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  1. Andy Daws

    Autumn Pub Meet 5 - 8 Nov

    It was good to see everyone again. Nice video Raj, thanks.
  2. Andy Daws

    Autumn Pub Meet 5 - 8 Nov

    Adéle & I will be there Saturday afternoon after work.
  3. Andy Daws

    my 90 series (what i have done so far after buying it)

    Hi Laszio. Regarding the a/c belt length. I had a 79 series single cab pickup which I replaced with a 76 series wagon. Exactly the same engine, gearbox and looked the same under the bonnet, except for the a/c belt length. Toyota decided to run the single cab's a/c compressor slower because the...
  4. Andy Daws

    Summer Pub Chillout 9 - 11 July

    I bet that bloke in the campervan never exited a field that fast :) Thanks for the great weekend. And a massive thanks to Karl who drove me home when I locked my keys into my Cruiser :blush::blush::blush:
  5. Andy Daws

    Summer Pub Chillout 9 - 11 July

    1 Saturday brekkie & 2 Sunday baps please.
  6. Andy Daws

    Breakdown East of the Cederberg Mountains South Africa

    Great story and outcome. It's clear to see why they broke, poor ol Zorro was overloaded with Red Wine :-) :-)
  7. Andy Daws

    the straight through crew.

    Straight through today, no advisories, just 'I need a bigger ladder' :-)
  8. Andy Daws

    Where are you from?

    South Africa & England HiLux 1988 - UK HZJ79 2009 - SA HZJ76 2012 - SA RAV4 1999 - UK KZJ90R 1998 - UK HDJ80R 1996 - UK - Current
  9. Andy Daws

    Engine fan viscous unit......

    I've just replaced mine with a RT Asin unit too and yes, it makes a huge difference, mine was also driving all the time, now it's a LOT quieter.
  10. Andy Daws

    My GS 80 lifted 3"

    Went with 285/75-16's on new rims.
  11. Andy Daws

    My GS 80 lifted 3"

    Yep, I'm probably going to go with 285 Mud's I'm trying to source some Maxxis Razr's.
  12. Andy Daws

    My GS 80 lifted 3"

    Thanks Bill, appreciate it. 285/75's or 255/85's , Mud's or A/T's.... Looks good Chris, but in my opinion, 35's would require a Diff Ratio drop, never ending circle :-)
  13. Andy Daws

    My GS 80 lifted 3"

    OME 3" lift, Springs & Shocks with Boss 4x4 drop boxes, Pedders adjustable Panhard Rods and Pedders lengthened rear lower Radius Arms. Needs extended Brake pipes & Breathers & new Bump Stops. Also needs bigger Tires....
  14. Andy Daws

    project LC80

    Very nice vehicle. What size are your new tires? They look great. I have just lifted mine and need bigger boots, Regards Andy
  15. Andy Daws

    2020 Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy

    I intend to spectate.
  16. Andy Daws

    HDJ100 - Refurb before expeditions

    Nice Job, great to see another Cruiser being saved. I see you are using some sort of "quote" "Electrolysis bath for crusty bits..." It's worth googling "Hydrogen Embrittlement" Somewhere in the foggy depths of my memory I remember reading that this could occur during the home brewed rust...
  17. Andy Daws

    First ride in an FJ Cruiser

    A mate of mine had one in SA. I got to drive it on a 1600 mile trip. Nice to live with, if you can afford the petrol.... Don't really like the suicide doors.
  18. Andy Daws

    New Toy

    Hi Shaun Do you want to sell it?
  19. Andy Daws

    New Toy

    My GS has that same sunroof, can't get it open to fix it. I am almost ready to hit it with a hammer and weld a plate in... :-)
  20. Andy Daws

    A-Pillar Gauge Pod fitted !

    I've left mine black, I was too keen to fit it :-)
  21. Andy Daws

    A-Pillar Gauge Pod fitted !

