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  1. Tommo1

    Won't start - odd symptoms

    Think I found the connection at fault, a cable running from positive battery terminal going into a connector block was badly corroded and snapped off at the connector as I wiggled it, was probably only connected by a couple of strands of copper. When I touch cable to its connector block dash...
  2. Tommo1

    Won't start - odd symptoms

    Thanks Shayne, yes tried that, makes no sense difference. I can't work out why headlights and horn are fine when dash/ignition is not
  3. Tommo1

    Won't start - odd symptoms

    Hi all, hoping someone can help please. My 1989 LJ70 has been garaged for the winter on a trickle charger. When I tried to start up today (first time this year) there was some power to the dash (radio came to life) but battery/alternator light was on and clearly not enough power to turn the...
  4. Tommo1

    LJ70 DIESEL. Won't start

    Priming with the button on the fuel filter normally works on my LJ70
  5. Tommo1

    LJ70 ‘94 front seats replacement

    Thanks Dervis! Found your old posts
  6. Tommo1

    LJ70 ‘94 front seats replacement

    I also have a very uncomfortable driver's seat on my 1989 70 series. I was thinking of visiting a trimmers/upholsterers to see if they could help but interested to know what others have done
  7. Tommo1

    HZJ70 1995 Parts needed

    Amy, I use Car Spare Parts & Auto Accessories - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] who are based in Dubai and as far as I know they ship anywhere in the world. I've used them three times now for delivery to the UK. You need to know the Toyota part number. They have a WhatsApp number if you want to...
  8. Tommo1

    Snorkel fitment write-up for my 1989 LJ70

    Does that fact affect anything in my write-up? Happy to edit it if anything is misleading/incorrect
  9. Tommo1

    Snorkel fitment write-up for my 1989 LJ70

    Yeah, it's been swapped out at some point
  10. Tommo1

    Snorkel - which one and how?

    After I got answers to these questions I wrote up the fitting (with photos) on a new thread - click here
  11. Tommo1

    Snorkel fitment write-up for my 1989 LJ70

    Guys - I thought I would share how I got a snorkel fitted to my 1989 LJ70 with a 2LT-E engine. This is a vehicle originally sold in the UK. There were a few complications caused by the fact I own a 1989 (round headlight) model but we managed to work through them and documented everything below...
  12. Tommo1

    LJ70 key broke off in ignition.

    Hi, The link below is from the 100 series forum but it's the same on a 70. Very easy to remove the barrel if you can turn what's left of the key to the ACC position - I've done it myself Ignition barrel replacement - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Hope this helps, Tom
  13. Tommo1

    KZJ78 Transfer case rear output shaft bearing

    Hi Graeme, I can't advise on the technicalities but I've used a couple of specialists in Sussex: P&R Gearboxes: Gearbox and Axle Repairs | P & R Gearboxes | Reconditioned Gearboxes - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Bexhill gearboxes: Bexhill Gearboxes - gearbox repair and reconditioning...
  14. Tommo1

    Left standing

    Hi John, When this happens to my LJ70 I pump that primer button for about 20 seconds until the button gets very stiff, then the engine starts Tom
  15. Tommo1

    LJ78 Door Control Relay Location

    Nice work Jasper :thumbup:
  16. Tommo1

    LJ78 Door Control Relay Location

    Great - thanks. Likewise please let me know if you get there first Cheers
  17. Tommo1

    LJ78 Door Control Relay Location

    Hi Jasper, I have the same issue. Did you locate the relay? Thanks, Tom
  18. Tommo1

    Ignition barrel replacement

    Chris this is a great post - 8 years on and still useful - thanks very much - will be swapping out my ignition barrel shortly
  19. Tommo1

    Snorkel - which one and how?

    You're an absolute legend - thanks. I would PM you but I'm new on this forum and apparantly I need to make 20 posts before I can PM anyone! If you can email me your address I'll arrange for a courier to collect it from you? Thanks again mate
  20. Tommo1

    Snorkel - which one and how?

    Hi guys, I’m looking to get a snorkel for my 1989 LJ70 (with a 2.4L 2L-T) and could do with some advice please. Firstly which one? Safari do the SS71R but these are expensive (if I can even get hold of one) and I’m not sure they're worth the money? Bravo do the ST70 for around £180 which I...
  21. Tommo1

    Rear door panel removal? What am I missing? KZJ78

    After removing the screw from the door handle you need to slide the handle sideways (can't remember if it's left or right) and the handle will come away. You might then need to disconnect the rod from the handle to take the door card off, it's a bit fiddly but do-able
  22. Tommo1

    '87 LJ 71, 2.4l diesel, 2LT Manual

    Hi Vick, I have the same vehicle, I've trawled the internet for a few years and scraped together some manuals that may or may not be completely relevant. I've shared them here - the link will expire after one week. Tom
  23. Tommo1

    KZJ78 tyres and wheels

    Hi Graeme, I had the same questions on my mind a couple of years ago. Ultimately I decided that choice of tyres was the biggest priority and there were a lot more options in metric. I got rid of my 31x10.5 r15's and ordered some 215/80/15 Bridgestone Dueller A/T's which were about £84 each (ex...
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