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  1. warrenpfo

    Shower/change unit

    May be of interest to some here.
  2. warrenpfo

    Anyone traveling to SA

    I cant source a drivers window regulator in South Africa apart from the dealer. Is anyone traveling to South Africa that would mind popping just the motor in there bag for me any time soon? If not i will have to get it shipped form the UK but the cost is the same as the motor.
  3. warrenpfo

    80 series drivers electric window motor case

    Mine seems to have over heated on the brushes and melted the plastic so the brush dont not touch the copper ring anymore. I hope to be able to keep using the motor but need the black plastic top body part. Being in SA to ship a whole regulator over from rough trax etc makes it very expensive...
  4. warrenpfo

    80 series compressor nose

    My Bearing went which took out the retaining clip which took out the belt and in the process took 1mm off the shaft. If anyone has a buggered compressor lying around i only need the front cover. Let me know Thanks
  5. warrenpfo

    Bhanga Nek

    Most of us have a bucket list which can best be defined below, a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. "making this trip is the first thing on my bucket list" For me one of those things is to witness either the laying or hatching...
  6. warrenpfo

    Odd indicator problem

    Wonder if anyone can help. When i use my right indicator only on its own all is good. If i brake with the indicator on the brake light and indicator light flash alternately. If i have my light on and use the right indicator the same happens but on its own its all good. Now you going to ask if...
  7. warrenpfo

    Master power window switch

    Evening all, my wife is traveling to Europe mid August and I need to get a new master power window switch as mine is playing up. Has anyone had any experiance of what looks like a grey import yet sold in the UK switch cluster off ebay liek this one for example...
  8. warrenpfo

    Drivers Window problems

    Good morning all. A few months back my drivers window stopped working. I took the drivers switch assembly apart and cleaned it, I have taken the window motor and assembly apart and cleaned and greased it all and i have put new rubbers in and she now goes down but up requires a bit of help...
  9. warrenpfo

    Who is having an Engine Rebuild?

    Saw this on FB, not sure who it belongs too? More here
  10. warrenpfo

    Welding heat distortion

    Hey chaps thought i would ask those here in case i am missing a trick. I am making up a gate from some 40x20mm stock tubing with a 2mm wall thickness and across the width which it 1200mm i am welding some 10mm sqaure bar every 150mm. For the life of me i cant get the square bar to not twist...
  11. warrenpfo

    Slow Windows (voltage drop)

    Hi all i have new window rubbers and have removed the window mechanism over the weekend to make sure it was operating as it should but the window motor really does strain to push the window up. The drivers door cluster has been checked and cleaned so not sure where to go to next. Could it be...
  12. warrenpfo

    Throttle cable adjust

    Not sure this will post given the current server issues but here goes. I replaced my cable whilst dropping the pan and giving the strainer a good clean. Easy job with no issues and she seems to change much smoother now. I want to play around with the tension on the cable but just want to know...
  13. warrenpfo

    Lesotho 2016 South Africa

    Not local I know but thought it worth posting in the hope we could drum up a few contributions along with some interesting reading. For those not in the know Lesotho (home of the blanket people, as that is traditional clothing for them) is a land locked country all on its own in the middle of...
  14. warrenpfo


    Keen to get mine blocked off and removed from the side of the engine. I went to my local Bosch in South Africa and was told 6 months at best to get the blanking plate. I am more than happy to make one but not so keen to remove the ASCD trace a template and then bolt it back on only to have to...
  15. warrenpfo


    First off hello all from sunny SA it has been a while since i was last on but hopefully not forgotten. My 80 has of late been having an acceleration conundrum. On driving it hard (70/80 miles and hour for a few hours) or for extended periods of time (all day on a recent trip to the mountains...
  16. warrenpfo

    Ticking noise

    Hey chaps one for those wiser than I am which makes most of you. I have done an oil change and now have a ticking noise. It may be coincidence but i have gone from oem oil filter to GUD (which seems what everyone uses here) and am using 15w-40 Delo 400 oil once again what has been recommended...
  17. warrenpfo

