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    1080 BJ40 For Sale

    I will take some pics today.
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    1080 BJ40 For Sale

    I have a 1980 BJ40 diesel for sale. It has 77,000km on it and has been in storage since 2002. The model #L-CRS and the Vin #BJ400041865. It has removable doors and top. Barn doors in the rear. All the number match.
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    FJ 40 found in garage

    Thanks, I found the pink slip and here is what it has BJ400041856 model #L CSR
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    FJ 40 found in garage

    Hello, I just found a 1980 FJ40 diesel in a garage. It has 77,000KM but has been parked for some time. The top, doors, & windshield are all removable. What would this be worth as is? Yes it does need some body work (rust) but overall looks to be decent. Thanks in advance.
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