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  1. nick_the_fish

    Whats this???

    Connects the positive terminal to a black box. Is it a fusible link? And if it is, any ideas what size? I'd like to take a replacement travelling if it is something that could blow. Thanks N
  2. nick_the_fish

    Winch isolator - solenoid or not???

    Afternoon all, Just replacing the winch in the truck ready for a summer in Scotland and hopefully Africa in the Autumn (!?) When we brought the truck in 2010 it already had a winch fitted with a isolator switch in the cab connected to the winch via a solenoid. Having installed the new winch it...
  3. nick_the_fish

    Soft shackles for towing

    Quick question all, I know soft shackles are the thing to use for recovery situations, but can they also be used for towing vehicles? Or should that be steel bow shackles? My thought is that when towing the lines aren’t taught the whole time, and I’m not sure if soft shackles will come undone...
  4. nick_the_fish

    Does anyone know anything about quad bikes?

    We've just moved to North Devon and we need a quad bike for mowing the grass/ moving thinks in a trailer/ and generally larking around on! I know nothing about quad bikes so just wondered if anyone has any advise about what to buy/ not buy/ look for etc. I've been told that Honda are the best...
  5. nick_the_fish

    CTEK MSX 7.0 battery charger replacement

    The CTEK MSX 7.0 died today after 8 years of good and pretty much continuous service. Probably going to replace it with the same one because it has served me so well, but just thought i'd put it out there and see if anyone has a better recommendation, and why? Thoughts? oh and Happy New Year !
  6. nick_the_fish

    Dead battery

    Battery on the Ford Focus died this morning after only 13 years of service......... (..... and probably would have gone on longer had it not fully discharged at the start of lockdown when the car wasn't moved for weeks)
  7. nick_the_fish thats why my winch wasn't working...

    ... the winch which came with the truck when we got it (Warn M8000) has never really been reliable, and works pretty much 50% of the time, which isn't ideal. It would be pointless to go away with a winch in that condition so I thought i'd see if I could sort it. Firstly I cleaned all the...
  8. nick_the_fish

    Whats up with my battery?

    Discharged my battery last week by leaving the winch on for a few days by accident. When I say discharged I mean fully discharged - dash lights didn't come on and couldn't even turn on my voltmeter which only draws 15mA. Put it onto the CTEK for 24 hours which recovered it, but now it seems to...
  9. nick_the_fish

    Power steering hose replacement (low pressure)

    Hello all, In the process of changing all the rubber hoses which are now nearly 20 years old and looking a bit cracked. What sort of hose is the low pressure power steering hose? Is it the same sort of hose as fuel hose (obviously the diameter may be different)? Also, what is view on changing...
  10. nick_the_fish

    Rear drum removal problems

    Right, next job next problem! Next job is to refurb the rear drum brakes and replace pads. Unfortunately I can't get the drum off. I have released the hand brake and removed that little screw, and there is a bit of movement but I can't remove the drum. I have tried to use the M8 holes but the...
  11. nick_the_fish

    105 / 100 rear bumper - Free to a good home

    All, Having taken the bumper off the 105 to install the ARB last year I now have the old bumper and steelwork siting around doing nothing. So if anyone wants it let me know. It'll fit a 105 and probably a 100 but won't fit an 80 I don't think. The bumper has a dent in it but apparently it'll...
  12. nick_the_fish

    the (not so bad) customer service from Hel(l)

    The short version is: DON'T BUY YOUR BRAKE HOSES FROM HEL PERFORMANCE The slightly longer version: They are not the company they used to be. I wanted some brake hoses made up for the 105. Since they are different to an 80 I arranged to send the original hoses to HEL for them to use as a...
  13. nick_the_fish

    hub rebuild questions

    Evening all, So started the hub rebuild today. Only managed to strip it down today in-between school runs and dodging the showers. Went very well I think. The grease in there was looking really good. A quick question tho: 1. Do I need to remove the axle from the CV to clean and pack in new...
  14. nick_the_fish

    should I replace my brake calipers

    So the brake hoses are off and new ones being made up by HEL. I'm going to start stripping and rebuilding the front hubs tomorrow, and while i'm doing it i'll put on some new front brake discs because they are looking pretty rusty. I'll also replace the pads which are low. Question is, what...
  15. nick_the_fish

    what size bearing puller for front axle rebuild?

