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  1. clivehorridge

    Karl the parts guy?

    Congrats on the newborn Karl… :dance:
  2. clivehorridge

    My 80

  3. clivehorridge

    Be careful where you park.......

    There‘s a perfect example of what I mean, if I’m allowed an opinion. With no disrespect to Raj whatsoever, he’s posted a quote from somewhere, all clever data and math that I’m ready to accept as accurate, but the jarring and subtle sentence (to me) in that quote is “Overall, aviation...
  4. clivehorridge

    Clive's HZJ80

    Cheers Dervis, Higgy, Shayne and Jake (and Nick’s Wow) - yeah I’m just fine thanks guys, been away from the forum for a while with only a few visits from time to time... nothing personal - all is well this end, just waiting till we can have some club visitors, maybe summer 2022? The new (old)...
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  7. clivehorridge

    Clive's HZJ80

    A small and rather insignificant update, for the record… Got pulled over by the Poliție again, minding my own business, doing my daily drive to the office. The last time - about this time last year - I was warned to remove the light bars because they are not permitted. Hey-ho, I don’t do much...
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  9. clivehorridge

    Be careful where you park.......

    What sickens me is it’s all a con. Call me a conspiracy theorist, I don’t care. To my mind there’s no good evidence of global warming, sorry climate change, and even if there is warming, there’s no good evidence that it’s caused by human activity. And I’ve looked closely at the arguments from...
  10. clivehorridge

    Drone Laws world map and travelling with drones

    I was toying with the idea of getting a drone to complement my little trip vids here in Romania. I checked-out the law and the restrictions here - and to fly one you need to register it with the military! If that’s not bad enough, if you want to take video, you have to give the military 14...
  11. clivehorridge


    It’s looking a bit shabby now TBH, but it still goes well. Took it down to Greece in the summer, 7-up and all our luggage on the roof. It didn’t miss a beat even though it was hot… I mean 48C type hot! Apologies for the thread-jack, I’ll blame Shayne….
  12. clivehorridge

    Coast to coast

    The 80 certainly leads the way Gary, in every sense - what a fine looking specimen it is. Take care clocking up all those miles though, :lol: I’ve just done a holiday run (7-up) from Romania to Greece via an overnight stop-over in Bulgaria each way, it sent my chrono over a total count of...
  13. clivehorridge

    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    Now’t to do with the subject, but going through the comments on a random YouTube vid the other day, someone rounded off a string of banter with… “where would we be in this world, if we didn’t have a sense of humor…”. the next post simply said “France”. Made I chuckle. Hope all is going as well...
  14. clivehorridge

    Bad obsession

    Thanks Rich, stunning stuff… as usual…. “Bring on the thunder…” oops, wrong channel… :lol:
  15. clivehorridge

    Romania - Clive's House and Excursions

    I’ve just scrolled back a page or to of this thread and realize that things have moved on with the work to the back bedrooms, so here’s some update pics. Not finished - finished yet … but pretty close. for the bathrooms, we just need to buy 2 toilet systems, 2 washbasins & vanity units and 2...
  16. clivehorridge

    New member

    GTC Auto, they’re in Popesti Leordeni on the outskirts of the city. You can call Florin on +40722507750 and have a chat about anything you need help with and he’ll put you in touch with the appropriate mechanic. They are mechanics, not just fitters, and they’re mega Land Cruiser enthusiasts.
  17. clivehorridge

    New member

    Sorry to hear all the distress you’ve been having, Mircea. Can’t help you with your problems I’m afraid, whereabouts are you? I’m in Bucharest and know some good guys there who might be able to help, if you need it. Cheers.
  18. clivehorridge

    1k mile 80

    That’s just a waste in my books… A waste of a great vehicle sat for 26 years not being used… and a waste of US $139k when the buyer could probably have bought a good FZJ 80 for a fraction of that. I know, I know, they’re a collector and this is unique and all that, but where’s the pleasure in...
  19. clivehorridge

    'For Your Viewing Pleasure' -- Suggestions for Hidden YouTube Gems?

    Been fascinated by Gutn Tog‘s videos of Iceland’s latest erupting volcano recently. He’s not the best videographer by a long way, but I just like the simple and ordinary way he presents. And speaking of Matt’s Offroad Recovery, what about that Offroad Corvair they’ve just built? What a cool...
  20. clivehorridge

    I realised I Jumped the Queue

    Good intro and welcome aboard Raj, and your very shiny looking red 200… very smart :thumbup:
  21. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2021

    Our lockdown did me a great favor. I’ve always wanted to live at the house full-time, so with Ana internet schooling, Aura and me working from home, we locked down at the house for the whole duration. Sadly, in a way, Ana’s back at school now (which is the best news) and Aura is back in her...
  22. clivehorridge

    Where are you from?

