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    LJ70 Gearbox crossmember

    Hello all, I do offroad winch challenges and am looking for a new LJ70 gearbox crossmember so it's not as low. Couldn't see any off the shelf parts so will be designing & making it myself. To get the correct height does anyone know if the crossmember is supposed to be flat underneath? mine...
  2. RL12

    40 Series WANTED

    Hi all, im looking for a 40 series Landcruiser for my next restoration project. Anything considered, from MOT fail to rust bucket! preferably Diesel and RHD But not essential I’m Based in the midlands but able to collect from most UK places with a trailer if required. Please comment or...
  3. RL12

    Colorado heating and running problems

    Hi all, For a few months I've had a intermittent oil temp warning light that comes on after 5mins for a few seconds. The engine tempts normal so put it down to dodgy sensor. Most recently The front heater matrix doesn't seem to get warm anymore and now more worryingly after starting up the...
  4. RL12

    90 series electronic FM aerial

    electronically retracting aerial assembly wanted for a 2001 90 series Colorado, please PM me if you have one available, thanks
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    Landcruiser LJ70 external roll cage

    Hi all, i've just put my old LJ70 roll cage on ebay. as detailed in the listing it's a bit tatty but solid, and would cost a fortune to fabricate from new so grab a bargain! cash on collection from Uttoxeter or i may be able to deliver it, message me on ebay and let me know you're a LC club...
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    Putting a workshop in the garden...

    Hi all, After a bit of advice about putting a workshop in the garden.. So I've bought a house with a garden big enough for a (domestic) workshop, that I see enclosed by nice tall hedges. I did my research to see if planning permission was required (it's not as the workshop is a temporary...
  7. RL12

    90 series VX

    Hi All, Some of you may have seen my 'wanted' post for a 90 series recently, and I'm happy to say that I've finally found one! This gives me 1.5 landcruiser's, as the other 0.5 is a road legal combination of 70 series Landcruiser and Daihatsu Fourtrak, but the plan is to take this off the road...
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    WANTED: LWB Landcruiser Colarado 90 D4D

    Hi all, I'm looking for a LWB Landcruiser Colorado 90, Needs to be: 3.0 D4D Diesel <200k miles Good condition Ideally: <150k miles Blue, black or silver VX LC4 or LC5 spec Non-import and standard Located in Staffordshire or Devon budget of £3-5k depending on condition, mileage etc...
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    Replacement master cylinder options?

    Starting to have a problem with my brakes, suspected master cyclinder seal going as the pedal will slowly depress all the way to the ground if I stop with the brakes on for a while (30 seconds). no visible leaks anywhere and not using fluid. does anyone know other (potentially bigger) master...
  10. RL12

    locking wheel nuts

    Hi, can anyone recommend some locking wheel nuts? I have spacers on so don't think standard ones would be long enough for the studs. Steel rims not alloys. thanks
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    Landcruiser LJ70 rollcage and sidesteps

    A well made external roll cage to fit a toyota Landcruiser LJ70 or KZJ70. The front and rear hoops have TIG welded connecting pieces which then bolt to the central main hoop. pictures in links below.
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    Are LJ knuckles the same as hilux?

    Hi, how similar are lj70 axles to hilux axles? I bought some deep dish rims but the front left fouls on the steering arm where the drag link comes down to the knuckle. I usually fabricate my own parts but don't want to mess with the steering for obvious reasons, but I see trail gear do High...
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    Lj70 gear lever bush

    Hi I'm having trouble locating the part pictured - the bush on the bottom of the gear lever that moves the gear shift. Went to my Toyota main stealer and thought we ordered the right bit but got the bit that locates the gear lever allowing it to swivel... Is there any uk places (euro4x4parts...
  14. RL12

    Caliper Square cut o-rings

    Does anyone know where to source square cut o-rings from? I'm trying to reseal a pair of 4 pot lj70 front calipers but 'bigg red' rebuild kit doesn't contain the small square cut o rings that fit between the caliper halves (not the piston o rings) and one of the seals is damaged.
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    Lj70 fuel filter assembly quick question

    quick question, i'm fitting an LJ70 fuel filter assembly to a Fourtrak engine bay (of sorts). the original daihatsu filter assembly has wires going into the top of the assembly (fuel heater?) and wires into the bottom water trap. the landcruiser assembly also has these two sets of wires, as well...
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    G reg LJ70 radiator

    G reg LJ70 radiator for sale
  17. RL12

    g reg LJ70 breaking

    not much of it left but a few odd's & sods that will otherwise be going for scrap in a few weeks if nobody wants anything as i need the space! except for a radiator, unfortunetly there isn't much that would be immedietly usefull to build a new truck or whatever, more just random bits for running...
  18. RL12

    LJ70 bushes

    hi, i'm after a set of castor correction bushes for the front of a G reg (round headlight) LJ70 aswell as 2 standard bushes for the rear, as i am doing a 3 link conversion. i have found a few australian countries that do them but none in the UK. does anyone know the best place to get them or...
  19. RL12

    wanted 35" wheels

    ideally 35x12.50 fedima sirocco's to fit an LJ70. any tread pattern/depth considered as i just want something cheap to build by truck around, use for a bit and then maybe save up for a new set.
  20. RL12

    LJ 70 radius arm & sunroof

    LJ 70 front left radius arm & sunroof required. cheers