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    Electric Headlamp Adjust when loaded - help needed pls?

    Hi All, Went to adjust my headlights the other day because of a big weight in the back. When I rotated the switch on the dash one headlight responded and one did not. In the downloaded manual I have, there is not mention of this mechanism. Before I start removing headlights etc to investigate...

    Yes sorry, another - but different elec aerial problem!

    Ever since I bought my J95, the elec aerial has been dodgy. I have read the forum posts on this subject inside out and cannot find a thread that describes my problem. Hope someone can help?? Turn radio on and 1 maybe 2 seconds later the elec aerial moves upwards - sometimes an inch sometimes 18...

    Double din tilt screen - recommendations.

    Hi Folks, I have a pioneer double din stereo that is OK .....BUT I cannot see the screen! Can anyone recommend a replacement please? 1. I want either steering wheel controls or a button on stereo. 2. The screen needs to tilt or adjust as presently I cannot see anything due to constant...

    Colarado fridge/armrest

    Hi Folks! I know the 80 series had a refrigerated center armrest but can anyone tell me if that was also an option for the Colarado/Prado please? I would certainly like to get one to help keep soft drinks cool when we are out for a hot day's driving. Thanks.

    Rust Advice Please?

    Hi All, I am after some advice please..... I have a 2001Prado/Colarado '95 which is mostly rust free. However, I do have one bit that I am concerned about. It is in the windscreen pillar and I assume it is structural????? The local body shop guy says it is nothing, rub it down fill the hole...

    Bad back now!

    Just spent two and a half days compound polishing my '95. Nice and shiny now...... but I could hardly get out of bed today, my back REALLY aches. Of course, SWMBO said I was doing too much and I basically ignored her :) At least she hasn't mentioned the "I told you so" words! Sorry no pics yet...

    Colarado/Prado rear door handle badge

    Hi all, the badge on my rear door handle on my 2001 95 series Prado says "LAND CRUISER". Unfortunately it is faded and cracked. I would like to replace it with a new one if possible. Any suggestion where I can buy one please?

    £28,900 80 Series

    Thought you may like a look at this 80 that is for sale in Cyprus. I saw it in the flesh last year and it is in immaculate condition. He has a 3'' exhaust etc etc...

    Any one live near a good scrappy?

    Over here in the land of sun there are hardly any LC's in scrapyards. So I have tried to email the usual Land Cruiser breakers and never get a reply! This is so frustrating, I guess if you dont want to buy and engine or axle or something profitable they are not really interested. I am after a...

    Lamps in AC control panel

    Hi Folks! I have spent ages searching and found nowt - also checked the manuals and have not been able to find out how many bulbs I should have in the ac control panel in my 2001 Prado 95? One side seems brighter but before I dismantle the dash (again) I want to know what should be there and...

    Pouring from a Jerrycan - spout advice?

    Title says it all really. In the past whenever I used the supplied MOD spout for a Jerrycan as much fuel landed up on my shoes as down the tank. Yes the nozzle had a good seal/gasket. I remember seeing funnels with flexi pipe but IIRC they are quite large. Has anyone any other...

    Easter Sunday Drive - and others too!

    First proper drive with the Mrs aboard. When I say Easter in the title, I mean Easter in the UK! Easter here in Cyprus is next weekend. Started in a Taverna for a good breakfast, great view of the Evrotou Dam. Then we drove to Latchi on the North Western tip of the island and cut inland to...

    Blown dash lights - help!

    Whilst re-wiring the boy racer turbo boost gauge the previous owner has jammed in the clock aperture on my '95, I dropped a wire and it shorted out. I know, shoulda disconnected battery - my bad. Anyway, it blew a fuse under the bonnet. Replaced fuse so radio all works as do lights etc...

    90 Series on leaf suspension???

    I was having a post nosh browse on tinterweb and spotted this image. Look at the rear underside. Wotcha think about that then?

    Where to get new carpets

    Morning all! Having searched extensively, there are lot's of threads on carpet cleaners but nothing on who supplies new carpets. My (new to me) KZ95 has been used by a shooter at some stage of it's life with dogs and gawd knows what in the rear. The previous owner had baby twins. The rear...

    Reverse Camera wiring on '95 -advise pls.

    Hi Folks! searched for the answer but most people seem to be using the wireless cameras. However, I have bought a hard wired system. I can sort the electrical connections (probably) but I am after advise on the best route for the cable from the rear of the car to the back of the stereo. I...

    Rear Diff Lock maintenance

    Hello again - forgive the constant questions but I am in a hurry to learn! I have read many threads and so far, the only advice I have seen on rear diff lock maintenance is "use it often!" Luckily, mine works well atm (touch wood!) is there anything else I can do to help extend it's working life?

    Passengers elec mirror folds out too far?

    Hi Folks! As some of you may know I recently bought a 2001 Prado. The elec mirrors did not work so today I pulled the switch to find it was not connected. Having reconnected it everything seemed to work great .... until... i looked at the passengers mirror instead of the drivers. It seems when...

    One reason why I Love Cyprus

    The boss and I decided to go for a drive in BFT as it was so nice today. We drove 60+KM on forest tracks and saw only two 4x4's. Funnily enough, we stopped having a coffee at a great viewpoint (shown in one of the two photos I hope to upload) when my mate arrived from the opposite direction...

    What size for DIY sun awning on 95

    Hi Folks, had a good look around and searched but found nothing to answer my question. Can I ask those of you with side awnings, what size awning would they recommend I build. Going by the size of my LWB 90 series, I am thinking 2 m (6'5") along the vehicle fixed to the roof by 2.5 m...

    New to me Prado 95

    Hi Folks! Firstly, I hope I have posted this a) in the correct section b) correctly - first time posting images on this site and first time using Post image! Anyway,got this Prado at a reasonably good price (for Cyprus) and although it has 2" Old Man Emu suspension lift, 31" tyres and rock...

    Is it feasible/practicable to retro fit a OME rear locker?

    Hi Folks! I have been looking at 95's here in Cyprus and many do not have the factory fitted rear difflock. Is it worth or even possible looking for one at the many scrappies here to try and retro fit one to a 95 without one originally fitted? Cheers! Geoff

    LC 90 Series - Explain "generations" please?

    Hi Folks! My first thread on here and I still have no LC! I have just joined and am soon to start looking for a LC here in Cyprus where I live. I have been reading an awful lot, and people often mention the "generation" of the vehicle somewhere in the text. I have searched for the specifics...

    Cyprus Calling............

    Hi everyone! I would like to introduce myself. I am a Brit living in Cyprus. I had a Suzuki Samurai for quite a few years here where I learned to off road. I spent several years and $$$$$ modifying the Sami to a very good standard. I decided bumping about getting hot & dusty was no longer for...