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    My pair of 80s

    Taken a while to post this - but a few weeks ago I drove home the 8-seater 80 I've been after for a while. Regular readers will probably recognise this truck! Very happy with it. Had been looking for an 8-seater to replace my 5-seater import, as I've got 4 children now - and last winter...
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    Wanted: 8 seater 80

    That's about it really. My current HDJ81 is only a 5 seater (are all the imports?). I've managed to accrue 4 children plus a wife so I now really need an 8 seater so we can all go out playing, I mean visit the in-laws, when the snow hits. I had originally thought I'd only accept a diesel...
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    What does A/T P mean?

    As subject - I was in Park taking the H/L box out of high earlier when this briefly came on. Is it anything to worry about? (I find it easier to get into/out of H in park, then switch to neutral on the main box before putting it in low.)
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    Well, seeing as it seems to be customary, I thought I'd share that my 80 passed it's MOT a couple of weeks ago first time ... as it has since I got it. :icon-biggrin: As ever, though I got a shed load of advisories. I can't help but think my garage is in love with them - because I get so many...
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    Reimporting vehicle to the UK

    You folk seem knowledgeable about importing/exporting of vehicles, so hoping you can help. My Mum's car (MX-5) was UK "born"/first registered (S reg I think). She exported it to France a couple of years ago, and it's now a French registered car. Due to my Dad's recent sudden and unexpected...
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    Wanted: Single Mastercraft Courser MT 285/75R16 tyre

    After a single one of these tyres for a spare - as I'm currently running without a spare, and would like to match my regular tyres. If anybody sees one available please let me know. Thanks, Piers
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    16" steel wheel

    I finally got around to checking out my spare recently. Turns out that while I'm running 16" steelies on the truck, the spare is a 15" Toyota alloy. So, I'm after one 16" steel for my 80. Happy to pay, or happy to swap for the alloy (which comes with one free punctured tyre :D , but the...
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    Starting problem - smoke form bonnet

    Tried to start the truck up this morning, after having already driven for a while, and was greeted by no starter motor engaging, and smoke rising from under the passenger side of the bonnet - probably just behind the battery. I was in a bit of a rush and had to leave the truck, but will be able...
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    Another alternator problem (?)

    Got 100 yards yesterday early morning when all the lights came on on the dash - not flickering, but solid on and didn't go ff. Decided sod it and carried on going - 30 minutes drive in the dark, and 30 minutes back again in the dark, and only just made it home :oops: Anyway, I've checked all...
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    In the last few days my truck has taken to beeping when I kill the engine, and sometimes when I turn on the ignition. It's a weird beeping - high pitch and 4 quick beeps repeated a few times. Any ideas what's causing it?
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    Wheel nut torque on 80

    Can someone let me know what I should be torquing my wheel nuts up to on my 80?
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    Wanted: Wheels + Cooper Discoverer STTs

    A long shot, but given I'm considering getting myself some new wheels along with Cooper Discoverer STTs I thought I'd check that no-one here has a set lying around they want to get rid of. I'm after 4 or 5. I'm currently running 285/75R16s.
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    Experience of this lane near Corwen?

    Does anyone have experience of this lane vaguely near Corwen in N. Wales...
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    How good are ATs?

    I'm currently running Mastercraft Courser MTs on my 80. However, they're not great on tarmac, and I'm toying with moving to some ATs. I do quite a lot of driving about on my fields - which are pretty boggy Welsh hills. Not mudbaths, but in places very, very squelchy grass (with puddles...