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  1. KZJ90

    How to edit or delete post?

    Why I can´t edit my own post, which I just writed less than half hour ago? And I cannot delete or edit any other too? What´s wrong? :think: :( :evil: :thumbdown:
  2. KZJ90

    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm ... s=produits Toyota KZJ90-RAID ... _125cv.pdf Very impressive to me. Look at those acceleration times compared to stock! :o :thumbup: The turbo module raises the boost pressure to 1.35 bar. Cost? About 1400...
  3. KZJ90


    Like americans have voted, the cup holders are the one of the most important equipment of the car. And so am I always wondered where to put a cup or mug or a bottle while driving. Original places at front of the center box are very difficult to use, so I have to figure something else. I found a...
  4. KZJ90

    Prado ECU to euro-model?

    Have anyone ever solved following question: would japanese model Prado´s (with intercooler) ECU work in euro-model (Land Cruiser 90, Colorado 90)? Prado gives with the same (part number) fuel pump 20 hp/48 Nm more (125 -> 145 hp, 295 -> 343 Nm). I think there have to be something else than the...
  5. KZJ90

    Turbo modifications?

    I started to think about some little upgrade for the stock turbo (CT12b). I think it don´t flow very well, because EGT is quite high at higher rpm and full throttle. It´s quite similar size compared to CT20 which is used at 2L-T engines. I found that CT12b is used at Supra Twin-Turbos (different...
  6. KZJ90

    Auxiliary Fuel Tank Project (Land Cruiser 90)

    After two summer WVO testing, I decided to install an auxiliary tank under my Land Cruiser. Main reason for this is that it´s not possible to use WVO at winter time almost at all, because of it´s thickness (it´s even solid). So now I can use diesel for Webasto and for starting/heating up time...
  7. KZJ90

    Polyurethane bushes

    I think I should change my lower wishbone bushes, the front ones are pretty worn/cracked. Do anyone has any experience of polyurethane bushes in 90-series? I have heard good about SuperPro-bushes (, but Milner sells some PU-bushes too but they don´t tell...
  8. KZJ90

    1HD-T cylinder head

    One guy in our local Land Cruiser forum wants to buy a cylinder head for Land Cruiser HDJ80 (1HD-T engine). Please tell if you know one for sale.
  9. KZJ90

    Which ones?

    I sold my tires and now it´s hurry to get new ones. 2 options, size 33x12.50R17. Cooper Discoverer STT _______________________________________________or Nokian Vatiiva M/T I have good experiences with STT, which benefits are tough sides, good balance, good treadwear, good traction and low...
  10. KZJ90

    Hello everybody

    My name is Matti, I´m from Finland and my rig is Land Cruiser 90 3.0TD modelyear 1996. I have owned it 3 years now. I have used nick-names: KZJ90 and -MaTTi- in other forums.