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    Came across this site they do some tasty bits for the 90 visors guards etc but are in I think Thailand and don't do export shame really ! might be ideal for someone who has contacts there and can post
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    It's time to say good bye...

    Having started a new job recently I can no longer afford to run the collie daily so it's now up for sale. the full listing is on eBay item no 291807484879 Contact 07541 960492 p.s, you guys have been a great bunch to deal with!
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    Spot Lights

    eBay item 291777949913 Got some spotlights on for sale if anyone is interested, sensible offers considered.
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    Programming a spare key

    Ok so I have done a search and only managed to find a complete guide for the key programming on the Lc 80. I want to get a spare key cut for mg collie but also want this coded to the car. Has anyone managed to a add a key to their exsisting alarm system?
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    De Tango'd Indicators

    I've been wanting to fit facelift crystal type indicators to my collie but unfortunately they cannot be fitted to preface lift headlights or in my case the prado import headlight surrounds as the bottom clips are different on the indicator between the two variants. I never did like the orange in...
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    Wheel Spacers

    I've done a search of the forum and am aware that there is a stud difference issue on the front and rears which makes fitting of spacers on the fronts a bit difficult. i have measured the studs on my truck and I have the longer ones on the rear and shorter on the fronts. I want to fit spacers...
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    Dump/Blow off Valve

    :eusa-naughty: Dare i ask, has anyone managed to fit a dump valve on the Kz engine?. I've recently done the cam cover gasket on my truck and noticed that the intake has a butterfly whereas most diesels don't have this it did make me wonder when your foot is off the throttle and the butterfly...
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    Rear light arrangement

    From what I know I'm only supposed to have reverse lights and one fog light in the upper lenses, here's a picture of mine so I've got 4 indicators 4 taillights and when the foglights are switched on the upper lenses go brighter, the brake lights are just in the bumper I'm wondering if I can...
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    Sunroof emergency handle

    On my truck the sunroof opening/closing buttons are missing but the motor is still there, guy I bought the truck from said he never opened it in the 7 years he had it. I'm not bothered about using the sunroof but I would like to clear the drains since the will be full of crap I've cleared the...
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    Oem wind deflectors

    Been looking for some front wind deflectors for my swb as seen on the import prados, very hard to get hold of indeed! Seen some on ebay the heko type but I don't like them as yet are much slimmer and not as wide as the ones seen on imports. There is however some on ebay off a toyota surf anyone...
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    Sealing the cam/rocker cover

    The repair manual for the truck shows that sealant should be applied near the cam seals before the cover is re fit. There was some remains of rtv sealant on the head but by contact with oil it had all fallen to bits, I've changed many cover gaskets and never used sealant as the gasket is...
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    Wheel Nuts?

    I bought these wheels in the summer which I've still not fit on the truck they are 8x16 et0. Going to go with stock tyre size but the question is which wheel nuts do I need. The stock nuts have a washer (not sure why) but when I've tried them on the wheel they don't appear to fit the washer part...
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    Boost Gauge?

    My latest mod, might be a bit boy racer for some but I'd rather have a gauge then a clock managed to get a proper oem fit it just needs to be plumbed into the engine side any suggestions? i was just thinking of tapping into the plastic pipe off the turbo that goes onto the inlet pipe.
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    Lwb/swb boot size

    Are they the same size ?
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    Tyre Advice

    Evening all, just looking for your advice on tyres,brands, ride quailty and so on. I'm no off-roader well not yet anyway :-) but thinking about changing the tyres on my truck as they are well worn. Currently got bf Goodrich at's which from what I know are the bees knees but at like £130 a...
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    Single battery - dim dash warning lights

    My truck only has one battery not sure if it's supposedto be only one or if one has been removed any how the battery is new cranks the engine well and everything works good the only thing is that the battery and oil warning lights on ignition glow dim and not bright as you would expect could...
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    1kz cam cover torque specs

    Hello all, can someone tell me the torque specs on cam cover bolts as I need to replace the gasket. thanks
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    Dash bulbs

    Are the bulbs on the speedo and Rev counter just usual 501 side light bulbs or are they lower power?
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    Front door?

