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  1. silvercruiser

    Lake District

    Hello All Im currently on my holidays in the lake district. Are there any seasoned pros with this area? Any hidden gems to go visit etc? We are staying near lake windermere, il travel to preety much any area around here if its worth it. Regards Joe
  2. silvercruiser

    LC120 Air con Compressor (free)

    Still on the task of going through my Garage. I have the compressor that i took off the 120. if anyone wants it for parts of refurb then you are welcome to it. the compressor was still working when i took it off, it has a noisy bearing on it. i did post a video clip at the time so if you do...
  3. silvercruiser

    LC120 Air Conditioning Drier

    Hello I have been tidying the Garage up and found this. i bought this when changing my compressor on the 120 and they had sold out, so i ordered another one (different seller) as i wanted it all back up and running and then this arrived later on. Its the better version with the aluminium plug...
  4. silvercruiser


    I see you lot up north are getting some snow. I have just looked at my weather report, looks like im getting Sleet!!!:angry-banghead::angry-banghead::angry-banghead:
  5. silvercruiser

    Bought myself a new toy.

    This time last year i had sold my 120. and purchased a Touareg. I really liked the Touareg for what i was doing (mainly the family weekend car with no offroading) i loved the v6 TdI and 8 speed auto box. So I needed to buy a truck for my business, I went and test drove a Ranger, not bad but a...
  6. silvercruiser


    Hello Im finally starting on my Garage clean up. I have the roof Bars that i bought for my 120. i bought the better whispbars that attach to the toyota rails and sit nice a and low (good for tight carparks) they are also one of the quietest bars on the market. I was going to see if they fit...
  7. silvercruiser

    Calling Chris

    Where am I Chris.
  8. silvercruiser

    Picked this up today.

    Hello All I had looked at many 4x4's since selling my 120. And today I picked this up.
  9. silvercruiser

    Range Rover velar

    Hi All i keep seeing the Advert for the Range Rover Velar. and i have to admit i quite like it!! Its way out of my price range though. Whats your thoughts on it?
  10. silvercruiser

    TDI tuning Box LC120

    I took the tuning box off the LC before selling , so if anyone needs a tuning box for the 164bhp version this will fit. it needs to have the six wires coming from the sensor near the EGR. it cost me over £300 new so selling for £150 + postage.
  11. silvercruiser

    Dog Guard LC120

    Hello I have sold the 120 now, so have the dog guard for sale. The make is Travall and fits in within minutes. they are new on ebay for £145. £50 + Postage or you are more than welcome to collect.
  12. silvercruiser

    Words Fail me!! Just No!!
  13. silvercruiser

    My 120 LC4 for sale

    Hello All I have just listed my LC on Ebay. its time to upgrade i have been looking at the newer 150 series but still undecided what route im going. but for now i will sell the LC so i have the money sitting there to upgrade when the right 4x4 comes up...
  14. silvercruiser

    Anyone for a new all terrain?

    Anyone fancy the new BF All terrain :smirk:
  15. silvercruiser

    Nice Camper spotted.

    My Parents went to Bath for the weekend in their motor home. they spotted this on the campsite and sent me the pics. Looks pretty tidy to me.
  16. silvercruiser

    Should I or shouldnt I?

    Right my next thing i would like to do is change the auto box fluid. i know it takes the silly priced WS ATF and its supposed to be sealed for life, but it doesnt sit well with me. My LC has done 81k now and is 13 years old. so the oil must be pretty crap by now. what would you do? I just...
  17. silvercruiser

    Look what hit the mat.

    Now I have completed my A.C. and brakes. I thought what else can I do to the LC. So I thought why not bring it up to date and install a rear view camera. I plan to install it next to the number plate light and try to get it looking as factory fit as possible.
  18. silvercruiser

    Test drove BMW X5

    I went to view a BMW X5 tonight. Nice car, it was the 35d 280 odd BHP twin turbo version. plenty off power. and lots of toys but if im honest i prefer the drive of my Landcruiser. so for now the LC's safe.:icon-biggrin:
  19. silvercruiser

    AC Compressor

    Hello I took the LC out tonight and left it running while i picked something up. i noticed my AC compressor is pretty noisy. It blows out nice and cold and its switching in and out fine. but when its engaged its noisy. I can pick up a new compressor for just over £300 and then need the gas...
  20. silvercruiser

    Cybox stainless exhaust

    Hello has anybody had any dealings with cybox exhausts? They do an off the shelf stainless exhaust for my 120, in the pics it doesn't look too bad. they do three options System with no CAT System with Dummy CAT System with Sports CAT The link only shows the System with no CAT...
  21. silvercruiser

    Tunit VCR tuning box d4d

    Hello Due to a cock up on my behalf. I now have a Tunit VCR tuning box for sale. I bought the one from Barry on here, but i assumed the connection would be the same (they are not) My later 2004 164bhp d4d engine has a 6 pin connector on the end of the fuel rail. This box fits the earlier 3...
  22. silvercruiser

    Thinking of Selling up.

    Hi All Im thinking of Selling the Landcruiser. Its a lovely Car i just feel like a change. Im not sure i should mention it on here, but ive been looking at the audi Q7's 4.2tdi's It might be something i regret afterwards due to the complex working of the thing. but i fancy something with a...
  23. silvercruiser

    Land rover happiness!!!
  24. silvercruiser

    In demand

    Got home from work today to find a letter through the letterbox. Asking if I'm interested in selling the LC. I thought very hard for a second or two:lol: I just couldn't part with it.:eusa-snooty:
  25. silvercruiser

    80 series being recovered near Bury St edmunds

    I was visiting this place earlier and went past a recovery truck on the A14 carrying an R plate 80 with BF AT's on it. I hope it wasnt a members truck?
  26. silvercruiser

    Aviemore Christmas

    Hello Now i have got all my summer holiday/trips out of the way im now focusing on my Christmas trip to Aviemore. We will be heading up to Newcastle and staying overnight and completing our journey the next day. Once im further into Scotland what will the roads be like at this time of year...
  27. silvercruiser

    Im in the 30 plus gang!!

