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    fitting 1KZ-TE Intercooler

    Can I ask what difference it has made?
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    Winch Options

    Anyone know if there was ever an option of a gearbox powered hydraulic winch for the 90 series?
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    Wading depth.

    Don't just put new breathers on - buy standard air line fittings and run 4mm tube from all the breathing points up to the air box and screw them in to the air box casing (the right side of the filter still).
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    Extended brake hoses

    If you have lifted the vehicle, I would go buy the braded hose kit for the LN107 Hilux (try Roughtrax for a good price) the hose ends clips etc are identical, but the length is approx 1" longer on each, means no stretching when you jack the truck up etc....!
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    Drawer under passenger seat in Colorado

    Ducktape - just replied to your PM ignore above....
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    Drawer under passenger seat in Colorado

    Just PM me if you want it? Do you need the runners too?
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    Improving brakes in general and braided hoses

    Roughtrax do a braided hose kit for the LC.... I bought the Hilux LN107 kit to use on mine as I have raised the suspension by a couple inches, and it gave me slightly longer brake hoses for the rear axle - perfect for the lift. Dave
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    Drawer under passenger seat in Colorado

    my lc seat had this draw... its still in the seat in the shed, I could probably be persuaded to part with it if someone wants it... it was damn handy! the impreza seats I fitted dont have space underneath. Dave
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    exhaust silencer box - genuine or aftermarket?

    Bret - I'm guessing you mean what I know as the tail pipe (which has a small rear silencer) Mine only has two silencers the Large middle silencer in the center section and the small rear silencer in the tail pipe.... I checked again with Toyota today - center section way way way more than £120...
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    exhaust silencer box - genuine or aftermarket?

    Back to the first question, I would say possibly the genuine one fails over a longer period so 'could' be less likely to fail suddenly somewhere, i did have a cheap silencer seem to suddenly break right off at the pip on my hilux once, and fall around under the vehicle... (will admit, prob a...
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    exhaust silencer box - genuine or aftermarket?

    I got a price for the main silencer from Toyota about a year ago.... I nearly fell off my seat, I can't remmember what it was (think I blanked it from my memory) but it was daylight robbery.... Was the £120 for the very tail end part (with a small silencer near the end) not the big middle section?
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    Head Swap Pics

    Ah... will learn to read when not half asleep one day! A head 'should' last a lot longer than one year, but if you just fix a head gasket/cracked head and dont have a good look through the cooling system I guess it may go again relatively quickly, remember the cracked head/head gasket failure...
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    Head Swap Pics

    Do you mean mine.... I've only just put a new AMC Head on - didn't change it before....??? Dave
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    Head Swap Pics

    When doing mine - I did have half a thought about buying a replacement head for the D4D instead of the correct one for mine, then reality hit, and I realised there was no way I had time to make it work.... But would be an interesting upgrade, I guess the fueling/injectors are too different...
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    Head Swap Pics

    I can't fault the AMC head at all - looks fantastic - the casting is very well made and machines - looks nicer casting than my orrigional Toyota item really. For the price difference I would say the AMC is going to be fine! Also get the mechanic to check the viscous fan coupling - in my...
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    Head Swap Pics

    Adrian, the cracks are only really visable once the Head is removed, not something you can spot from the engine bay... Are you having any problems with yours (temp rising/using water/smokey starting - usual signs) if not I would just make sure the cooling system is in tip top condition - make...
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    What are these?

    Agreed - usually moved by someone hooking up tow bar electrics....
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    Head Swap Pics

    Agreed - I didn't actually remove it for BHP though, it was more a case of looking how black and sooty the inlet manifold was and thinking I dont want that type of crud being blown in the new head all the time.... I had previously just tried a blank in the vacume pipe for the EGR control...
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    Head Swap Pics

    Here are a couple pics of it all back together.... Also - I did find a small split in the rubber hose between the airbox cover and the plastic intake pipe - phoned toyota for a price and they wanted £64 for it (then asked if I would like the clips too) I checked they had the right bit.. so will...
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    Head Swap Pics

    Yeah, its strange - no water in the oil or anything, drove fine - was just a little smokey on startup, and was loosing a small amount of water. I have to say it is smoother now, and handles low revs in higher gears (mine is a manual) nicer if that makes sense. but it did drive with good power...
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    Programming a new keyfob

    On mine The Immobiliser works directly from the ECU using a chip in the Key The Alarm (which works the siren/remote locking etc) works from a seperate toyota alarm unit, in conjunction with the Alarm fob on the keyring. (This is why if you have the key you can still start the engine with the...
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    Head Swap Pics

    Have now swapped to an AMC Head which seemed to be beautifully machined.... Apologies for picture quality - I took loads if anyone wants more of anything in particular... Also note - apart from slightly smokey startup and the truck drinking a bit of water, it was running and sounding fine...
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    Aerial Mast

    Yep I did one on the hilux - which is electric - just undo the little chrome bit at the base and pull the old one and cord out, then feed the new one in slowly, there is a cog inside that will bite the teeth on the inner cord and wind it in - when you switch on the cog unwinds and the ring at...
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    Wheel spacers

    That is really odd - My studs protrude right to the end of the spacer nuts.... The Pictures doesn't look good - I know its probably not as bad as it looks as the nut is tapered so more thread than you realise in contact, but that would worry me... I could half understand front and rear studs...
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    Wheel spacers

    Mine defo same length all round - Mine is a LWB Manual.... It doesn't look like the studs have ever been changed, but who knows..... Dave
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    Question about 3.0TD Cylinder Head

    My 2 pence worth is dont skimp and save on a cheap head gasket! Its a pain of a job and worth a genuine item - I learnt this the hard way with my previous vehicles - (Duck and put on tin hat) Landrovers.... I have obviously grown up since then :-) Dave
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    Foglight wiring question.

