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  1. Iwan

    Was it you?

    As the title, was it you @fbnss on the way out of Cwm Llinau this morning on the A470... if so we passed on a corner but I think I remember your number plate on it! Lol :thumbup: :think:
  2. Iwan

    1976 fj45

    Sooo I've got into the 40 section quite a while back! Lol! Much the same way as I got into a 60 many years ago! Once you get the bug then it will never leave! Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a better look at it.. As you can tell.... I've gone to the bottom of the pile! This was a barn...
  3. Iwan

    LOCKSMITH'S come and introduce yourselves!

    There's a very steady stream of locksmiths joining us on here. I always follow the recent activity and have noticed that they join but they're a shy bunch! Lets hear whats what with being a locksmith and most importantly.... which one of you guy's have the best price for your work! Hopefull to...
  4. Iwan

    Lj70 rear drum adjustment mod and lspv delete

    After having a near miss on the lanes yesterday, very lucky that there was space to slide past the obstacle in my path mk7 golf!! First thing this morning I had to take a look. Shoes and cylinders good but very easy to remove the drum.. As soon as I got the drum off I was looking into...
  5. Iwan

    Is this one the one with the really rusty roof?

    From the pics they seem to be avoiding the roof! Lol
  6. Iwan

    Bj74 1hdt h55f combo!

    Bought my bj74 a few years ago and since then I've been planning on a restoration. It's leaf sprung heavy with no light duty 8" differential's to be seen! Ive managed to buy a hzj75 bell housing from Australia a few weeks back and this last weekend I joined my spare hj60 h55f to my 1hdt...
  7. Iwan

    drive line problem

    If you've saw in my 81 thread. I posted a photo of my good friends, 2 brothers who bought an 80 to restore and they did a very good job and they got it on the road after 2 1/2 weeks of ownership. They changed the driver's side quarter panel. And more! As you can see he's a hard working lad...
  8. Iwan

    How to ignore a member's content?

    I can't help myself from commenting on a paid member's commercial thread and the threads provoke me to take the Micheal. I am sorry for this, is there a way to ignore a persons content? So I can't see the threads and comment which ends up making me think/am causing trouble. Thinking along...
  9. Iwan

    Honest looking kzj71

    This has caught my eye. Can say it's very rare in the UK. White is a good colour to detect rust from an advert. There's often people looking for this model. It's been...
  10. Iwan

    Black box when hitting blue dot.

    That's a good thing to do. .. One thing (I am not the kind of person to complain.).. but a bit of a glitch when using my laptop... hit the blue dot when on "new post's" and the thread is fine but the new post is area is covered by a black square for the area of the "new post". Is there...
  11. Iwan

    B engine starter motor needed

    Looking for a 24 volt starter motor for my B engine that I'm planning on fitting into my BJ74 new project.. Can be B,2B,3B,13BT etc.. Have looked at 2H and 1HDT but not looking very possible. Hope there's one out there! Cheers Iwan
  12. Iwan

    1kzte with mitsubishi 4m40 pump

    After doing some research on this kind of modification, I've decided to give it a go! A couple of weeks ago I managed to buy a cheap 1kzte engine from a year 2000 manual colorado. Unwarranted from the buyer but nothing is impossible. Its got real good compression, still had toyota red...
  13. Iwan

    Lj71 build up.

    As summer is here... got the urge to build a truck with bits from here and there 8-) A couple of weeks ago I managed to pick up this lj71 import. It was an auto, got a bent front axle and no engine. To its merit it has aircon, disc brake rear axle, vented front bigger discs. Top of the range...
  14. Iwan

    offered.. lj71 breaking

    I had the chance to buy this 71 and of course I snapped it up!! I have many more 70 spares after the projects ive done with them. If your looking for anything then I would be happy to help you out if I can. Feel free to call me on 07976054670 or pm me. All the best iwan :thumbup:
  15. Iwan

    Offered 30mm wheel spacers

    Ive just taken this set of good quality 30mm wheel spacers of my hj60 as I ve fitted the 285 85r16 wheels that were on my 81. If I recall correctly I paid over 150 for them. Looking for 80 for the set. I can box up and post. All the best iwan
  16. Iwan


