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  1. BenjaminCA

    Project Wrong Way Episode - Vintage Air Heater

    Morning all, finished up a new episode of Project Wrong Way detailing the start of my Vintage Air heater install. Have a watch,
  2. BenjaminCA

    Anyone from Scotland? Get in here!

  3. BenjaminCA

    POR15 Application, Project Wrong Way

    Episode 15 here... trying to show some leg to snag that ever difficult female viewer demographic. Painted the FJ40 frame with some with POR-15. RustMort works well, when used correctly. POR15 does not come off of skin. Wife shoots down purchase of additional project cruiser.
  4. BenjaminCA

    PWW Special Episode, FJ-40 w/ 2.8L Cummins Turbo Diesel Swap

    Did something a little different with the show today. Had a good friend come to visit, and got to check out his diesel swap. Ive bought nearly everything he took off his cruiser to build mine, and I couldn't be more grateful. Take a look at Branden Ben Powell's 2.8L Cummins Turbo Diesel swapped...