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    Dog guard

    Recently bought 120 dog guard, from Adrianlle on here. Originally for collection, after discussion about price, he went out of his way to pack and post to me all within the measurement constraints imposed, and didn't want payment until received. Fantastic bloke to deal with. Thanks Adrian.
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    Cpt. Tom.

    Sad news about Cpt. Tom, a true hero of this country. R.I.P.
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    Upper rear lights

    Have any of you 120 guys got these operational? As we know it all depends on where the spare wheel is mounted that blocks off side when door open, and as mine is on the rear door, only the brake lights work as per Mr T. I have done a search ( on here and elsewhere) and can find mention of people...
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    Seat belts

    This is an odd one (to me anyway). Just prepping my 2006 lc3 for mot, and on coming to check 3rd row rear fold up seats that have 2 inertia belts in normal high bolt on positions, find there are 3 receivers with red release buttons across both seats in their down position and one other small...
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    Fog lights

    Any of you 120 owners used kva distributors front bumper fog lights. I have used them previously for other stuff and been happy with, but I don't want something that will hold moisture and corrode inside in a short time. The oem o/s is shot for that reason and mot coming up. I know karl2000...
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    Warning buzzer

    Hi 120 fans, A warning 'buzzer' is sounding on my 2006 lc3 auto , annd Im hoping someone can tell me what its for. There are no dashboard lights on , just the 'buzzer',which comes on when ignition is turned on , and stays on once started. I have recently replaced both front disc backplates...
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    Bash plate

    Does anyone want part of the original bash plate 2006 lc3. I have been doing rust work under, these past weeks, and today have removed. The front part was rotted out when I got it, so binned that. The cenre part I unbolted, it is complete but very rusty with a few tiny perforations, (they are...
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    Stick label question

    Been under 2006 lc3 auto again today and found a Toyota sticky label on rear diff housing. 2.43 is that the gear ratio ?
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    Inner wing ?

    I was about and under lc between rain before lunch, and noticed perforations that quickly turned to rusty holes. This is on drivers side, under and around air box, heading forwards toward o/s battery. This wheel arch area is over front wheel. Now, is this arched section available separately or...
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    Drop links

    Any recommendations for rear drop links. Mr T are shut, Roughtrax are shut, Milners appear to be open(on line, anyway) + various others/brands on line available. Thanks.
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    Toyota main dealer closure

    Ordered 2 rear bumper brackets a couple of days ago, at main dealer in Bournemouth. Thought it may be a while as deliveries were getting sporadic, lo and behold Sean, the parts man rang lunchtime to say they were in and they may be closing up perhaps Friday. I said I would be straight down, and...
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    Been under the lc3 last few days to look further into rust situation and get a list of what I will need, come better weather. As this is a recent purchase over my lj78, I am still in the dark about a lot of things. To the rear of rear axle on hanging brackets is a uniform vertical tier of...
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    Hey guys, seen this Zinga stuff mentioned a few times lately. Must confess never heard of it, but sounds good. Is it just another cold galvanizing paint, perhaps like galvafroid, does it react with the rust? Any info greatly appreciated as just started under my 120. Previously on my lj78 I...
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    What is this

    2006 lc3 o/side wheel arch there is a series of louvres to front area, more or less behind bumper. While inflating tyres I squinted in there and spotted a rectangular piece of metal on a bracket that was very rusty. I poked it with a screwdriver and a large piece fell off in bits, still leaving...
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    Me again chaps, sorry to keep bombarding you with all these questions about my newly acquired 2006 120, it's all new to me. Heater has been working fine, now cold. No water loss, system not been tampered with by me so assume not an airlock, which I found in my lj78 a pig to shift. Anyway, as the...
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    Radio code

    Disconnected the batteries yesterday in prep. for fitting new when they arrived today, and guess what, radio lost its mind (a bit like me) and I dont have code. Is it a visit to Mr T with vin numbers etc so they can message the factory for information on record, for a fee of course !
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    Locks, this time

    Back again chaps with another query. I have removed both batteries in anticipation of getting new, and cleaning up slight rust beneath trays, I thought I could lock this manually with key in drivers door and throwing the door "switches" on each door separately. This all went to plan until I got...
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    What do you guys do for new/spare keys. I got 2 with recent purchase, one entire but broken case glued shut and one with key shaft broken away from fob. Both have complete working chips. I went to 2 local locksmiths this a.m. (real locksmiths not shoe repairers that sell everything else). One...
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    LC3 no start

    Hi All, After 14 years of owning a 70 series, last week I went out and bought a 2006 120 series. Started up several times at sellers, did test drive, did deal and drove home, approx 100 miles, mainly dual carriageway and motorway. Absolutely no problems. The day after it wouldn't start,- turns...
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    LJ78 head gasket

    Hi All, Rebuilding top end after the dreaded cracked head syndrome and realise the importance of using genuine toyota gasket. Having done some research I find loads of part numbers, superseded by this one superseded by that one, and it goes on. I have also found on a toyota site four different...
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    Cylinder head bolts

    'Afternoon All, Does anyone know what socket I need for the cylinder head bolts on 1992 Lj78 2.4. They are the external'splined' type and none of my ranges of sockets that are close, the 12 point type metric in particular are a good fit, I.e. some slight play. I am looking to buy the correct one...
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    Cylinder head swap

    Hi All, Apologies in advance, because I am sure this has been covered in the past, but an not getting any definitive results. Will a cylinder head for the old hiace 2.8 (3ltr) code LN106/107 I think, be a direct swap for an lj78 with 2.4 2l-te engine, with no other work involved ? Thanks, John
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    LJ78 price?

    Hi All, not been on here for quite some time but have kept up with some good reading. My 1992 lj78 2l-te has now succumbed to the dreaded head gasket/ cracked head syndrome after 13 years of careful ownership. It still starts/runs with some white smoke initially and within approx half an hour...
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    Dashboard bulbs

    Hi Guys, can any one confirm if bulbs in dash binnacle are T5s, or something different, as on jap import lj78. thanks. John
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    Axle breather

    Anyone know how to tell if axle breather is blocked, thanks. John.
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    Sun roof

    Hi, anyone know where drain holes should exit on lj78. Mine appear to drain through a small manufactured opening in the seam on the sill, in the region under driver and passenger doors respectively, is this correct. thanks guys. John
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    Hi all, I have an LJ78 auto, (yes the 2.4) and want to blank off the EGR valve. I have a mate in engineering who can steal some company time to make a blank, if I can supply a pattern. I was wondering if any of you 78 buffs out there would have a pipe kicking around that you could outline around...
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    LJ78 thermostat

    Hi All, tapping in to the mine of information again. heater started blowing lukewarm, so I am thinking t/stat? if so Mr T? Milners? Also read somewhere about people changing for different rating? Had the 78 for 10 years+ with no overheating probs, (2L TE) just a rad change (oem) 3/4 years ago...
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    Radiator expansion tank LJ78

    Anyone know how to remove the plastic expansion tank located under bonnet behind n/s headlight on LJ78, I need to replace bulb and cannot get in there. I was gonna take the light unit out from front, but this could upset the height/angle adjustment - more grief with MOT. Thanks...
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    wiring horns

    Hi all,new to this site and find it buzzing compared with certain others. anyway, the standard horns (2) on my lj78 are feeble, so have a pair of used but known working fiamms. disconnected old, and connected `new` - nothing. with 12v tester found both wires going to both original horns are live...