    Brake bleed order

    Can anyone confirm the order in which you bleed your brakes. Is it Rear passenger, rear driver, LSVP, front passenger, front driver ??? Thanks
  18. warrenpfo

    Idle revs

    Can anyone confirm the warm engine, in neutral idle revs for a 1hd-ft. The fsm says 800 plus minus 50 but even at 750 it just seems a bit too fast. On googling around 600 is mentioned a few times but just wanted to ask. Thanks
  19. warrenpfo

    EFS suspension

    Chaps on my cruisers arrival on the 16th the first job is too change the suspension over. I am keen to go the EFS route given the posative things i have heard. I know everyone has differing opinions but wanted to ask for those who have gone EFS are you happy and for a 50mm/2" lift with contact...
  20. warrenpfo


    Hello all Bit of an update as I have not been on for a bit and wanted to say hello. As some of you know I am now in sunny South Africa having arrived 6 weeks back. I must be the only foreigner who wanted to get his british passport and then leave the country a day after it arrived rather than...
  21. warrenpfo

    Nuts and bolts

    This maybe a silly question but having acquired an impact wrench I wondered if there is a right and a wrong way to undo and do up nuts and bolts. For example should you have a ring spanner and impact wrench do you hold the nut and undo the bolt or the other way around. I appreciate there will...
  22. warrenpfo

    Bee Keeping

    I don't like bees and am actually allergic to them, that is if stung i need to inject adrenaline into myself but having always loved honey I think this is one of the best things i have seen in a long time and may now be able to have my own honey...
  23. warrenpfo

    Climate Control

    Can anyone shed some light on the ins and outs of the climate control system and why mine takes plus minus 5min to kick in when on auto. I have the temp setting on 25 at present and i can get in the car start it and only a good few min down the road will it start to get the cabin temp to where...
  24. warrenpfo

    Impact socket set

    In the market for a set, dont want to spend snap on money for a set of deep sockets as its not my living nor will they be used every day but wondered what other brands people are using as there are so many. Teng, Bergen, Sealey, Nielsen, Laser etc. I will pair them with a universal joint...
  25. warrenpfo

    80 series bits

    So it would seem i am finally off to SA in 3 weeks time and so need to source a few bits for the cruiser. A pair of rear window rubbers not the sliding windows but the solid ones for a project Set of wheel nuts Lying under the rear of the car looking at the last cross member of the body there...
  26. warrenpfo

    Blue Sea Systems Products

    Its electrical related so thought best to post here. Blue Sea make some greta products but as usual we (UK) have to pay way over the odds for it so I wondered if anyone had a source they use or could recommend where best to get hold of their products at a better price than I can find. I mean...
  27. warrenpfo

    Foxwing KH spares or repairs May be of interest to someone, you can get all the parts listed they dont have from the UK distributer.
  28. warrenpfo

    ASFIR bash plate for colie

    Very cheap starting at £35 and am sure a deal can be had if you email direct
  29. warrenpfo

    Tachometer sensor

    Can someone please indicate to me where it is on a 1995 diesel auto? I have the famous flickering rev counter and want to check it as I also need a reliable rev counter the then check my idle and idle up is all correct as I think its not. Thanks
  30. warrenpfo

    Midland Alan 78plus Multi B CB

    Almost as new, still in original packaging with receipt and the plastic on the screen. I have used it once on the plains but it just sat on the passenger seat. Hoping to get £50 + postage and I will throw in the Ariel (wip) that has been tuned to the radio. I was going to take it back...
  31. warrenpfo

    Like minded forum rankings

    Would be interesting to know how we would have faired/come
  32. warrenpfo


    Guys this is from the SA landcruiser forum but some might be interested. Happy to help out as soon as i land if you are keen to explore further or want the contact details of the chap that is planning to sell them.
  33. warrenpfo

    Blue Sea marine 12 fay fuse box cheap

    I just bought 2 and offered £10 each. He has 9 left if anyone is in the market. Its dirt cheap at that price.
  34. warrenpfo

    Rear 80 series axel housing and open diff

    Just planning ahead and if anyone has a late 80 ie with disc brakes on the rear axle housing and open rear diff let me know. I don't want to be spending a ton here as its for a potential project at some point. The axle housing is almost more important than the open diff as they can be found...
  35. warrenpfo

    Anyone going past Oldham/Manchester heading South?

