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    LJ70 Alternator removal how to?

    I suspect that my alternator is on the way out as it is not charging the battery and the lights on the dash are on when the engine is at low revs. Does anyone have an instruction for alternator removal? It is the type with a pump on the back complete with oil feed and return from the block. It...
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    Front door weather strip replaced

    I replaced the outer weather strip on the LJ70 recently as it was misshapen and hanging off the door - not a good look. I ordered the part from It cost a fortune, but arrived very quickly. I made a point of ordering a set of clips but the part arrived with the clips already...
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    LJ70 2LT Fuel filter drain how to

    Hi, 1989 LJ70. I can't find an instruction for draining water from the fuel filter. I can see what looks like a drain pipe at the bottom of the filter. What do I turn to release any water? How much to drain? Do I need to prime the fuel system afterwards?
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    LJ70 wheel refurb?

    1989 LJ70 in the UK. The wheels are a little jaded by rust and I have started wondering about how to refurbish them. I am keen to keep the original wheels rather than buy after market replacements. The centres seem to be in good condition, but the rims / barrels are affected by rust. The back...
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    LJ70 Rear Number Plate parts

    I have a few spare bits for the rear number plate light. I will send them in the UK for the price of the postage. See picture for the bits available. The metal section is solid and would clean up prior to repainting. Send a dm if you want them.
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    Sunroof spacer and washer

    I have started to try to diagnose a stuck and leaking sun roof. The roof appears stuck in the closed position. I can hear the motor try to move but the roof does not budge. The handbook describes the emergency procedure to close the sunroof. The description leads me to think that I am missing...
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    Wanted & 70 Series rear seat cable 78920

    As per title I am looking for one of the cable assemblies in the folding rear seat. It is the one that releases the seat base from the floor allowing it to fold forwards. Anyone have a rotten seat that can be cannibalised?
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    New Hella Driving lights fitted

    I just thought I would share this with you like minded souls. I fitted a pair of new Hella Rally 3000 compact driving lights as replacements for the old Cibie fog lamps. I bought a driving light and a fog light to give a combination of beams having seen it mentioned elsewhere. I made up brackets...
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    LJ70 2L-T Turbo removal - how?

    Hi, The gasket between my turbo and exhaust manifold is blowing. I think I have a rough idea what needs to be removed but I am probably wrong somewhere and I would like some instructions to follow if possible. Anyone done this? Do you have written instructions or video? The oil supply lines...
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    Coolant temperature gauge not working

    Lj70 (2l-T). The coolant temperature gauge is not working. I have tested by taking the supply wire to the sender to ground and the gauge goes to maximum. I tested the sender itself as OK, but replaced it anyway. The supply voltage to the sender seems to fluctuate, which seems odd to me. What...
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    Radio aerial access for replacement

    Hi, Would I be right in thinking that to access the radio aerial in the front wing I will need to remove the road wheel and then the wheel arch liner? Thanks in advance.
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    Spare wheel cover

    Hi All, Is there somewhere I can buy a replacement spare wheel cover to OEM spec including the script? Mine has a couple of tears and is generally untidy. It is still doing its job but I would like a fresh one if possible. Are they available from Toyota somewhere? Any recommendations on a...
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    New UK LJ70 Owner saying hello!

    Hi All, Just saying 'hello' before I start asking questions. I have bought a 1989 LJ70 VX Diesel 2.4. It is a UK car. It was off the road for 10 years prior to recommissioning by the previous owner a couple of years ago. It seems solid so far, but there is inevitably a 'to do' list. The main...