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    120 hand brake shoe springs

    I am replacing rear hand brake shoes and had them in order but they have been moved. There is a green spring and a black spring and I was wondering which one goes on the front and back?
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    How long until I can PM someone?

    I found a post on the site and have a question about contacting someone who can possibly get discount Toyota parts. I don't want to just phone them an say hi I want some parts please unless that is the norm. There is a phone number on the site and a name Simon xxxxxx. Do I just call the number...
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    Wheel sizes?

    Thinking of some new wheels since I'm needed tyres on my newly purchased 120. I was wondering what is the max size rim and off set I need to not be rubbing on things and also tyre size. I have spotted a set of rims 9X17 with an off set of +1
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    Hello from the Isle of Man

    Hi guys, Bones and I'm from the Isle of Man Looking to buy a Land Cruiser 120 series hopefully soon Present 4x4 is an X5 but not really a 4x4 Hopefully the 120 for general use but get some decent tyres and suspension setup. I've had all sorts of 4x4's over the years, all modified. 4Trak a few...