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  1. Thom Thinn

    1FZ-FE motor to H55 (5sp) Trans conversion

    Has anyone tried to mate a 1FZ-FE petrol engine to an H55 Trans in an FJ60? I just figured there was a bell housing that would work, but I'm not finding anything at the usual sites.
  2. Thom Thinn

    Dubious Interior Mod for Nadine (FJ60) Front Seats

    Not sure if this will meet the approval of this group in general. I'm only sharing thiis as a contribution for anyone contemplating options for TLC resto/mods. A couple months ago I got fed up with the sorry condition of my 33 year old front seats ~ I weighed my options for restoring the seats...
  3. Thom Thinn

    Greetings to LCC members and guests ~

    Hey guys, ladies ~ I'm so glad to have found this forum, although I might have known before now, there would of course be a Toyota Land Cruiser Club. My only LC is a 1983 FJ60 which belonged to my friend and employer. He bought it in 1995 with 100K on the clock and I have been maintaining it...