand new calipers ?

    While i haven't actually checked prices at Bigred i'm thinking to replace with new is comparable in price to refurb when a premium finish is included . Also just to be sure my UK spec 1997 Amazon 80 is otherwise described as a HDJ80 1HDT is it not ? I'm thinking the HDJ81 is an import and the...
  47. Shayne

    Has anyone swapped the lock down catch on a hard roof tent ?

    I don't like mine but the only alternative i can think of is a rally style quick release rubber bonnet latch , what else is there ?
  48. Shayne

    Clutch Adjust ?

    I can adust pedal height i know but i was playing with it because the clutch doesn't fully disengage until its right to the floor , a minor nuisance but one i'd like to fix if possible and i knew how ?
  49. Shayne

    Who had windows tinted ?

    Its a bit last minute but i'm tempted to phone around having read its sometimes a while you wait service but i'm undecided on what to go for . The devil in me wants Limo black even on the windscreen regardless of it being illegal but common sense is saying go as dark as legally possible on the...
  50. Shayne

    Wheel arch flare clips

    im sure it’s been discussed already but I can’t find it Flares off revealed nothing scary but the hook clip things are rusty so I decided to remove them for a clean up which was a mistake because the nut falls down inside the wing . I am not taking the wing off to retrieve , so has anyone come...