    I would say it's safe to use a feed from the headlight wires for the trigger circuit for a fog light relay - as long as you run a good feed from the loaded circuit back to a new fused feed from the battery... The fogs get turned off with all the other lights then.... Dave
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    Strong Diesel Smell and Lazy Starting - 3.0td

    Just had to do the pickup pipe on mine - Not sure if it is easier on a LWB but I didn't have to remove any wheels, or fiddly clips... Drive the rear wheels on two bits of sleeper Unbolt the Bash Guard (Bolts either side and a couple on the rear cross member) Unclip the Wiring loom to the tank...
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    Mileage / Consumption : What to expect?

    Guy, you also have to admit - even if the truck is capable of 30mpg, most of the time driving technique :-) drops that down significantly.... I agree dont worry about the MPG A friend of mine keeps going on about how good his golf is on fuel - but in the last 12 months he has had to buy a new...
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    Tyre size question.

    Yep, far more scientific than I was doing! I just picked up whatever Wrangler it was in the tyre place and it was substancially lighter than the BFG - it was described as an AT tyre of similar quality, no idea what exact model/year it was.... OK so question for the Tyre Experts - what pressure...
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    Tyre size question.

    Dont know if others have found the same - but I've found my BFGs to 'seem' softer with them pumped up around 40/45psi.... I've been playing with everything from 25psi upwards I can't see any logic in it, and it is very subjective..! They are also Heavy compared to Goodyear Wranglers of the...
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    Tyre size question.

    Melksham Tyre Supplies in Wiltshire do cracking prices on Cooper Tyres by the way, prob as there is a big Cooper Tyre Factory in Melksham.... I have Discoverer STTs on the HI Lux - Rate them in the Mud, Never really pushed the Hilux on Tarmac Dave P.s. One Negative about the BFG ATs which I...
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    One for the tech's please

    Might also be worth a quick valve clearance check the next time ur servicing it.... Dave
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    Mileage / Consumption : What to expect?

    3.0 1KZTE + Suspension Lift and BF ATs 265/70/16s + Snorkle MANUAL Gearbox 150K miles on the clock Normal Driving in and out of town (2 adults and child and child's stuff) = 27mpg Long run on the Motorway Loaded up = 31mpg Enthusiastic Driving = 24mpg 17 is definately too low, as above check...
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    Suspensions again...

    Hi very interested to know which Rancho kit you bought? How does the in cab adjustment work - I was almost going to import the Toughdog Stuff from Aus to get this type of setup.... Dave
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    Glow plugs! - advice required..

    I guess this has been asked before somewhere, but in line with the above, have people removed their glow plugs with a warm engine or cold engine?? I'm about to change mine for very similar reasons, and was thinking I would warm the engine up first to help get the old ones out... Is this a good...
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    Lap seat belts......

    What about fitting 4 point harnesses :-)
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    Stupid Question

    is it 145,000kms or miles - good deal either way, but a much better deal if it was 145k kms... :-) Dave Mine was £3800 4 years ago at 98,000 miles... could probably shift it for as much if not more now LoL
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    Inclinometer Console

    Chris - I paid £70 for the unit/cable/and sensor - bearing in mind how few are about you are going to be VERY VERY lucky to get one again for £12.50 - I was being told people wanted £200 for them... I wouldn't worry about spending £50 or a bit more as it will add that in value to the vehicle...
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    Inclinometer Console

    The other thing is that there are different coloured interiors - mine had brown plastic edges - found a good paint and they are black now - wouldn't know they were painted - just one to remember if you do pay silly money...
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    Inclinometer Console

    Bob - I just managed to get one of these for mine, after a couple of months of randomly ringing people selling 90 series bits on ebay etc. They are hard to get hold of, just percevere! I ended up paying £70 for the unit/cable and temp sensor... I did find one at a breakers but they wanted...
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    Juddering Pulling Away

    Hi there - I happen to have a genuine Toyota Clutch kit collecting dust in my garage if you need one... Dave
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    Wheel spacers

    I have 30mm spacers purly for looks if I'm honist guv.... No Bearing problems yet and done 50k miles on them! They do effect the handling slightly - better in some situations, worse in others! One positive is that if you do bugger up the wheel studs out in the wilds you can just whip the...
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    front differential

    Chris is it just me or are you standing next to a lot of these trucks that suffer transmittion failure??? LoL sabotage from an 80 series owner! LoL Dave
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    New /different seats

    The Impreza ones definately need bracket's making up, and you want VERY good welds for obvious reasons! Before I put them in, I did look around for seats that would bolt straight in - I only really found the higher spec leather ones from the VX would bolt straight in (and the rears), and...
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    Anti Roll Bars

    Before I bought a Landcruiser - I looked at several Nissan Patrols, one good thing they had over the LC was a lever inside to disconnect the sway bars, might be worth looking at how it works on the patrol, and/or seeing if there are any bits worth grabbing from a breaker - would be much nicer to...
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    Rattling sound on acceleration

    Not sure, Mine being the 3.0 Diesel vibrates a fair bit anyway so probably not the best person to help.... must be some more auto v6 owners out there that may be able to try and find it....
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    warning lights

    I have an owners manual - I'll try scan the page in tomorrow if someone hasn't found it for you already Dave
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    12 or 24

    Also the Starter Motor's on these do like a good voltage! or you can start getting issues with the contacts in the starter motor (cheap and easy bits to swap - BUT you do have to take the Starter Motor out)... Dave
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    Rattling sound on acceleration

    Oh also forgot - remove all your 'stuff' and go for a drive check it's not your tom tom power lead rattling for example... LoL