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    iwan's hdj81

    Yeah, Julian changed the bearings for me - the originals were in a pretty shocking state. I probably have them kicking around somewhere still - lots of wear. Good to know on the auto box - I did wonder if towing scaffolding could have contributed!
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    iwan's hdj81

    Hey Iwan - nice to see my old 81 getting some much deserved TLC :). Out of interest what the problem in the end with the auto box when you picked it up? When I sold it on as far as I was aware it was shifting fine - was a bit surprised when the buyer told me he was having problems with it.
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    120 series : 2004 3.0 D4D LC4 - £6.8k

    Thanks guys. I always thought it was > 8 seats that caused insurance issues, but when I bought my latest 80 (8 seater) I discovered that 8 (as opposed to 7) makes insurers suck their teeth. (Never had a single comment with the wife's 7 seater galaxy, but both insurers I've discussed the 80...
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    120 series : 2004 3.0 D4D LC4 - £6.8k

    Out of interest, do all the 120s come with the extra row of seats (unless removed) and are they technically 7 or 8 seaters?
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    Right. That's it. I have officially had enough and now I'm ...

    I have a 3mm 2400x1200 sheet lying around that was a PITA to shift when it was delivered. I wasn't here and the guy wasn't happy having to get it out of his van himself. I hate to think how much trouble a 1500x1000x10mm sheet'll be - somewhere around 150kg? I like your style though - won't be...
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    Anyone seen or know this 80?

    This one:
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    Obligatory first snow of the winter photo

    Don't you worry, it's still safely tucked up. Think that one's got ATs not MTs on it. It did seem desperate to join in the fun though ...
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    Obligatory first snow of the winter photo

    Jonnyboy - an update for you on the Galaxy with winter tyres. Snowed for a few hours this evening - a covering over the drive and the road outside. Took the opportunity to try out the winter tyres on the wife's Galaxy, comparing it to an 80. I'm impressed. My 80 with MTs (marked with M+S and...
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    Worth a look. Early 95 12v manual

    Pretty sure it's date of 1st registration, not date of import. Otherwise my J reg 80 would be a V reg. It's got factory fitted fogs and the rear row of seats, so don't think it's a Jap import. (There's a phone of the boot with the rear row of seats in, but all the other pictures the seats...
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    Obligatory first snow of the winter photo

    you should have a reply! (sadly not been able to use the galaxy in the white stuff yet, but fingers crossed for some more soon!)
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    Obligatory first snow of the winter photo

    And mid wales ... the view from my office: Already been out in it ... to get the wife's Galaxy's winter tyres fitted to the rims. Now need to swap the wheels over but not doing it in this :eusa-snooty:.
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    Insurance due, selling vehicle?

    You have a few choices: - Go for temp insurance. As already discussed, likely to be expensive. - You could re-insure the truck and then cancel the insurance when you've sold it. You should be able to claim something back for the unused period, but there'll be an admin fee, and/or you won't get...
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    Delivery by Interlink

    DPD and Interlink are owned by the same company (Geopost, part of La Poste). Can't see it doing real-time tracking around here, cos I assume it uses 3g to update the location (little mobile coverage at all nearby).
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    80 series - 1993 4.2TD VX Auto (Someone on here?)

    Could be this one: Same age, same colour, same mileage.
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    My pair of 80s

    I like having two 80s to myself :dance:. To be fair, though, the Galaxy is much faster, and a lot more fuel efficient. We do about 12k a year in that, which would be expensive in an 80!
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    My pair of 80s

    Taken a while to post this - but a few weeks ago I drove home the 8-seater 80 I've been after for a while. Regular readers will probably recognise this truck! Very happy with it. Had been looking for an 8-seater to replace my 5-seater import, as I've got 4 children now - and last winter...
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    Wanted: 8 seater 80

    PM sent, Andy.
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    Wanted: 8 seater 80

    Found this useful looking thread (didn't see it at the time - I was on hols):!
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    Wanted: 8 seater 80

    I thought I looked into it and there were some brackets, etc, that weren't fitted in the 5 seater and wasn't convinced about retro fitting it. To be honest though I haven't treated my current truck very well and there's bits of it that are a bit rotten. My original thinking was to get another...
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    Wanted: 8 seater 80

    That's about it really. My current HDJ81 is only a 5 seater (are all the imports?). I've managed to accrue 4 children plus a wife so I now really need an 8 seater so we can all go out playing, I mean visit the in-laws, when the snow hits. I had originally thought I'd only accept a diesel...
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    Cracked screen

    I got a cracked windscreen on the drive down the south of france last year in the wife's galaxy. I called up my insurance company, as the policy said I had to use their approved repairer. They told me to use whoever i liked and bill them when I got home. They also said that it wasn't...
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    Driving in France

    Bit late, but I second AndyCook - the sanef toll thing is awesome. This year the wife flew down to the south of France and I drove three kids - this stopped me getting out and around the car at each any every toll booth. And most of the French don't seem to have them - it's lovely to speed...
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    Leak in power steering

    Steven - any update on how well this worked? I've had a leak in my 80 for ages, and keep topping up with fluid - so if this worked for you I'll give it a go.
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    Are 2Gether Insurance still in business ?

