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    Good starter but runs rough and a bit smoky until warm

    My 2004 120, is a great starter and runner, but always run rough until it has warmed through. I wait whilst it goes through the prime cycle before I fire it up and although it starts instantly everytime the idle is lumpy to start with, almost as if it has a slight misfire. The injectors have...
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    Fault code R1250

    On a recent trip I had an engine management light come on and the vehicle went into reduced power. Found somewhere safe to stop, switched it off and had a look under the bonnet and underneath for any clues. Nothing to be seen so carefully started it up again and carried on with my journey...
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    Workshop manual for 120

    I have seen numerous threads and regarding workshop manuals for the 120 series but just wondered what the present situation was and what was available? Thanks
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    LC 120 EGR

    You may have seen a previous post by me written as I try to get to the bottom of a chattery noise on my 04 LC 120. The noise is fairly prominent when the engine is cold and chatters away like a badly adjusted tappet but as soon as the engine comes up to temperature it is like somebody throws a...
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    Noisy LC 120 Diesel

    I have written a similar post on here before but I am determined to get to the bottom of this problem. 120 LC4 2004 manual, vehicle drives fine, starts well, goes well and has no flat spots. Engine ticks over smoothly on idle and isn't noisy but has a fairly loud "tappety noise" when you drive...
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    Chattery noise on D4 engine

    I have a 2004 LCD4 manual with about 135K on the clock, drives well and goes well, doesn't chuck out black white or grey smoke. I have not had the vehicle long and it is apparent that mechanically the servicing was neglected by it's previous owner but I am rectifyiing that as I go. There has...