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  1. Gasmanjc

    Whining noise from transfer gear case

    Doesn't sound like gears. Maybe dry/worn bearing maybe? Does the sound occur when in neutral at all?
  2. Gasmanjc

    What to do after Prado was locked away for over 1.5 years.

    Take a battery and fuel. Fuel will probably be contaminated and battery bwill most likely be dead. Everything else should be fine
  3. Gasmanjc

    slip indicator, multi terrain indicator and check engine light on?

    Did you run a test on the battery and alternator yet? Could be a bad earth also.
  4. Gasmanjc

    slip indicator, multi terrain indicator and check engine light on?

    Cause is usually a drop in voltage. If your battery and alternator are fine you should be fine to ignore it.
  5. Gasmanjc

    Whats this plastic thing under carpet in the rear

    I think you can Leave the Fob In the car and Lock it with the key. Other than that maybe techstream may be able to disable.
  6. Gasmanjc

    My 150 Kakadu

    Video of last trip
  7. Gasmanjc

    only reverse lights fails. Everything else is working properly

    As Shayne said check your tow socket isn't shorting out. I would also be looking to see if there is a switch of sorts on the transmission that possibly sends a signal to the ecu when reverse is shifted, it may be faulty? Have you replaced the blown bulb yet?
  8. Gasmanjc

    My 150 Kakadu

    Thanks iwan_24 happy new year to you!
  9. Gasmanjc

    My 150 Kakadu

    Took another trip to our favourite 4x4 Park over the weekend. Our oldest son came for the first real test of his GU nissan patrol and my mate traveled up in his new jeep renegade to put it through its paces also for the first time.
  10. Gasmanjc

    only reverse lights fails. Everything else is working properly

    Have you checked the fuses and bulbs yet?
  11. Gasmanjc

    Knocking sound advice

    Maybe of you could get a video of the sound it may help us narrow it down.
  12. Gasmanjc

    Knocking sound advice

    I would check for Broken or worn engine and transmission mounts, upper control arms, exhaust hangers and condition of exhaust, condition of bash plates , cracks under lip of wheel arch.
  13. Gasmanjc

    Navigation screen on off

    It might be stuffed mate. I would remove the unit and see if there are any loose plugs. There are plenty of Aftermarket options available still.
  14. Gasmanjc

    toyota landcruiser prado 2020 model burning smell

    The DPF wasn't doing a burn was it?
  15. Gasmanjc

    My 150 Kakadu

    Couple of Updates on the 150. New control arms, Upper are the new OME ones from ARB. I don,t usually buy from ARB due to how overpriced they are. These are well priced and look to be great quality also. Although I did have to modify the Nipple holder in the cap and the cap retaining bolts were...
  16. front.


    Camp set up
  17. lca.jpg


    New LCA
  18. plates- spotties.jpg

    plates- spotties.jpg

    New plates and Spotties
  19. rear.jpg


    Rear camp set up
  20. UCA.jpg


    UCA fitted
  21. uca2.jpg


    OME UCA from ARB
  22. Gasmanjc

    engine oil pressure low

    What was the issue?
  23. Gasmanjc

    engine oil pressure low

    Oil around the filter area is normal after the filter is changed. If it was the switch it would likely always be on. If you dump the oil and check the oil pick up and its clean you can put the oil back in. These engines are about 15k au to replace.
  24. Gasmanjc

    engine oil pressure low

    This can be a sign that your oil pick up is blocked. Dump the engine oil and inspect the oil pick up by looking up through the sump plug hole. If the mesh looks nice and shiny it's good if it it is dark and clogged looking the sump will need removing and the pick up cleaned. If this is the case...
  25. Gasmanjc

    KDSS Issue

  26. Gasmanjc

    Side Mirror Folding Problem

    Yeah I would pull it apart myself and have a look also.
  27. Gasmanjc

    Side Mirror Folding Problem

    Usually if this happens a new mirror is required. They dont like to be folded forwards.
  28. Gasmanjc

    Techstream help!!

    How to setup mini vci with Techstream on 64bit computer – Emacs, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Linux and Programming etc - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Check your emails mate
  29. Gasmanjc

    Electrical failure warning lights on and wont start

    Yep Alternators are touchy on the 150
  30. Gasmanjc

    My 150 Kakadu

    Short vid from swan gully 4x4 park
  31. 150 Polished

    150 Polished

    Gave her a little TLC
  32. Gasmanjc

    My 150 Kakadu

    Gave the old girl a polish on the weekend. Came up better than expected
  33. Gasmanjc

    My 150 Kakadu

    Did a day trip to swan gully just before the covid lockdown here. Video to come later. It was pretty rough and overgrown in some parts. Copped some panel damage on the front guard and a few new scratches.
  34. rock step

    rock step

  35. top of rock step

    top of rock step

  36. rock step 2

    rock step 2

  37. Gasmanjc

    Site Upgrade (Something has has nothing to do with COVID-19)

    Nice and shiny , Good Job!
  38. Gasmanjc

    old 3.0 or new 2.8

    I havnt owned the new one but it should be better. Only concern I have is it's a smaller engine pushing the same or more power. I have heard lots saying the 2.8 is gutless and lots saying it's more powerful than the 3.0. Best bet would be to drive one and see for yourself.
  39. Gasmanjc

    How many batteries

    Leeloo mine has the air suspension but doesnt come with extra battery. They all come with the tray. I wonder if it's a something done in the models outside of Aus?
  40. Gasmanjc

    How many batteries

    None of the 150s came out with a dual battery here in Aus. Is it possible its after market ?
  41. Gasmanjc

    age Vs miles

    Face lift model would be my pick if the service history is good. Had the revised pistons and injectors after 2013 I believe
  42. Gasmanjc

    1999 UZJ100 | Bruiser

    Nice work , would love to own one.
  43. Gasmanjc

    My 150 Kakadu

    I will say It was a little unnerving
  44. Gasmanjc

    My 150 Kakadu

    Well this happened. Lesson Learned
  45. Gasmanjc

    My LC 120 Prado

    Very tidy mate
  46. Gasmanjc

    Rear diff lock

    Should be similar to this. Looks to be a simple enough system
  47. Gasmanjc

    My 150 Kakadu

    Videos of our Trip to Janowen hills 4x4 and camping park over xmas Highlights and the unabridged version (Be forewarned , there is a dirty old Nissan in it)
  48. Gasmanjc

    Land Cruiser 200 Cancelled!

    As far as Ive heard the 300 series is soon to replace the 200.It may only come in a v6 though.
  49. Gasmanjc

    Anyone know about power window issues.

    I wouldn't have thought 7v would be enough to operate the windows. Is there a bad/ loose earth somewhere perhaps?
  50. Gasmanjc

    Land Cruiser 150 D4D Auto Fuel Filter Light

    Any luck with this yet RC150 ?