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  1. KZJ90

    Auxiliary Fuel Tank Project (Land Cruiser 90)

    I have only this picture more. Later I installed breather hose to the neck too, it was too difficult to fill up without it. I was able to choose which tank I am filling with smaller fueling gun, with bigger (truck) gun it was not possible. I don´t know do you have the same size guns there or...
  2. KZJ90


    The ECU box have different part number (89661-60510) in intercooler version too. I have the one for sale if somebody is intrested. There is no immobilizer in this ECU model. The intercooler won´t give +20hp/50Nm without extra fuel.
  3. KZJ90

    My colorado is now Undriveable.... :(

    I had just the similar problem recently in my LC90. Changed the filter, gave fuel directly to the pump from can and no... The returning hose was dry all the time. So, I found a tiny metal filter from below returning line banjo plug pipe. Cleaned it and yes, it promised but not good. Then I put...
  4. KZJ90

    My colorado wont start after I changed the Fuel Filter

    Have you pumped the filter? That black thing on it. Press when it feels quite hard, if it´s easy to pump, there is air in the line.
  5. KZJ90

    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    Half of that, 0.67 bar.
  6. KZJ90

    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    You can not remap Toyota ECUs. This is installed between the ECU and pump, one wire is cutted and goes through the box, the other 5? wires are robbed from ECU wires. The box includes new boost pressure adjust box/sensor, which goes over the original boost sensor. This allows to run constant...
  7. KZJ90

    Blanking off EGR valve

    Check this: ... co.EGR.php Edit: you found it by yourself too: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=11952
  8. KZJ90

    Front Lower Control Arm Bushes - Worst Job so Far

    I got mine bushes replaced too. It was as difficult job as fridayman warned. :doh: Quite similar story with the camber adjust bolts, one came out with hands!, second with 15 min hammering with 5 kg hammer, 3rd with little less hammering and 4th... no way to get it out, 5 kg hammer is not heavy...
  9. KZJ90

    1kzte HEAD!

    Your choise, you have been warned. :naughty: I would not take the risk... I bought mine chinese head from this guy:
  10. KZJ90

    what batteries to go for ?

    2 x Yellow Optima 75 Ah. :thumbup:
  11. KZJ90

    1kzte HEAD!

    You are right, never buy chinese copy. I did that, it lasted only 4 months/6500 km! :evil: All heads are made of aluminium. Then I bought oem Toyota head from Steve OBrien, Engine Company Services Ltd: :thumbup: Complete original Toyota head with Toyota head gasket...
  12. KZJ90

    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    It fools the wastegate for more boost (there is an electric bleed valve in the kit, connected to the box) and just the box between few ECU wires.
  13. KZJ90

    1kzte engine vs 1KD-FTV D4D ???? Differences???

    It´s very easy to get over 200bhp from 1KZ-TE: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=10696&
  14. KZJ90

    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    Stock size tires (265/70), stock turbo, 3" downpipe+exhaust, intercooler and Adonis Raid -box. Boost about 1.3 bar.
  15. KZJ90

    Turbo modifications?

    About 1.3 bar, max. EGT is about 700°C after turbo. 700°C is the max temp you should run at, but it´s before the turbo. I have measured it after, so it can be about 800°C before. So, it´s not safe to run long time at full throttle in my situation.
  16. KZJ90

    Turbo modifications?

    I got this installed 2 months ago. It is worked well, but not affect as much than I hoped. Anyway, it starts to boost sooner (0,1 bar/1100 rpm, 0,5 bar/1500 rpm, 1,0 bar 200 rpm) and max. exhaust temperature is not as high. So, anyway I am pleased to the result.
  17. KZJ90

    left lower ball joint gone

    How you checked them? You have to jack under the lower arm (against to the spring force) to release the spring pressure. Then you have able to see something, otherwise the spring is against the joint and it feels stiff although it can be very loose.
  18. KZJ90

    Steering arm bush replacement

    Re: Sttering arm bush replacement Here is one:
  19. KZJ90

    Leaking pipes

    Weird. I have seen it in every 90-series, short and long wb. Mine is imported from Germany.
  20. KZJ90

    Leaking pipes

    I don´t know why, but in mine LC90 (modelyear 1996) the rear heater´s pipes are made of stainless steel. Much easier to live with them. :thumbup:
  21. KZJ90

    Well it had to happen sooner or later......

    Oh... Mine parts are for front suspension. :oops: That´s why the part number is different.
  22. KZJ90

    Well it had to happen sooner or later......

    Milner´s 005369 SUSPENSION ANTI ROLL LINK £15.00
  23. KZJ90

    Body Lift

    I did it for getting enough room for 33x12.50" tires. The center of the gravity not change as much as with taller springs and the lift is fully utilized. With lift springs, if you don´t limit the suspension movement with longer bumpstops, there is not more space for the tires, they´ll rub as...
  24. KZJ90

    Front Lower Control Arm Bushes - Worst Job so Far

    Why you changed them again? Where did you bought Superpro bushes for the steering rack?
  25. KZJ90

    Front Lower Control Arm Bushes - Worst Job so Far

    Fridayman, did you installed stock new bushes or Milner´s polyurethane ones? I should do the same in the near future too, parts are waiting...
  26. KZJ90

    Leaking pipes

    Rear heater´s water pipes.
  27. KZJ90

    winch bumpers - airbag - mot

    The sensor is bolted to the chassis, it´s under the center console.
  28. KZJ90

    changing power steering pump

    Try this:
  29. KZJ90

    changing power steering pump

    Why the whole pump? Change only seals: ... p?p=197117 Why? I think it´s old and bad oil which is caused the failure. So, it´s very good to change the steering oil at least once in 10 years.
  30. KZJ90

    Turbo modifications?

