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    Boot Box in my 95

    Well it has been a long time in coming but at long last I have finished the latest boot boxes for my truck. The metal (12mm box steel) from metal 4 u, which I have to say gave me a fantastic service even down to the delivery driver who carried the order around the block as he couldn't get his...
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    MOT how to pass

    Gents, Today I took the old girl for her MOT and I am pleased to say that she past with no problems. So why tell you that. Well here is the thing, couple of weeks ago the Brake compensator valve spring had snapped. Toyota do not sell the spring as a individual item and I was not going to pay...
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    Over heating

    Hi all, I know that this has been covered before but I would like to run this past you guys before I take the head to find nothing. Now then as some of you know I have had a problem for a while now and I have been to France doing the Massif and had a chance to do some serious observations. Now...
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    Auto box or is it.

    Guys, This one is for you auto box specialists out there,.. In general my box is fine it has done 175000 miles now and has developed an odd habbit. On the Colorado it has an overdrive and when it changes from one gear to the next it uses the overdrive chambers as a cushion for the main change...
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    Albright Solenoid

    Guys, I fixed the winch but whilst doing a service on the electrical system I found that the solenoids in the solenoid pack are degrading fast. Whilst looking around for new ones I found these ... &Itemid=14 Has anyone used one of these to replace the...
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    Warn M8000 winch

    Have any of you guys taken the motor apart on the warn winch?. After the lack of perfomance of mine at Lincomb I have taken it apart and found that it is full of Lincomb orange. The gear end is fine and I have stripped that down and in the prosses of cleaning, however the motor end is full of...
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    Head lights

    I am looking for NSF headlight with electric adjusters for a 1998 LWB Colorado KZJ95. Also by the off chance a NSF headlight for a 1998 Rav4 Both mine and the wifes have been attacked by pheasants andbroken the plastic lugs. Many Thanks Steve
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    Milner UJ's

    As some of you may remember a year ago my Colorado developed a Canary squeek that turned out to be the rear UJ on the rear prop shaft. Well I bought a new UJ from Milners and fitted it and all was good the squeek went away alog with some of the vibrations. Well nearly one year to the day of...
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    Condensor and Radiater Change

    Well guys as some of you know I have just come back from France where I suffered a slight over heating problem. Nothing that I could not keep under control but needed looking at. Whilst in France Jon Wildsmith and I took a look at the old girl and found that the condesor fins were knackerd and...
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    Steve's 95 (The Black Widow)

    Here is my truck at play, she has been nick-named the Black Widow by the kids on my Street. She is a Colorado KZJ95 with a 40mm lift, winch and lots of other bits and bobs. Here she is playing in the woods. Showing off a bit of articulation at Lincomb Farms and the trap that caused a...
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    Which computer do I need?

    Well guys, I am looking for a new Lap Top/Carputer, now it has to be able to do three things well. 1: It has to be able to deal with editing and have enough memory and processor speed for the downloads from a 1080 HD video camera. ... oductid=30 2: To...
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    Lets Talk Babys

    I bet you will not be expecting this one. Well my fiancee has told me that she is pregnant and that I am going to be a Dad :D :D :D :D . Not to put to fine a point on it.......I am over the moon :D :D. Any way after all the...I'm going to be a DAD, I'm going to be a dad....did I say that...
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    British Indoor 4x4 show.

    Is any one from here going to the British Indoor 4x4 show this year? My tickets...sorry wrist bands arrived today. I will be going up on the 20th and stopping off at BOAB en-route. Then spending the rest of the day shopping in Stafford with My fiencee and Mother in Law and staying over night...
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    Raid Asterix

    As some of you know there are a few of us on here that are doing the Raid Astrix this year, it is a gentle ramble (if that is possible with a convoy of Landcruisers :lol: :lol: ) through France using nothing more than a trip meter and road books for navigation. In fact Lap tops, Tom Tom's etc...
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    Google (bot)

    Has any noticed that down in the whose logged in section that every now and then there is Google (bot) and you can not click on it to find out who it is. Any one know what or who it is? Steve
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    Back Door hinge

    Well I finally got round to changing the back door hinge today. I have had an annoying rattle from the worn hinge for weeks now. It is an easy job all I did was back the truck up to the open garage door so that when the back door is open it leans against the wall on the number plate lights. I...
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    Map Wheel

    Now that I have the trip meter I have been looking at Map wheels. Now there are lots out there, digital and analogue the choice is surprisingly large. What would you guys recommend? Steve
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    exhaust middle box, with or without

    Well whilst giving mine a good clean I noticed that the centre box (exhaust) has taken a knock and I think explains the loose baffles that I have. I was wondering what would happen if I removed it and put a straight through instead, would it affect the turbo back pressure thus resulting in...
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    Hello Boys

    Hi all, Nice to meet you in a new place, had a quick look through and what was the first thing I saw.......Lincomb mud covering a certain rear shaft :) . Evening Chris :D :D Oooh here comes tea will fill in profile in bit. Thanks for the link Gary. BW