    Just spotted this on ebay! Looks a real bargain! :lol:
  17. Iwan

    1hdt near new centre and rear exhaust sections for 80 series

    Hi I have taken off the exhaust system sections above from my hdj81 1991. They aren't too old and have a lot of life left in them. Too good to waste have the rubber mounts, bolts and copper sealing washers. I am open to reasonable offers as I am generating funds for my next project! Hope...
  18. Iwan

    iwan's hdj81

    Hi guy's. . Have made it over to the 80 series! I started a thread in July about a local hdj81 vx limited that has a few issues. After hard dealing and leaving time, it is home for £1300 and he gave me £20 for luck! After looking at the auto box issue. The accelerator position cable is...
  19. Iwan

    Heading off tomorow to look at a local 80 spares or repair!

    Spoke to an old school friend tonight who has a 1991 VX80 auto that has a gearbox fault where it doesn't change to 3rd. Is there any easy explanation why it doesnt change up? He is open to an offer, but knows (of course) what it's worth... What kind of offer should I make?? If I bought it. I...
  20. Iwan

    Interesting HZJ70

    Come accross this rare and interesting HZJ70. Has anyone seen the like of this? I dont think I will be able to afford this but I wonder how many of these were produced!!:icon-cool:
  21. Iwan

    2h turbo and intercooler installation

    When I first bought my part broken up 60 in 2009, thats when the mania began! I got in touch with a long time 60 owner called Alan Craddock who sold me a used Turbo technics kit for a 2h engine for £80! It included most of the parts including an oil cooler, oil feed pipe, the remote oil filter...
  22. Iwan

    Anyone up for trying this?

    It just goes to show the many uses for diff locks on an 80! Enjoy all :icon-biggrin: I am interested if anyone is upfor giving it a go!
  23. Iwan

    Hj60 front winch bumper build

    After having snow on the ground last wednesday, thought I better sort out my 60 series for the mot! Since my 60 series has a 65mm body life we decided the best place to fit the winch plate is ontop of the chassis and work it out from there! The main aim goal is to try and keep the bumper as...
  24. Iwan

    Full floating rear axle

    If you have a leaf sprung cruiser you should be looking to fit one of these hj61 rear axles with a lsd in it. When I visited my friends in Holland, I bought this complete axle except for brake assemblies. Decided to improve the springs when appart. With some hilux leaf springs! No rust under...
  25. Iwan

    Hj 60 Front brake caliper upgrade.

    Standard front brake caliper as stock but with seized pistons! The larger 2005 Hilux Kdn front calipers have a greater pad surface area and also have twin 50mm pistons as the 60 series has 1x50mm and 1x40mm. All in all a greater front end braking setup. Fitting is basically a straight bolt on...
  26. Iwan

    iwan's 70's!

    I recently bought this 88/89 lj70 off my mate for £60, reasonably complete minus engine and box. Perfect platform to build something good....:icon-biggrin: Way too good to scrap! Knowing how capable these are off road. Basic 1st view of the truck. Only have limited time to work on this...
  27. Iwan

    1991 lj70 gearbox and transfercase complete!

    Hi pretty much as above is needed for my new truck. Am getting tired of worrying about damaging my 60 series and now have a 70 again! Pretty much back where I started 12 years ago! Home sweet home!! :icon-biggrin:
  28. Iwan

    Hj60 full restoration

    Last year I made a decision to restore my hj60 which I bought off ebay when I was pissed up!! It included a body swap and weld up, chassis clean up and paint up, suspension change, body refit with 65mm alu body spacers, then came the rebuilding of doors and a pro respray. With knowing and doing...
  29. Iwan

    Winch bumper for a hj60

    Hi I am looking for a winch bumper for my 89 hj60. I thought to ask before I start to build one. :thumbup:
  30. Iwan

    Transfer case question?

    Hi is the transfercase off a 4 speed the same as a h55f 5 speed??