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    damper rebound compression and towing

    Hi im thinking about changing the shocks on our 120 to some heavy duty ones. what does heavy duty specifically mean? does it mean firmer compression and quicker rebound? or does it mean firmer compression whilst the rebound is kept the same when compared to oem.
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    fog light and drivers side memory window

    HI have ran into a problem that is baffling me, was installing the wiring for the towbar but now my rear fog light doesn't work and drivers side window will not retain its memory. also my trc lights came up. any ideas what might be wrong? ive checked the fuses, fog light relay. kind regards
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    seat belt - 2nd row centre seat belt

    Hi Looking for advice regarding the centre seat belt removal of the second row. the seat belt is enclosed within the folding seat. there's a zip at the back of the seat for access but I don't see the mechanism. surely I don't have to strip the seat? if someone could point us in the right...
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    Was just wondering if anyone has fitted 305/50/20 renegade tyres and what mods they had to do on a toyota landcruiser 120 series. I have a 2inch lift and 32mm spacers. The alloy wheels have an offset of 25mm.
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    front passenger sound

    Hi cant figure this sound out, comes from the front passenger side on deacceleration. its not the differential, the transmission and transfer box seem fine so I'm thinking must be a bush. its not a whinning sound or grinding, its like excessive wind turbulence. any ideas guys. the front control...
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    Different wheels on the front and back

    Hi all Im thinking about putting smaller wheels on the front of my landcruiser 120, something like 285/50/20 and on the rear 305/50/20. Its an lc4 series so has the atrac and centre diff lock. The thing that puzzles is that its permanent 4wd with a 40-60 torque split front to back. If i dont...