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  1. AlexDukes

    Other electrics not working

    My dome light and clock are not working, are they on a fuse and if so, which one and where is the fuse? Thanks
  2. AlexDukes

    Rev Counter not working

    So,, after fixing several problems, I'm getting towards the end of the list of things that need doing. List of what has been done done : Changed alternator Changed battery Changed starter motor Changed voltage regulator But for some reason, my rev counter is doing nothing, and my orange turbo...
  3. AlexDukes

    Killing Batteries

    I have been having constant electrical issues recently. The latest is that i actually managed to kill a battery! Horrible egg smell and the battery casing was inflated! I replaced it with a new battery, cleaned the earth terminal and cables then started her up. I then noticed I'm getting over...
  4. AlexDukes

    Dash lights

    So. I have just changed my alternator and I was hoping this would fix this problem but it hasn't! I constantly have the battery light, the filter light, the two turbo lights on and nothing from my rev counter, any ideas??
  5. AlexDukes

    Trouble Starting

    Hi everyone, My Lj70 2.4TD has developed a starting problem. I have just recently replaced the starter motor, Fuel filter and everything on the fuel delivery is fine. I also tested the resistance of the glow plugs and they all seem to be the same value. But when I try to start the car, it...
  6. AlexDukes

    Electrical Problem

    Hi Everyone, hope you are all having a good day. So I have just recently developed a weird problem, my LJ70 is working fine, however, nothing electrical works in the cabin. Head unit, dome light, clock, dont work and 'pre-heat' and 'filter' no longer light up when staring the car along with a...
  7. AlexDukes

    Loosing Power Again!!

    So after my last thread regarding loosing power, it is happening again! This time I know for certain it is not the fuel system! The car is idling smoothly, but when I get to roughly 3k revs, the car starts to splutter and loose power. The car has also started to struggle getting uphill, no...
  8. AlexDukes

    Low oil pressure

    So after fixing a fueling problem, it's on to the next issue. I am slightly worried about my oil pressure. When I start the car in the morning the pressure gauge reads 3/4, but when the car is fully warmed up and even under heavy load the gauge is off the scale past Low! The oil level seems...
  9. AlexDukes

    Loosing power

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I have had my LJ70 for one year. It is the 2.4 turbo (I don't know which model number that is! Sorry!) I live in the mountains in France and now need to trust it to get me to work every day at the local ski station. As you can imagine, there are...
  10. AlexDukes

    Rough Running LJ70

    Hi Everyone, I hope you guys can help! I live in France and purchased a LJ70 2.4 TD (1990) to do some off roading and for getting around in the winter months. At first, the car had no issues at all, although I would say that it seemed to lack power when going up hill, a necessity when living...