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  1. Matt Wright

    70, 80 or 105 Series Rear Diff locker actuator - brand new in the Toyota box, OEM

    70, 80 or 105 Series Rear Diff locker actuator - brand new in the Toyota box, OEM Bought from Ian Rubie so looking for the same price I bought it for.. I already have a new one so this one is surplus. £400 + postage This is her :
  2. Matt Wright

    Factory standard tyre size 265/ ?

    Hi guys Time for some less aggressive tyres for my 80. Does anyone know the definitive factory standard size please? I know it's 265 / x / 16 ie is it 70 or 75? I've googled it to death and find a lot of conflicting numbers (275 and 265) I want ot switch to something smoother than the...
  3. Matt Wright

    Stop / Hinder Rust from the inside out

    Hi guys I recently had this device fitted to my 23 year old car and 20 year old 80 series cruiser. Whilst I will only know if it worked in 10 years time - which will be a bit late - I think there is some good proof in the science behind it and they are cheap which is a bonus. The product is...
  4. Matt Wright

    ABS light on. Where to start roubleshooting

    Hi all My ABS light is on and has been on for a while.. First thing I normally do is pull the front ABS sensors out and wipe them clean. They get full of CV grease, especialyl in "Africa" where it's hot and the CV grease melts and moves around. I did that and the shuddering when breaking...
  5. Matt Wright

    The immovable nut?! :(

    Hi guys I have a nut 'n bolt problem it seems.. I recently bought an old box shape BMW convertible and have been doing some restoration work on it. It's like Lego. Literally, not even grown up Lego! So simple but..... I cannot for the life of me fasten or loosen a particular nut that attaches...
  6. Matt Wright

    Transmission / Torque converter / Diff / Tires NOISE :(

    Hi guys Been a while since I posted. I've done a bunch of stuff to my truck which I'll write up in the maintenance section but I am still plagued by a NOISE in the front of the car that is driving me nuts to the point that I accelerate as little as possible to tone the noise down. Confirmed: I...
  7. Matt Wright

    Do you think this will buff out?

    Hi guys First up, apologies for the silence! Been a whirlwind of things to do after moving back to Cape Town almost 6 months ago! :shock: Time flies when you're living on holiday". Some news and a question from me for this post. Wasn't quite sure where to put it but here goes. A few weeks ago...
  8. Matt Wright

    2002 105 GX 4500 EFI - in South Africa, posting for a friend

    Hi guys I am posting an ad on behalf of a friend in SA who is selling a 105 Petrol. I know they're like hen's teeth in the UK and they're a bit like unicorns having the 80 series chassis and solid axles but the 100 series body. I've shipped 2 vehicles over recently and the cost isn't bad. £2050...
  9. Matt Wright

    Winch hand me down - repairable or ?

    Hi guys A buddy of mine was given an old winch which is missing the top cross beam. Its snapped off and broken the corners where it screws in so can't be replaced Is it a death trap without the guide or can it be used? Its for emergency recoveries but safety is still a key concern Any thoughts..
  10. Matt Wright

    VERY Important news for Africa Crossings : A Road from Sudan to Egypt!

    There is a new ROAD open between North Sudan and Egypt - so not more evil ferry! :) For anyone planning a trip down Africa, i would strongly recommend trying this new road. If it's anything like all Sudanese roads, it will be new tar, a welcome break from some of the more interesting roads...
  11. Matt Wright

    Air suspension repair nightmare - solve the mystery

    Hi guys My first foray in to the 100 series section. It's for a friend who has a 100 series and recently had some repairs done to his suspension. Long story short, it took Toyota 2.5 months to resolve the problem at a cost of £3500 odd (which I thought was excessive to say the least!). He has...
  12. Matt Wright

    Front headlight clean out suggestions

    3rd and final for the day.. Front head lights I've fitted the uprated wiring loom which has made a big difference to the light output. I then added 100watt bulbs which helped even more but. it's still not as bright as my other truck which has standard lights, but has crystal clear reflectors...
  13. Matt Wright

    Lacquer / paint job getting worse and worse

    Hi all Another question. I don't know what it is with the maroon trucks, but the lacquer started coming off in spots on the front left wing a few months ago. Since then it seems to have spread like a virus to the bonnet and drivers wing mirror?! I now have almost saucer sized missing lacquer...
  14. Matt Wright

    Oil seal problem? Looking for second opinion..