    I went on a Family trip to Devon last weekend, so i changed the settings on my tuning box. i had it set for power in France and the best i got was 29mpg. So this time the box was put on the eco mode. the journey to Devon was a bit stop start in places and i managed to get 30mpg. and on the way...
  28. silvercruiser

    Injector Swap

    Hello Just thinking out loud really. Do any of the Toyota Guru's know if you buy new injectors, can a home mechanic do the swap over or do you need the software to code them in? Not that my injectors need doing im just thinking in the long term, if they needed doing, could i do them.
  29. silvercruiser

    Hello from frejus

    Made it down to frejus with no issues with the LC. Fuel has not been a problem at all. Media hype one again. I've been logging my fuel and got a constant 25mpg all the way down. That is with 5 people in the car, fully loaded boot, air-conditioning on, with cruise control set at 80mph. So...
  30. silvercruiser

    Another V8 Hundy but has GAS

    I know ive got my new 120 but i just cant help looking at the hundys. maybe i need both:)
  31. silvercruiser

    Nice V8 Hundy.

    Looks and reads very nice even has the later gearbox. in my opinion its a bit pricey but still nice.
  32. silvercruiser

    Nice looking 80 series in Grays Essex today

    Nice modded L reg 80 series parked up near the magno cafe in Grays earlier. Anyone from here?
  33. silvercruiser

    80 series work van

    Now this is a bit different.
  34. silvercruiser

    Took the 120 offroad today

    Well onto a field to the dog show :laughing-rolling: It still counts though, and the atrac didn't kick in.
  35. silvercruiser

    picked myself up some ko2's

    was looking on gumtree this afternoon when some Bf goodrich AT KO2's came on, just down the road from me:icon-biggrin: they are 3 weeks old and done 400 miles, they still have the rubber spikes on them. he put them on his truck and ordered some 20" wheels for summer but preferred the look of...
  36. silvercruiser

    Anyone from Here?
  37. silvercruiser

    Well Done Toyota!!

    Im currently trying to change the thermostat on the 120 ( wanted to change it before the family trip to south of France) I did this same job and it was the same location on the colorado it took me an hour. So far i have the airbox out of the way, turbo hose, serpentine belt, alternator a/c...
  38. silvercruiser

    Dog Guard Free

    Hello All i have this dog guard sitting in my garage. I bought it from eBay a while back for my new 120. It fit inside my Colorado so i used it for a while. When i got my new 120 it came with a dog guard:doh: So the other day i thought il take out my guard and put the other one in to take some...
  39. silvercruiser

    would you?

    would you buy a car this damaged? or is it likely to be used with a stolen one.
  40. silvercruiser

    Rear Parking sensors

    Hello Today i have put my witter bike carrier on the tow bar. same as this the problem i have now is the bracket that stays on the towbar when not using the carrier is...
  41. silvercruiser

    Folding Ground Anchor

    Hello Im starting to go through my shed. this is the first item to go. its a folding Ground anchor it hasnt got the bag or shackle ( il look in the garage as im sure i have the shackle) I can honestly say its never been used, i went to a pay and play site in my defender and...
  42. silvercruiser

    120 roof rail crossbars

    Hello does anyone have the cross bars that fit onto the roofrails? im looking at fitting a roofbox for my French trip in may and also for my December trip.
  43. silvercruiser

    Wanted. LC120 sump guard

    Anybody got a sump guard laying in the garage, i know some members changed for asfir protection so thought there might be one laying around. I took my sump guard off when i did the timing belt with the intention of painting it. Its got a design fault, where the front mesh grill is, it lets...
  44. silvercruiser

    Sat nav GPS antenna

    Hello Part of my project today was installing my new alpine dvd satnav headunit. the first problem ive come up against is the facia is wider than a standard 2 din unit :doh: so will be ordering a new fascia to correct this. The second thing, it comes with a gps antenna( spelling) that you...
  45. silvercruiser

    Roughtrax 30mm wheel spacers x 4

    Had these on the Colorado they are the solid aluminium ones. £80 posted.
  46. silvercruiser

    Colorado Super Pro steering rack bushes.

    Ive had these in the garage since the summer and never got round to fitting them on the Colorado. still in unopened packet they are the better split bushes to help getting them in. Now she's sold i might as well see if anyone else wants them. £30 posted. ive looked on ebay and the cheapest...
  47. silvercruiser

    DVD Headrests

    Hello I have searched on here and googled it but not come up with any answers. I have purchased some dvd headrests, i thought id have a quick try today so i took the original headrest out. i have fitted similar ones in my colorado before and all you do is feed the cables into the hole before...
  48. silvercruiser

    New 120 Pics as promised

    Hello All As promised some pics of the new (to me) 120 i give it a wash today but the weather wasn't good enough for polish.
  49. silvercruiser

    Landcruiser Coloardo VX 2000 X

    Hello All i thought id put this in the correct spot. This is my Landcruiser due to me getting the new one. If a regular club member or their family are looking for one im sure i can sort out a better price.:icon-biggrin...
  50. silvercruiser

    REX is still going

    Just spotted this advert with Jims old landcruiser advertising the product.