    I have agreed to purchase some wheels and tyres (4) but they are in Oldham just outside Manchester. By the time i drive up and collect the price is blown out the water so just wondering if we could get them closer to Berkshire. No rush and the seller is happy to hold onto them for me if...
  36. warrenpfo

    Wanted - passenger side second row seat

    Don't care for the condition as all I want is the frame to play with to make a mount for a fridge. Shout if you have anything. P.s grey is the preferred colour.
  37. warrenpfo

    Electrical problem, help or advice please

    Drove to work no problem, got in the car to drive home and some light did not go off on the dash. I did stop to check but all was well with the engine and she drove fine. Atf temp and level light along with oil light low and the red warning top right along with T belt light and what I think...
  38. warrenpfo


    Now i like a gadget as much as the next man but when it comes to verniers they just dont seem to last. I have not spent loads on one but at £20 you would hope it lasts 18 months plus but either the digital readout goes funny or it just stops reading. Can anyone recommend a pair or is it set...
  39. warrenpfo

    One for the electritions

    Are all 12v led lights dimmable or do you require special bulbs/leds
  40. warrenpfo

    Halfords Specials

    Just got an email to say prices have dropped on some of their items, on having a look the 25 Piece Combination Spanner Set normally selling for £100 is down to £50 so might be worth having a further sniff about as that is a good deal.
  41. warrenpfo

    Can you ID these please

    Am i correct in saying these are 120 alloys and wont fit an 80 or could they be from an 80
  42. warrenpfo

    This must be of some interest to someone

    It look well looked after, low miles i am sure and no rust
  43. warrenpfo

    LS oil in a non LS diff

    Can i use LS oil in a non LS diff as I have enough left over oil from my rear change to fill the front and wanted to ask. Its 80-90T I know you cant put non LS oil in an LS diff but not sure of the other way around.
  44. warrenpfo

    Motocomp alloys

    I am just putting the feelers out to see what might be a reasonable offer on a set of 4 16"motocomp alloys which are on my 80. I assume they would fit most 6 bolt stud patterns but at this stage all I have is a picture. Is £50 each too much???
  45. warrenpfo

    Midland Alan78 plus cb

    In mint condition with plastic still on the screen. £50 Used 3 times but not worth taking back to SA as I will get a VHF instead. For £60 I will throw the wippey areal in but no mount. It has been cut to match the radio with an swr meter.
  46. warrenpfo

    Swivel housing shims

    Right i have rebuilt and am assembling my front swivel housing and on giving everything a good clean and torquing the bolts and nuts to 65nm as per the spec i am getting 7kg on the scale with a 0.2 shim on each side. I never measured it prior to stripping it down so cant say if it was right or...
  47. warrenpfo

    iPhone 8gb

    Open to offers It worked all those years ago when I upgraded. It's not mint and the power button ontop has been knocked but still works.
  48. warrenpfo

    Cv joint advice

    So I have started my front axle rebuild on a Sunday but bloody hell no way I was going to get it fine in a day. Anyway the passenger side is showing wear and I was thinking of swapping it with the drivers to even the wear out. Your thoughts on the below pictures. The balls are good...
  49. warrenpfo

    Surf ARB fit an 80 series??

    Anyone want to hazard a guess if this would fit an 80 series?? Bit steep on price but if he comes down a bit and I can sell the winch on it might be worth a punt.