    Yes, some kind of. Here (not in scale): I have one extra, I can send it to you if you are interested. There is smaller turbine wheel in GT2560R, so the flow is not so good, but I choosed it because I want retain good low end torque, there is now enough power at higher rpm. But GT2860R would be...
  31. KZJ90

    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    Been there, done that, I have changed the head twice, so I know what you are talking about. Thanks for caring. ;) I have never had the overheating problems, even when the head was cracked.
  32. KZJ90

    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    I am going at some point to dyno, but now it is just "plug-in" (soldered). I changed stock tires today and tried again, and yes, it really goes as good as promised! 0-100 km/h about 9 sec., 0-120 km/h about 13 sec, 0-140 km/h about 19 sec. Quarter mile about 16.5 sec. 80-120 km/h in 4th gear...
  33. KZJ90

    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    Bought the box. :dance: Very pricy (1380 € +vat), but now I have power! I didn´t reached those acceleration times which are adverticed (partly because I have 50% heavier 33" mud tires), but I´m happy. 8-) The exhaust gas temp is quite high during full throttle acceleration, but the new turbo...
  34. KZJ90

    my one :))

    So good pictures, but so small. :doh: Bigger pictures please! :pray: (min. 1000 pix wide)
  35. KZJ90

    Caster Correction.......

    Got my poly bushes from Milner today. There are markings 2711 (front) and 2712 (rear) pressed on the bush, SuperPro´s is SPF2711K (front) and SPF2712K (rear), so they have to be theirs. Looking good, next I have to figure how to change them at easy way.
  36. KZJ90

    96-02 Toyota Land Cruiser Colorado 3" Leveling Lift Kit

    1" spacers give about 45 mm lift. CV angles are just fine fit stock (old) springs. With 2" springs you should have differential drop brackets too.
  37. KZJ90

    tunit diesel performance upgrade

    Modified engine? What counts as modifying? I have some, and some more is coming. Check this: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=10696
  38. KZJ90

    How to edit or delete post?

    So, it don´t bother you at all? Or what?
  39. KZJ90

    How to edit or delete post?

    Is this normal practise? I don´t like it. :cry: is even more irritating, I can´t edit at all there and that´s why I don´t write there any more. :evil: You can post new topics in this forum = ok You can reply to topics in this forum = ok You can edit your posts in this forum =...
  40. KZJ90

    Front lower control arm bushes

    I don´t know, but I should do the same soon. Just ordered those bushes. Maybe this would help: ... sc&start=0
  41. KZJ90

    How to edit or delete post?

    Why I can´t edit my own post, which I just writed less than half hour ago? And I cannot delete or edit any other too? What´s wrong? :think: :( :evil: :thumbdown:
  42. KZJ90

    Turbo modifications?

    Some updating. CT12b vs GT2560R: Hybrid: Compressor housing turned for bigger compressor wheel: Garrett adapter turned for CT12b compressor housing (not welded yet): Adapter for exaust manifold: New hoses:
  43. KZJ90

    Axle removal and CV swap

    Cable ties will not last, especially on outer/bigger end of the rubber. :doh: Otherwise, very good story. Thanks!
  44. KZJ90

    New Colorado first problem

    Suggestions (found from internet): Try this: * Within 15 seconds, perform the following 3 steps: 1. All doors closed. Key not in cylinder 2. Insert already registered master key in the key cylinder 3. Turn ignition switch from the LOCK to ON position 5 times * Within 20 seconds, Open and...
  45. KZJ90

    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    Have anyone seen or tested one (equipped with Adonis box)? Do it really make that difference?
  46. KZJ90

    brake discs and pads for 90-series

    How about EBC brake discs and EBC Green Stuff 6000 or 7000 series pads?
  47. KZJ90

    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm ... s=produits Toyota KZJ90-RAID ... _125cv.pdf Very impressive to me. Look at those acceleration times compared to stock! :o :thumbup: The turbo module raises the boost pressure to 1.35 bar. Cost? About 1400...
  48. KZJ90

    Just a few changes!!!!

    Nice Pioneer, I installed just the same three months ago (AVH-3200BT) 4"? Are you sure? Looks like 3" to me. Where I could get that kind of centre box lid too? This seems to be high enough for arm rest... is it long enough?
  49. KZJ90

    High Beam Warning Light

    It´s because the headlights changes (high/low) at earth side. The solution is to make new controlling by new relays/wires + one wire to the high beam warning light + earth to it. I have done that for getting more voltage to the headlights. I don´t like xenon´s in H4 headlights. The light...
  50. KZJ90


    What´s that green line? Why all those start from 2600 r/min? What is the model year of your Colorado?