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  1. Chris

    drive to neutral to reverse...

    If you do try to engage reverse, trust me, the box WILL let you know quite loudly. And probably all the people standing in that bus queue over there and the people coming out of the shop on the corner.
  2. Chris

    1k mile 80

    A thousand miles? Wow that's 47 thousand less than mine. Hmm let me do the maths per thousand . Err, divide by no. Hang on. Carry the three.. No that can't be it. I'm rich!!!!!! Oh wait, that works out at around fourpence. Something not right there.
  3. Chris

    Hello Everyone from Caron with Snow White a Landcruiser 80 Series & advice on a Dog Guard please.

    Ahh, I was sure that you'd stripped SW back to a shell and had a full body dent and paint repair on her. As for replying to comments - yes, just like that.
  4. Chris

    2nd Start

    I'd perhaps check out the switch first. It shouldn't be able to self engage.
  5. Chris

    New to landcruiser world

    Welcome along. Let's see some pics as soon as you're able and tell us all about your 76
  6. Chris

    Winch isolator - solenoid or not???

    There's no drain from the winch Nick, why would there be? It only operates when you activate it by using the winch solenoid and handset. That's the whole point. Why is an ISOLATOR dangerous, well it's not, but it's a weak point at the moment you need the winch, you find the whole thing doesn't...
  7. Chris

    Squeaky Sun Visors

    Stay away from things like WD40. Use something neutral.
  8. Chris

    Squeaky Sun Visors

    I have experienced this before and iirc I was able to take the visor off from the headling but then partly disassemble it to and get some lubricant in there. Just something simple like silcone spray, houshold polish or similar. It does not heed EP 90 Hypoid rear axle oil.
  9. Chris

    the straight through crew.

    They never even questioned mine. Bright and aligned. It passed.
  10. Chris

    MIG welding advice

    I have welded without disconnecting. Knowing that I should. But never had a problem. But I'd say DISCONNECT THE BATTERIES. It's not a myth and takes 60 seconds. Why chance it.
  11. Chris

    Hot water / shower products for camp / vehicle / overlanding

    Eccotemp. You know you want one. I picked up a barely used one this week - in the Lux already. £165 delievered. I think they have more. Cambridge way.
  12. Chris

    Hello Everyone from Caron with Snow White a Landcruiser 80 Series & advice on a Dog Guard please.

    Caron, welcome back. Where have you been? Of course we remember Snow White after it's almost complete rebuild. You must have some tales to tell and pics to share. Hmm dog guards. The universal (Halfords type things) are rubbish. You really need a dedicated 80 series one. Few and far between...
  13. Chris

    Winch isolator - solenoid or not???

    Personally from near death experience, I would not fit an isolator. At all. Now the nay sayers will undoubtedly go on about safety and fires and so on but this is a balance of risk. When you need a winch and I mean NEED one, faffing around with extra steps is not good. Properly installed with...
  14. Chris

    MIG welding advice

    TIG? Show off. :clap:
  15. Chris

    My 200

    Maybe get the winch on first then do the measuments etc to avoid miscalculations. Springs will with the stance rather than the shox of course. Not familiar fully with the 200 series so don't know if it rides on air bags, spheres or whatever.
  16. Chris

    Favorite Bourbon

    Perhaps there is a Landcruiser bourbon. Looking forward to something Landcruiser related from you. Given that this is primarily a Landcruiser forum.
  17. Chris

    Rusty Rear cross member

    Always good to see you. Happy to have a look, a chip and a bash.
  18. Chris

    KDJ125 Centre Diff Lock

    That would be the logic I guess. But that would probably also affect the rest of the 4x4 system. If the centre doesn't register locked then when you put it into low range, the rear diff won't lock. Or if you have ATRAK or something fancy it might throw its toys out.
  19. Chris

    KDJ125 Centre Diff Lock

  20. Chris

    Hot water / shower products for camp / vehicle / overlanding

    Literally just come in from fitting an Eccotemp to the Hilux. Got one in the Metalian. Superb thing. I have a heat exchager in the Cruiser and rarely use it other than a desert shower just after pulling up. it just takes too long to heat the 80 engine from cold. I do have the Kampa Geyser too...
  21. Chris

    MIG welding advice

    You should be fine. Only other thing of course is wind and your shielding gas. You might need to turn the wick up a bit to maybe 15L/min
  22. Chris

    Land Cruiser 300 Launch

    Got less sticky-outy, rippy offy plastic bits. That's got to be good.
  23. Chris

    Puzzle where is this pic taken from

    Another planet?
  24. Chris

    Landcruiser 80 series

  25. Chris

    Rusty Rear cross member

    Subject to precise conf of course, Toyo says this......
  26. Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 22.06.52.jpg

    Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 22.06.52.jpg

  27. Chris

    Rusty Rear cross member

    Is it really that bad Gra?
  28. Chris

    Overland show June 2021

    Shayne you missed nothing at the 'show'. Great crowd and we had a good time, but the stalls were few and far between selling over priced stuff that wasn't really the kind of kit an seasoned traveller would need.
  29. Chris

    Air conditioning

    This is who I use. Main man is Geoff. Simple, basic, old school from people who haven't just been on a course.
  30. Chris

    Pre facelift engine rebuild

    Cracking post Trevor. Sorry who did you say was doing all this work whilst you take pictures and drink tea? :icon-biggrin:
  31. Chris

    Won't start .

    I cut the carpet to get to it. Makes life easy. Then just use sticky sided velcro to close the flap down. I figured that getting in there might be a regular maintenance task.
  32. Chris

    Air conditioning

    Ahh haaa! Well there's this place up Chatsworth Road. I need to look up the details but they've done my cruiser a few times. Let me see if I have some detail They're a father and son team. Very experienced, but very small and busy. Not always easy to get them, but they do rubber hoses and all...
  33. Chris

    Identification needed

    Not one of those new driver insurance black boxes is it? Looks almost like an HDMI port on the side though. Maybe some kind of feed for a video screen?
  34. Chris

    Air conditioning

    Well given that you and I don't live anywhere remotely near each other, I think that might be difficult to say. You'll have to do a local search
  35. Chris

    Air conditioning

    There are AC companies that will make up replacement flexible pipes rather than have a kidney removed by Toyota.
  36. Chris

    Hello - I’m Neil - recently joined.

    Welcome Neil. A great introduction. Now you say you're not planning any mods. Let's just check back 12 months from today. I'll bet you a fish supper and lashings of ginger beer that it looks an apocalypse bug out vehicle by then. You can't resist the urge. Just give in and save all the faffing...
  37. Chris

    Overland show June 2021

    Well the 'show' as it was described was nothing short of pathetic. But if you start with zero expectations then you're rarely disappointed, eh? But the weekend itself was magic. I so needed some time away. Top credits have to go to Nick's fiery wings and Rosy's outrageous pork curry. You guys...
  38. Chris

    Overland show June 2021

    First one to get there always gets the grief. It's almost like no one has a clue.
  39. Chris

    Overland show June 2021

    Confusion? Are we talking about the same show? Well I never.
  40. Chris

    Overland show June 2021

    Designated pitch? I think you already know the answer to that one. Watching the antics that go on is better than telly.
  41. Chris

    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    Hey Gav! How are ya mate? Long time long time. Hey, I know what a s****er eh. well it is what it is. I'm OK. Chemo starting to stack up a bit now. Sort of cumulative. No energy or strength which when you're trying to do stuff is a bit of a killer. Still, overland show this weekend. Time for some...
  42. Chris

    Overland show June 2021

    Going to be around 15.00 hrs for me. I went on a Thursday once. I quite literally was the only person there.
  43. Chris

    Greetings from Northern Kalifornia,I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long without knowing of this site

    Very nice. Shame about the dreadful weather though. Must be awful. :icon-rolleyes:
  44. Chris

    Project mush 80

    Actually you can get the bearings but they come in a little thinner than the OEM which is no problem actually. I got some from the States some time back. There's a post on this but it's about 1000 years old.
  45. Chris

    80 Breaker gone AWOL

    That is pretty much what a business is based up on. Running a business is not why he's no longer on here. We ask for standards of behaviour that he didn't feel he could meet.
  46. Chris

    " 2 Batterien ist das nötig ? Für was ?

    Virtually every motor vehicle ever made only has one battery. Adding a second only introduces additional issues. Two battery systems work fine, when they're working. But when they don't, they can cripple you and leave you stranded. It's a very regular occurrence with both the parallel battery...
  47. Chris

    80 Breaker gone AWOL

    Hey it passes the time.
  48. Chris

    " 2 Batterien ist das nötig ? Für was ?

    Tom. Ich denke, dass dies auf ein Problem irgendwo im System hinweist. Es sollte mit nur einer Batterie einwandfrei funktionieren. Ich würde alle Verbindungen gründlich prüfen und reinigen und die Spannung und Kapazität der Hauptbatterie messen.
  49. Chris

    Sigh! --Will I Ever Find One?

    The simple biggest hurdle that I can see here really is the underside. No one sells a car really with any kind of description of the underside which means a physical inspection. It's essential. You just can't buy one of these without eyes on. Andy and I once went to look at an 80. it was very...