    Well I got a policy with them a few months ago so I hope so! At that time I'd tried ChrisKnott on here but got no response so went with 2gether, but did pick up the phone to them IIRC.
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    Differences between my 80's

    Low oil pressure could just be a crappy oil pressure sensor (I believe this is a common problem - mine usually reads between 1/4 and 1/3). However, some have suggested that it may also be an indication that your BEBs are about to go. If they haven't been changed (or you're not 100% sure) get...
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    Home network name.

    Hotspots available in Oswestry's main carpark a few months ago. Apologies for the language ...
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    What does A/T P mean?

    Ah gotcha - cheers for that.
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    What does A/T P mean?

    As subject - I was in Park taking the H/L box out of high earlier when this briefly came on. Is it anything to worry about? (I find it easier to get into/out of H in park, then switch to neutral on the main box before putting it in low.)
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    Obligatory snow picture

    Got about an inch in the hills to the west of Mal. Been snowing very lightly all morning. Steep drive is already impassible to wife's car.
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    New company car

    As a driving car, with plenty of space for family and luggage I was very pleased with my 07 plate Ford S-max - really, seriously, a great car to drive, and shares the same 2.0 TD engine as the rest of the Ford range (so same engine as in the Mondeo). We're now on a 10 plate Galaxy as the rear...
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    I cried laughing when I read this.

    Check out the reviews:
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    Yep, can't remember what they were - but I didn't do anything about them. And I can't believe it's different testers - it's a very small rural garage!
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    Well, seeing as it seems to be customary, I thought I'd share that my 80 passed it's MOT a couple of weeks ago first time ... as it has since I got it. :icon-biggrin: As ever, though I got a shed load of advisories. I can't help but think my garage is in love with them - because I get so many...
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    Reimporting vehicle to the UK

    You folk seem knowledgeable about importing/exporting of vehicles, so hoping you can help. My Mum's car (MX-5) was UK "born"/first registered (S reg I think). She exported it to France a couple of years ago, and it's now a French registered car. Due to my Dad's recent sudden and unexpected...
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    Worst UK Winter in 50 Years

    I have heard that those who plan and acquire the UK's stocks of gas are planning for a severe (1 in 20) winter.
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    Edit function...

    I better make some more posts then.
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    Insurance no claims bonus

    I'd let them what you've told us. There's no point taking a policy out with someone only to find out later that they won't take that letter as proof of your NCB. Some insurers (certainly NFU used to) will give you a no claims bonus on the basis that you tell them you've had no claims. (Would...
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    Cost of tyre fitting

    I got a tyre swapped from one rim to another at my local place a few weeks ago. Cost £10.
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    A little thanks for the donations :)

    Got mine as well - thanks Crispin and Simon!
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    Seem to be plenty. Go to and search for inclinometer. For example this one. Out of interest, what's a reasonable sideways limit of a stock 80 (mine isn't quite stock with 33" MTs) before rolling? I have some pretty steep hills I go across.
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    Wanted: Single Mastercraft Courser MT 285/75R16 tyre

    Thanks for all the tips guys. I ended up picking up the ebay one that Paul linked to above. And thanks for the offer to pickup Gav, much appreciated - but I'm not likely to be around the Wirral anytime soon and didn't expect you to be over this way anyway, so I got it delivered (waiting on my...
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    Hi all

    Welcome - nice looking truck. Should be an orange dash light for cdl.
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    Wanted: Single Mastercraft Courser MT 285/75R16 tyre

    Thanks Paul. Silverline don't have my size in stock, and I'm struggling to find anywhere else that stocks them new, so I may have to go with a non matching spare.
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    Wanted: Single Mastercraft Courser MT 285/75R16 tyre

    Cheers for that - have asked them for a quote :thumbup:
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    Wanted: Single Mastercraft Courser MT 285/75R16 tyre

    After a single one of these tyres for a spare - as I'm currently running without a spare, and would like to match my regular tyres. If anybody sees one available please let me know. Thanks, Piers
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    Well I checked the v5 and the vin plate and there's no weights given at all, so i think I made up both numbers :D
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    I can't remember if I made up 2610kg (as it has a sticker in japanese on the back sying 350kg) or whether it's on the vin plate. I may check later if stops raining. (2610kg is the figure for a 4.2L diesel amazon auto according to the data Graham's just posted.) [edit: added auto]
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    Pretty sure the unladen weight is 2610kg. See also:
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    Think mine is 2960kg.
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    Seat belts in a 1992 80 and MOT

    Yes front ones are like yours. Back do lock when pulled.