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    Need some serious help on tyres

    I'm brand new at this 4x4 malarky, but wondered if anyone could give some advice on tyres. I just bought a 2001 Colorado 3.0 to take out to Zambia for a couple of years. It has a set of Dunlop tyres (265 70R 16 112 S) on, but the back ones are worn, so I want to get a new set to ship out with...
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    Zambia bound

    Hello, First up I'll be honest, I'm an absolute newbie. I never thought I'd own a 4x4, but it transpires that we're moving to Zambia in the Autumn, and the roads are going to be a bit different to the roads around Camberwell where we live now (probably a bit safer though!). I just bought a 2001...