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  1. Wise1

    Disc Width allowable F & R 90 series

    HELP ME! I'm in the hands of Dominican mechanics, and they want to put on new rear discs (already did the fronts) there is a noticeable wobble in the brake pedal, and the rear axle retainer has been changed twice now, with a leak re-appearing both times. BUT my central question is WHAT are...
  2. Wise1

    converting 2001 Prado (2.8 Diesel KZ-TE) to common-rail

    Dear All, the D4D motor seems light years ahead (except being made in Malaysia/Indonesia!!) of my motor--it is whisper-quiet, smooth, free of rattles and vibes, and supposedly incredibly economical. So as far as I can tell there is no difference in compression, the block is the same, I assume...