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    Last night - Epic rescue...

    Nice picture. However the reason for me posting you is that I have been looking for a way to get an Avatar uploaded, but I do not see any advice on format, size and how to do it. Please let me know. 2003 KDJ120
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    LC3 Aircondition Control unit

    Update to my KDJ120's troubled Air Condition Unit as follows: The fault that was wrongly diagnosed by Toyota in Worcester as a faulty AirCon Heater Control unit to £1500, but later successfully diagnosed and repaired for roughly £50 by Toyota Nestle, Dornstetten, Germany (just a faulty relay)...
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    LC3 Aircondition Control unit

    My LC3 has developed a fault on the Circuit board on the Aircon control unit. The circuit board is not available on its own, but comes as a sub-unit called "Heater Control Assy" T55900-6A121, but at a staggering cost of £1500. Does anybody know of somebody that successfully repair these...
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    NFU sounds promising, but what about accessories?, do they charge extra for that and how much? (Just been quoted £330 fully comprehensive with 30 day continental cover, however it was raised to £650 when I told them about the BullBar and the Rear Wheel Carrier). Jorgen45 (KDJ120 UK)
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    Auxiliary Fueltank

    Hi Folks, I need to repair or replace my leaking 95L Auxiliary Fuel which has been welded several times, but the aluminum develops tiny fatigue fractures after a while (probably due to chassis flex). Does anybody know of a flexible substance that can be poured or sprayed into the empty tank to...