    Hi all Mary Christmas etc.. I rebuilt the front axle a couple months ago under the stewardship of Chris and it was in purrrfect condition. The truck then did a few hundred road miles and then spent 2 months locked inside a container. I noticed yesterday that there is a lot / blobs of cv grease...
  15. Matt Wright

    Head light wiring upgrade questions

    Hi all I bought a couple of the head light upgrade kits Chris fitted for each of my cruisers. I started fitting the first one this weekend but it appears that someone has done a lot of fiddling with the electricals / wiring - not for the better! Below are some photos of my findings. I'm...
  16. Matt Wright

    Useful link to track vehicles in transit by sea

    Hi guys I came across this link whilst trying to track down my missing cargo ship! Our cehicles shipped from the UK 2 weeks late and then took 2 weeks longer to get here than expected. They were supposed to take just 19 days - they took over a month! This link allows you to track containers and...
  17. Matt Wright

    80 series 12 valve engine head, any sensible offers accepted

    Hi guys As it says in the title.. I know this isn't a rare item like the block! But if anyone is interested please let me know. I'm shipping my truck back to South Africa in a couple months but it would be easier to part with it here, especially if someone can give it a good home. It comes...
  18. Matt Wright

    Engine number location

    Hi guys Andrew kindly pointed out where the engine number was on the 80 series, but now I'm after the 90 location.. Anyone know where it is? (engine number not chassis or VIN) Thanks Matt
  19. Matt Wright

    Damp patch inside!? windscreen ideas..?

    His guys There's a damp patch inside? my windscreen at the lower right side where the driver sits. It's been there since I got the truck Given that I have 3 chips on the windscreen too, is the best plan to replace the windscreen (I have insurance) or have the chips fixed and the damp? Ideas...
  20. Matt Wright

    Help wanted pretty please. ECU / ?? Problem

    Hi guys I have a friend in South Africa who has a 90 which he absolutely loves and has really spent his last penny on buying. He wanted a cruiser over anything else but they're a lot more expensive - but he finally got one. It's been giving him some serious problems for a whole and I'd like to...
  21. Matt Wright

    How to install a generic wireless remote key system

    I found all sorts of helpful information on my trail to getting this working. All to date was either plain incorrect or lacked key bits of information which rendered it useless. The FSM is helpful to a point but what's always missing is the direct link between the new solution and the existing...
  22. Matt Wright

    Modified accelerator pedal

    Hi guys My truck has a modified accelerator pedal - not the good type of mod either! It's been cut and welded to be right left to the brake pedal and is a lot stiffer than it should be so it makes the drive harder than it should be I don't have a spare truck here to compare it against, so...
  23. Matt Wright

    Alarm system suggestions

    Hi guys I would like to fit an alarm system to my cruiser and would like to know if you guys have any suggestions on brand etc. They're cheap as chips on eBay, local uk stock so I'm thinking about going that option. Not bad for £40 odd Open to all ideas, especially if someone's fitted one...
  24. Matt Wright

    A most excellent 50 series

    Hi guys I thought this might be of interest. It's not a technical post, but one I think celebrates the 50 series :thumbup: . We encountered this truck on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania in 2011 Very cool to see it cruising around and going everywhere we went! enjoy!
  25. Matt Wright

    MOT today...

    And.. PASS with flying colours :clap: Looks like all the work and checking against the MOT list paid off. And fanks to Chris for all the help Lorien caused quite a stir taking it in to the truck stop MOT place. She was asked which AT tires she would recommend for one of the guys Landrovers...
  26. Matt Wright

    Rear Upper Door swap-out pictures

    Hi guys Ruby arrived in good condition bar a couple rust spots and questionable modifications.. I'm busy working through all of them as time and resources permit. One thing that had to be done for security reasons and the fact that I had a big door in my boot was to swap the existing "rusted...
  27. Matt Wright

    ISO Connectors. Stumped.

    Hi all My 80 series has had a rough time with radios in the past it seems. The factory fitted ISO connectors are all but cut off and the last radio that was in there was wired up (somehow?!) to a strip connector. The tricky part is that the wires coming out of the loom are very short and don't...
  28. Matt Wright

    Old battery only charges to 7.8V

    Hi all I found an nice looking battery in the communal garage that has bene left to the wolves. I took it upstairs and gave it a nice clean and filled it with 1 litre of distilled water. It was completely dry. Charged it for 24, 48 and more hours but it won't get to more than 7.8V charge. I'm...
  29. Matt Wright

    Mileage / Consumption : What to expect?

