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    100 series front callipers on an 80?

    As title....anyone tried to fit 100 series front brake calliper's on an 80 ? They have slightly bigger piston diameter and I know 100 series pads fit my 80 so only difference is going to be mounting points /alignment What callipers do 105's use ?
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    Grey Leather 80 series front headrests wanted

    As title... After a pair of front drivers and passengers seat head rests in grey leather.... need to be the front pair with the adjustment . Thanks
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    Escape Gear seat covers

    In this day and age few things exceed expectations but the seat covers that just arrived from Escape Gear have managed to do so . Communication with them was brilliant.... they told me delivery would be slower than normal due to reduced workforce capacity and offered a full refund... I told...
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    Oztent UK .... still trading ?

    Been looking at camp chairs and decided the Oztent King Kokoda fit's the bill perfectly but the website say's out of stock and I've sent them messages and not had any reply . I know stock from Aus is delayed and in short supply but would have thought they will reply to enquiries ....
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    Hybrid FT and FTE engine .

    Driving along today and the mind starts to wander... I would love to put an FTE into my 80 but lots of messing with wiring etc ..... I have more than enough other projects in bits .... So , has anyone built a hybrid FT/FTE engine ? Thoughts are the FTE block is stronger than the FT and has a...
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    ARB drop links and nolathene bushes .

    After several years I got round to fitting some extended rear arb drop plates and a home made spacers on the front arb after I fitted an OME 2inch lift suspension ( now settled in nicely ).....also fitted some of the nolathene bushes from Roughtrax . Rear drop plates came from Benji Craddock...
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    Best folding camping chairs

    As the title states.... what folding camp chairs are you using ? and what's rubbish and what's good ? We all spend hopefully many hrs sitting round a campfire drinking beer and putting the world straight .... if at home in the field it's a fishing bed chair for me but it's hardly portable when...
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    Tubular winch bumpers in the UK ?

    Front of my 80 is looking a bit sad as slight rust on the centre section of the bumper and some idiot managed to scrape the corner section while it was parked in a carpark . I could sand blast and repaint but I'm thinking I want to put something on the front that will do more damage to the...
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    Is there not enough demand for decent camping kit in the UK ?

    Because of my business I've been flat out working all through lockdown and have found watching 24/7 4x4 the ideal way to unwind at night .....although getting in from work at 22.30 and then watching Shauno and Graham until 1.00am can be a little tiring..... mate working in Austria in same...
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    Hilux buying advice for female friend

    A good friend is looking to buy a 3 Litre Hilux to replace a VW Toureg as a horse box tow vehicle . She is well aware that it's not going to be as comfortable etc , etc but needs must . Anyone a Hilux expert on here that can give a few pointers on what to look for and known faults on Hilux as...
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    Front ABS sensors

    After a busy summer and going self employed I have found a bit of time to give my 80 some TLC . After 160K miles the front axle is being treated to some new SKF CV joints , outer hub plates and roller bearing conversion plus all seals and bearings in the hubs. Trouble is on removing the R/H...
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    Why do I bother ?

    The CV Joints on my 80 have got about 170K on them and are just starting to click a bit. Searching forums and *bay found various joints from various unknown manufacturers . I then found these SKF branded joints.....good but the picture doesn't show ABS rings. I contacted the seller and told...
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    100 series springs and shocks

    Having a clear out of one of the sheds and have found the following for non AHC 100 series - 2 pairs of delivery mileage OE 100 series rear springs Full set of delivery mileage OE shocks front and rear New rear anti roll bar Pair of 100 series rear shocks with about 200 miles on them that I...
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    Power Steering problem when driving

    Evening all , first post in this thread but not on LC forums .....;-) I have a 96 24v Landcruiser 80 that suddenly developed a power steering problem. It has a 2 inch full OME lift with caster correction and fitted with 285 /75/16 BFG K02's. All was fine until I stopped at a garage to put some...