    As per the title really, Going to start rebuilding the front axle next week so putting together the tools/ equipment i'm going to need. What size bearing puller do i need? I see they come in different sizes. It's a 105, just in case it makes a difference. Ta
  16. nick_the_fish

    FS ARB Camp chairs

    I've got 2 ARB camp chairs that we brought for the next big trip, but they take up too much space so we've brought something smaller instead. Therefore we're selling these chairs. Unfortunately they have got scratches on the arms from some muppet (me) sliding them in and out over the edge of a...
  17. nick_the_fish

    Saudi Arabia finally allowing in tourists

    Added to the 'Places to visit' list
  18. nick_the_fish

    Brake hose replacement questions

    Next job is to replace the rubber brake hoses with braided ones. Just trying to understand the procedure. Presumably I need to drain the brake fluid until the system is empty at bleed nipples on each wheel before I can undo the hoses? Is it a case of putting some tubing onto each bleed nipple...
  19. nick_the_fish

    can anyone supply a hub rebuild kit on here for a 105

    Hi Guys, Going to rebuild the hubs over the autumn on my 105. Can any of you guys supply the rebuild kit so I don't have to source all the seals/ bearings etc individually. I believe it's the same as an 80, but not sure. Happy to do the legwork comparing all the part numbers on Toyota-epc if...
  20. nick_the_fish

    FS: Frontrunner Extra Large Transit bag

    Selling our Front Runner X large transit bag. We used it for 3 months around Scandinavia but not since and we're going with a different set-up for the next trip so not going to need it and I hate to see it sitting in a box in the garage when it could be going off on adventures. Still in great...
  21. nick_the_fish

    Electrical gremlins - again

    So having battled to get the new ARB bumper on, I plugged it in only to find some electrical oddities. The brake lights and indicators on the bumper come supplied with a loom that plugs into the trailer socket. Now, If I plug in the bumper loom then both indicators work but the hazards don't -...
  22. nick_the_fish

    Re-tap captive nut - a question for the fabricators

    OK, trying to fit the new rear bumper. There are 3 bolts that I can't get to start in the captive nuts inside the chassis. They line up fine to its not an alignment issue. The bolts were damaged when I took off the tow eyes - it took a bit of grunt to release them - see photo below, so my...
  23. nick_the_fish

    Wheres my brake disc

    Looking at overhauling the brakes. Front brake discs haven't ever been changed and are looking pretty bad. Not that convinced by drilled/ grooved/ dimpled discs so going to replace with stock Toyota ones (unless anyone want to convince me otherwise??) so jumped onto toyota.epc data but couldn't...
  24. nick_the_fish

    Suspension replacement 'How To Guide' for LC80 or 105??

    Going to replace the suspension in the next couple of weeks. Does anyone know of a How To Guide either on this site or elsewhere for replacing the shocks and springs on an 80 or 105? I've had a search but can't find anything. TIA N
  25. nick_the_fish

    For Sale: Hannibal Tourer kit and Jumbo fly for 1.6m roof tent (not including roof tent)

    So when we brought our first roof tent (Hannibal 1.6m ) in 2010 it came with the Tourer kit and Jumbo fly which we left behind in England due to space limitations. We sold the roof tent in South Africa but kept these on the basis that we might buy another 1.6m roof tent again one day. We've just...
  26. nick_the_fish

    Removing tailgate windows

    Trying to sort out various rust on the ol' girl and I need to remove the rear window to treat the corner. It's got vinyl on but the glass is still there. Going to replace it with ply to reduce weight because we'll be sticking black vinyl back on. I had assumed it'd be held in by clips but it...
  27. nick_the_fish

    Factory Service Manual UZJ100, FZJ100, 105 HDJ 100 and HZJ105

    I've come across what I believe to be a full Factory Service Manual for the following Land Cruisers UZJ100 FZJ100, 105 HDJ100 HZJ105 Its a very comprehensive set of documents, but there are a lot of them. Unfortunately the documents came to me mostly without titles so you'll need to go...
  28. nick_the_fish

    Is anyone running an ARB twin wheel carrier with barn doors?

    Reason I ask is that the ARB catelogue states that "LHS Wheel Carrier - LHS Carrier Does Not Suit Barn Door Models" and i'm wondering why. Does the ARB wheel carrier open out to 180degrees o does it only open partially? Is it that the barn doors don't open properly with a twin wheel carrier...
  29. nick_the_fish

    How hard can it be to fab one of these up

    Really like the look of these wheel mount braai stands from front runner but the price is eye watering for what it is. I accept that it is adjustable, and has a stainless steel cooking grate, but if...
  30. nick_the_fish

    What is this symbol?

    Obviously it's the symbol that pops up when you put it into 4wd to tell you the transfer box is sending power to both drive shafts. However I would expect to see a cross in the middle, so what i'm trying to ascertain is wether it is telling me that the the transfer box isn't locked and whether...
  31. nick_the_fish

    HELP - Removal / testing fuel sender unit

    OK so on my 105 I have the Toyota installed sub tank with a switch that changes between tanks, and which should change the fuel gauge to show the level of the tank you are running from. However this has never worked (since I got it anyway). I took the switch out and tested it and sure enough...
  32. nick_the_fish

    Questions for the electrical engineers

    The leisure battery wiring in my 105 has been added piecemeal over the years as requirements have changed and is therefore a bit of a mishmash. I want to rip out all of the leisure battery wiring this spring and rewire it with a more considered design. The basic design is to have 3 fuse boxes –...
  33. nick_the_fish