    Are the front doors on a lwb same as the swb fitment wise?
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    Bull Nudge Bar

    Whilst the insurance company are taking the piss to deal with my claim I've been thinking about a bull/nudge bar for my collie and a whole load of other bits that I've been wanting to do. I don't like the usual tube bars and wanted somthing to match the plastic on the bumpers design wise, so I...
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    Collie driver sides wing in black

    Collie driver side wing in black please
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    My cruiser has only been on the road 2 months or so and the suspension is only a month old. I park my car in a quiet location 5 mins from work and today at lunchtime I had to see this, some complete cun#ts in a hire car drove straight through a 7ft gate and into my car. The bumper wing and...
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    Old Man Emu Suspension

    Hello everyone I have for sale a lift kit to fit a landcruiser 90. The kit is made by old man emu and there are 4 springs and 2 front shocks. All of the paint on the springs has flaked so ideally they need a powdercoat or paint. I'm not 100% but I think it is a 3" lift kit, I've posted a pic of...
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    Smoked wind deflectors

    For a 3dr please, think 5dr fronts are the same
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    What's this noise?

    I thought the alternator belts were slipping on the truck so I've taken off the 2 belts for the alternator and the aircon, this sound really is bizarre because it sounds just like belt slip with the belts off fired it up and it's still there you can't hear it on idle and as soon as the revs go...
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    Front Springs

    Do you guys have any tips for the fitting of the standard spring on a standard shocker, I dropped mine of at a decent mot centre and they said they couldn't compress the spring enough to get the top mount on. They wernt using normal spring clamps they had like a proper machine....
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    Raguna 8x16 wheels

    Hello everyone, ive just bought a set of these wheels they are 8x16 and maybe made by a company called raguna. Does anyone know anything about these and what offset they might be ive worked out they are either et0 or et-10. Also would these fit a standard swb collie without too much trouble?
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    98 Collie ecu location

    There is a tiny bit of welding that's needed on my collie which I'm going to be doing soon. I've heard of ecu being fried and so on so will be disconnecting how ever many there are can any of you tell me the locations, the main ones I can think of are the main ecu and for the alarm immobiliser...
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    Front and Rear Suspension Assembly

    I'm going to be removing the lift kit out of the collie to return it to stock ride height. Done a few suspension swaps on cars but not a 4x4. im waiting for front new shocks to arrive, the bushes in the rear shocks and front top mounts are not the same as the standard ones, looking at the...
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    90 front bumper

    Does this belong to anyone on here?
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    Front Bumper

    Looking for a front bumper must be in good condition and no gashes or flaking paint please.
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    Tyre Size?

    The standard tyres on my collie are 265/70/16 and I've seen some wheels for sale which have 285/75/16 tyres fitted, I'm going to be running standard ride height do you think the tyre size will be problem? thanks
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    15" wheels?

    Hi everyone, are any of you running 15" wheels, I've been browsing ebay and seen quite a few sets all 15" though off pajeros etc not sure if they will look too small on the cruiser or if I should just stick to 16's
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    Wheel arch seals

    Hello everyone, have any of you replaced the factory wheel arch seals? I'm thinking of replacing them on my collie as they seemed to have turned to plastic.
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    Colorado steering wheel

    Wanted Colorado standard steering wheels minus air bag must be in good condition.
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    Checking diff actuator

    Hi guys I've read that these can sometimes go wrong how do I go about checking ?
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, My name is Umar and I'm from West Yorkshire, never owned a 4x4 before but hoping to buy myself a 3dr Colorado as my first. Regards
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    Looking for a 90 series swb in black

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a swb Colorado preferably in black with the 1kz engine will also consider silver or white. please drop me a message on 07541 960 492 Thanks