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  1. Tommo1

    Won't start - odd symptoms

    Hi all, hoping someone can help please. My 1989 LJ70 has been garaged for the winter on a trickle charger. When I tried to start up today (first time this year) there was some power to the dash (radio came to life) but battery/alternator light was on and clearly not enough power to turn the...
  2. Tommo1

    Snorkel fitment write-up for my 1989 LJ70

    Guys - I thought I would share how I got a snorkel fitted to my 1989 LJ70 with a 2LT-E engine. This is a vehicle originally sold in the UK. There were a few complications caused by the fact I own a 1989 (round headlight) model but we managed to work through them and documented everything below...
  3. Tommo1

    Snorkel - which one and how?

    Hi guys, I’m looking to get a snorkel for my 1989 LJ70 (with a 2.4L 2L-T) and could do with some advice please. Firstly which one? Safari do the SS71R but these are expensive (if I can even get hold of one) and I’m not sure they're worth the money? Bravo do the ST70 for around £180 which I...