    Intermittent wiper not working

    As per the title really. Intermittent wiper hasn't ever worked and for the last 8 years its been really, really bugging me every time there is light drizzle but once I stop driving I forget about the problem until the next time its drizzling, when I curse myself and the cycle repeats. Is...
  34. nick_the_fish

    Car maintenance app for iPhone

    Does anyone use an app to track Car servicing? I want to record what has been done and when, ideally with a reminder function to remind me to carry out routine servicing. Any recommendations - good or bad? Thanks in advance
  35. nick_the_fish

    Arb Compressor installed - with photos

    Just thought you might wanna see the new Compressor installed (but not wired up). I've been trying to figure out how to install it for ages, and have been hijacking various threads wingeing about it. A HUGE thank-you to @Chris for making the mounting tray for me, and the new fuel filter...
  36. nick_the_fish

    Tappet adjustment

    The other day @Chris mentioned that he thought my engine (1HZ) was a bit noisy and that it could be the tappets. I don’t, if I’m honest, know what these are but I’m pretty sure that they have never been done and the old girl now has 80,000 miles on her so looking at Toyotas recommendations they...
  37. nick_the_fish

    Roof rack structural advice needed

    Hi Guys, I need to alter the roof rack to allow for a Hannibal family roof tent to be installed. Its a Front Runner expedition 2.3m roof rack with welded side rails at the front. However to allow for the tent to open I need to grind of part of the rail as per the photo below. This will weaken...
  38. nick_the_fish

    Door whistling

    So i've had this problem since we brought the truck nearly 10 years ago and have never quite got around to doing anything about it, despite the fact that it is the most annoying thing imaginable. Basically above 50mph there is a whistling noise as air comes in through a gap in the top of the...
  39. nick_the_fish

    Container shipping company/ agent

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a container shipping company/ agent? I know there are a few threads on here about this subject but wanted some up to date recommendations if anyone has any? Cheers N
  40. nick_the_fish

    ARB Linx

    ARB seems to be like Marmite (Vegimite to our Australian friends) - you either love it or you hate it. Personally I love it so I was pretty damn excited to see this.... ...not that i'll ever be able to afford it...
  41. nick_the_fish

    For the love of god where is it.....

    ....cigarette lighter socket has stopped working. I expect it'll be the fuse but can't check because I CAN'T FIND THE ******* THING Anyone, anyone......
  42. nick_the_fish

    105/ 100 front bumper - Free to a good home

    Just took my front bumper off to put on the ARB. Its free to a good home it anyone wants it although they will need to pick it up. Its in need of a new coat of paint, and it has a few sections cut out to accommodate the winch and winch control box. I can upload more photos if anyone is interested.
  43. nick_the_fish

    Winch problems - not free spooling or spooling out

    I thought I would test the winch was working before taking it off to install the new ARB winch bar. There are 2 problems: 1. If I disengage the clutch I can't get it to free spool. 2. If I engage the clutch it will spool in using the control (there was a small amount of cable left out. now its...
  44. nick_the_fish

    12v water pump/ filter

    Has anyone put in a 12v water pump and inline filter into their overland builds? I can't spend any longer purifying water by hand so thinking about something like a this: (ok why wont the...
  45. nick_the_fish

    ARB Sahara winch bar

    Just about to push the button on one of these, but thought i'd check on here first incase anyone has had bad experiences with them/ could recommend something better or any other thoughts.......
  46. nick_the_fish

    Overlanding with kids - A Scandinavian adventure - TRIP REPORT

    I thought I'd post this here, its not a new build...more of a re-model but couldn't think where else to put it. Back in 2011 my (then girlfriend, now wife) brought a 105 series with 26k miles on the clock and, having expeditionized her we spent 9 months driving from London to Cape Town. It was...
  47. nick_the_fish

    ow much..............?????? !

    Right, still haven't sorted the leaky power steering pump (3 years now), but have at least tried to source a replacement. Toyota in Chesterfield quoted me £900 for a new one. Does this sound insane to anyone else, or have I been living in a cave for too long.....
  48. nick_the_fish

    Main battery ammeter

    Right, i'll start this in a new thread so I don't take over Chris' thread. I need an ammeter/ voltmeter in the cab to monitor the main battery. I'll stick a Victron type battery monitor on the leisure battery but it seems like overkill to stick this on the main battery. The plan is to put a...
  49. nick_the_fish

    Power steering pump leaking

    So I noticed some hydraulic fluid leaking from somewhere about 18 months ago and after a brief inspection found it to be coming from the power steering pump. Its not a serious leak, and i've got by purely by monitoring the level in the reservoir and topping it up every now and again, however...
  50. nick_the_fish

    Wraparound awnings in the rain

    Hi all, i know there are lots of posts on here about wraparound awnings but I haven't seen any that mention how good they are in the rain. We are looking to get an awning for the next big trip and am looking at the Eazi Awn Bat 270 with the side panels (yes they are expensive but i'd always...