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    Winch Options

    Anyone know if there was ever an option of a gearbox powered hydraulic winch for the 90 series?
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    Head Swap Pics

    Have now swapped to an AMC Head which seemed to be beautifully machined.... Apologies for picture quality - I took loads if anyone wants more of anything in particular... Also note - apart from slightly smokey startup and the truck drinking a bit of water, it was running and sounding fine...
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    Has anyone got an internal/external temp gauge on their 90/colorado? Just wondered if any of the models/years had them as standard??? Or has anyone found a decent fitting (and working) after market one? Dave
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    Gear Lever Rattle

    Anyone else got a wobbly stick? Find mine is possibly a bit more loose than it should be between the black metal sleave (that pokes up through the gater) and the gear leaver rod that actually comes out of the gearbox. I did pull the trim back but couldn't see an obvious way to tighten this...
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    Patriot Roof Rack 90 Series

    Hello all - I've picked up a 2nd hand Patriot Roof rack (I shouldn't say it - but one previously used on a Discovery 2/3) Just wondered if anyone else had made up 90 series brackets for the Patriot System, I'm making some up today - I'll post pictures later I have found that the 90 Series LC...