    Yep, pretty pricey, at my door for £102.65. Got it from Original parts group on ebay, no gauges. Took about 5 days to arrive. Postage pushes the price up a lot. My pump is tweaked a bit, I got it to peak at 700 deg C, full throttle for a while. Cruising at 70mph it's way lower, I will make some...
  22. Andy Daws

    A-Pillar Gauge Pod fitted !

    Added some gauges. EGT probe is in the EGR outlet flange on the exhaust manifold. EGR bits long gone:-) Using an Auzzie SAAS pillar gauge pod.
  23. Andy Daws

    1HD-T Engine for sale. SOLD

    The engine has sold via this forum, thanks.
  24. Andy Daws

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Thanks to Trev of Freedom 4x4 for the help and use of his 2 post lift. Made the job of changing Diff, T-box and G-box oils quick and easy.
  25. Andy Daws

    1HD-T Engine for sale. SOLD

    I have for sale a 1HD-T engine complete, no radiator fan. I bought it as a project / spare engine, but it has to go, I am running out of space. The bloke I bought it from said it had about 160k miles on it and pulled well. I have no other info on it, so it's been sold as seen, without any...
  26. Andy Daws

    80 series oem dash cup holders

    Hi. Do you still have any in stock? Thanks Andy
  27. Andy Daws

    Retro-fitting A/C into 1996 HDJ80 1HD-FT

    Driving through Africa? Forget the a/c, open the windows and smell the smells and hear the sounds..... B.T.W. My 95/96 N reg UK spec GS does not have a/c.
  28. Andy Daws

    Offer: 1996 80 Series GS 1HD-FT Manual

    Really happy to have it back. About 4000 miles in about 4 years, and NO, he did not wash it :-)
  29. Andy Daws

    Offer: 1996 80 Series GS 1HD-FT Manual

    So... after 3 years and 9 months, I am once again the proud owner of my 80 series Cruiser. Trev looked after it well and improved it plenty. Thanks mate ! !
  30. Andy Daws

    Lincomb meets 2017

    Thanks everyone involved I had a brilliant weekend! Good to meet you all. Great pics Nick.
  31. Andy Daws

    Do you recognise this alloy wheel pattern?

    After buffing mine out, I now torque to 90 n/m. Seems to be okay and they have not come loose at all.
  32. Andy Daws

    Do you recognise this alloy wheel pattern?

    Thanks Mate, that's great. When you get them, have a look on the inner bore to see if they have deformed inwards. Mine have and it causes the wheels to lock onto the hubs and become very difficult to remove. I buffed mine with a flap wheel which improved matters. Regards Andy
  33. Andy Daws

    Do you recognise this alloy wheel pattern?

    Hi All I have them on my K2 swb 90. I think they were fitted standard to the K2 spec. They have taper nuts , which cause the alloys to deform, caused by over tightening or incorrect nuts. Mine are a bit deformed.... Are they still available? Regards Andy
  34. Andy Daws

    Offer: 1996 80 Series GS 1HD-FT Manual

    Hi All My Cruiser is now sold to a forum member within 4 miles of me. I hope it serves him well. Thank You Regards Andy
  35. Andy Daws

    For Sale: RHD and LHD Brand New Land Cruisers all around the world.

    Hi Eren. Can you get these V8 D-4D's in RHD ? Regards Andy
  36. Andy Daws

    Offer: 1996 80 Series GS 1HD-FT Manual

    Hi Chris Don't worry, I am not going any were, this is my 3rd Cruiser, the previous been a 2010 79 p/u and a 2012 76 s/w, both 1HZ's. I will have another... No air con and last I checked, all 3 diff locks worked, maybe I should check again. Price is high, mileage is low, everything's...
  37. Andy Daws

    Offer: 1996 80 Series GS 1HD-FT Manual

    Hi All I am offering for sale my 1996 80 Series GS 1HD-FT manual. 93777 miles, I am still driving it, so it will go up. Standard vehicle in fairly good condition with 5 new tires. I have done 8000 miles since it's MOT in Feb without any problems. Good service history. T & T until Feb 2015...