    Hi guys My first long distance trip with my mate's 90 series yielded the following results. I was disappointed to say the least so wanted ot get a feel for what you guys get and what I should be aiming for. (and then look at injectors / tyres etc.) The setup is : A stock standard 1999 Colorado...
  30. Matt Wright

    A friend for Nala : Ruby

    Hi guys This post has been highly anticipated by some who have been involved, and to others it'll just be something different.. You'll soon see why.. We left on a London > Cape Town trip almost a year to the day ago in our silver 80 series, we called "Nala". After a great trip, we returned to...
  31. Matt Wright


    Hi all I'm in the market for a "parrot" or other recommended hands free - any suggestions as to model / make? Thanks
  32. Matt Wright

    Wearing 2 hats..

    Hi all My first post in the 90 section.. I acquired (legally) a 90 series import from Japan this week and will be picking the truck up on Saturday. It's quite a gem with just 64k miles on it. It's for a friend so not for me to keep [still an 80s man at heart] but I was wondering if there were...
  33. Matt Wright

    Fuel tank gauge needle

    Hi guys One small but important thing that busted is the fuel gauge.. It shows we're on empty regardless of how much fuel we have. We can quite happily cruise 300 miles and then fill up which is based on very conservative figures, but we can comfortably do 500 to 600.. What makes it tricky is...
  34. Matt Wright

    ABS sensor light coming on intermittently

    Hi all Didn't want to hijack Andrew's post but I have a similar question so wanted to check if anyone knew if it was related or just a gremlim.. My ABS sensor light comes on when I start the car for the first time in about a week. It only ever does it the first time I start it?! The next - and...
  35. Matt Wright

    Rope / manual winch - what strength to get?

    Hi all I'm looking at the manual / hand winches online and would like to know which strength is recommended for an 80 series loaded up - I'm guessing she'll weigh in at 3.5 tonnes when fully laden (she's 2850kg's right now). The reason for the hand winch is that a) I don't have a front winch...
  36. Matt Wright

    Can only drive forwards gears AFTER engaging reverse?!

    Hi guys Lincomb was great fun and overall all I got home with was a dent in the back where a tree propped me up on punch number 11 (I think). However.. I have one other problem which I'm hoping someone will have some ideas on.. Saturday : I spent the day driving around but I never felt like I...
  37. Matt Wright

    Rear window not working - where to start with the fix?

    Hi guys My rear window doesn't budge when I try lower it so I want to "take it all apart and find out what the problem is". I'm guessing it's either stuck firmly in place, the motor has died or other.. Does anyone have any high level ideas as to how to approach this without the window falling...
  38. Matt Wright

    Garmin Mapping products on universal carputer setup

    Hi all With help from Matt (24seven), TonyP and JohnW I have now completed my Garmin carputer setup and have a repeatable process that anyone can follow (even me! 8-) ). I thought I'd outline the high level options for anyone wanting to start this type of project without getting in to too much...
  39. Matt Wright

    How to un-roll seatbelts?

    Hi guys I've removed my 2nd and 3rd row seatbelts to run cables etc but now can't get them to un-roll?! I've tried : - Pushing the belt back in till there is slack and then pulling it back out gently - Pushing it far in and rolling the roll of belt back hoping for the click but nothing -...
  40. Matt Wright

    Tyre fitting in SW London area

    Hi guys I found a place in SW London that did a good job of removing my old 285/75/16 BFG AT's and fitting the new BFG MK2 285/75/16's. They charge £8 per normal tyre and charged me £10 each for the larger off road tyres which I thought was fair given that I was quoted £20 per tyre at Kwikfit...
  41. Matt Wright

    Manually fitting tyre questions

    Hi all I recently purchased 5 x BF Goodrich Mud KM2 285/75/16 tires and they're great to look at - but now it's time to fit them. I was quoted £120 at the local dealer who I assumed might be cheaper than Kwik-Fit, to fit the tyres on to the rims alone before balancing / alignment / anything...
  42. Matt Wright

    Thunderpole Off-Road pack

    Hi guys The Thunderpole products sound like they're well recommended so I'm looking at their new "Off-Road pack" which is £99.99 for the following: (£95 if u don't take the mag mount) - Intek M-100 CB Radio - Full size Thunderpole Orbitor (or Mini Orbitor) Antenna - Mount of your choice - I'm...
  43. Matt Wright

    Car seat cover recommendations..

    Hi guys I'm looking to get some car seat covers to cover my fancy leather seats for the Africa overland trip. The covers are for the front and rear seats as there are 4 of us. I've looked on eBay and there are 1000 options so was wondering if anyone had a set on that they could recommend...