    Hi, Helena, I’m from England living in Romania since 2001. I’ve only ever owned 1 Toyota, my current 1995 HZJ80. I bought it in 2006 for £5k with 212k km on the clock, and it’s still going strong with 467k km on the (same) clock. Never before have I owned the same vehicle for 15 years, but I...
  23. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2021

    Funny you mentioned the cinema, Shayne, yesterday afternoon Ana went to the cinema with a bunch of her mates for the first time in I don’t know when… Cheers matey, hope you’re all ok, look after Supergran OK? :thumbup:
  24. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2021

    Good of you to post, saw your advert to sell your beloved FJ the other day, it sounds like a beast. Sadly most of all that dosh spent on it won’t be coming back, but if needs to sell it are a must, so be it. As I’ve said to others, there will be another time, it’s just a shame … I’ve missed the...
  25. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2021

    Looks that way David. I was hoping the restrictions would relax, but it seems they’re using this new strain to justify continued isolation. Dunno what this world is coming to these days…. Cheers matey, there’ll be other times to come, I hope.
  26. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2021

    It doesn’t look promising at all Jon. Here the rules are relaxing bit-by-bit and compared with the UK they've never been as restrictive or enforced as strictly, like the UK. we can walk the streets mask-free now and restaurants are open again, just with reduced table density, to maintain some...
  27. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2021

    Yep, fit as a fiddle so far Higgy, thanks for asking. Work’s been hectic this year and it looks like it’s not letting up anytime soon. My visits to the forum have been more sporadic but I still have a browse from time to time. One day matey, maybe you’ll have a spare week or so with nothing to...
  28. clivehorridge

    the straight through crew.

    Forgot to post another “straight through” for my old Truck last month … even got a comment from the tester, how good the brake readings were, compared with previous years. Fitting disc brakes on the rear might have something to do with that. What a transformation from the old drum brakes. 466686...
  29. clivehorridge

    Romania - Clive's House and Excursions

    Oops, thought I was replying to Chas fo some reason, I’ll blame a senior moment… it’s all I have. :lol:
  30. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2021

    Sign of the times I suppose, seems like no takers again this year. :?
  31. clivehorridge

    Hello Everyone from Caron with Snow White a Landcruiser 80 Series & advice on a Dog Guard please.

    Wow, it has been a long time. Welcome back Caron, we never met and I can’t help you with the dog-guard bit, but I do remember Snow White and all the work you did to restore her, what a lovely truck. Happy for you that you still have her.
  32. clivehorridge

    80 series restored - Lottery money

    It’s a beauty alright, but not 145k beautiful. I paid €8k for mine and it’s still going 15 years later .... so that price would by 18 of mine... :think:
  33. clivehorridge

    iwan's hdj81

    Looking good Iwan :thumbup: just a question, what’s that shiny long coach bold doing holding your rear sway bar link on? Does the extended length serve any purpose? I’m teasing really, but then I wondered if it’s deliberate for some reason?
  34. clivehorridge

    I bought another Toyota.

    Looks like fun Frank :thumbup:
  35. clivehorridge

    Romania - Clive's House and Excursions

    They’re still there Chas, but they hide in those three dots above... :icon-biggrin:
  36. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2021

    After 2020’s complete disaster, travel-wise, I’m hoping 2021 may eventually permit travel again. If travel is permitted, our doors are open again this year to anyone who wants to come to stay for a week, most likely the last week in August 2021... exact dates can be agreed on later... The...
  37. clivehorridge

    Rebuilding 1HZ Motor

    AFAIK the 1HD and the 1HZ are completely different engines internally. They look the same on the outside, but I don’t think there’s many internals that are interchangeable. Just the compression ratios alone are very different, 17:1 on the 1HD and 24:1 on the 1HZ... (don’t quote me, you can look...
  38. clivehorridge

    New to forum. I have posted a fairly detailed description in the introduction section about my situation.

    Hi Bert, I posted on your other thread before seeing this one, you’ve beaten me to it with the lacquer problem, the ethanol in US pump gas is a pain. If you’ve solved the fuel system problems, then it should run when you’ve sorted the ignition. Are you sure the points are the correct set for...
  39. clivehorridge

    Friendly Hello from South Carolina

    Hi Bert, welcome.... Just love your post, old cruiser in immaculate condition, and a slightly not-so-young lady owner who wants it to work on her farm, what a great combination! I‘ve friends in SC and I’m not surprised it’s not rusty, it never gets cold there let alone no salty winter roads...
  40. clivehorridge

    Lifting straps and towing straps.

    Looks like overkill to me Mike, 2 strapping ... well... straps, when some baling sisal would have done ... no danger of those straps letting go :thumbup:
  41. clivehorridge

    Clive's HZJ80

    I’ve replaced one of the rear passenger doors, with a less-rusty one... For the record... 462 k km - Recently had a spending spree on the truck... new PS juice reservoir - tired of the leak from a crack where the mount braket meets the can.. new CVs - went for genuine, whatever that means...
  42. clivehorridge

    We're doomed Capt Mainwaring, we're doomed!

    Maybe I’m easily amused, but that’s the funniest thing I’ve read for a long time chadr, brilliant....:clap::clap:
  43. clivehorridge

    New car, well new to me

    I have to confess Rob, I typed 850 in error, you’re spot on. The first thing I did to my A30 was replace the worn out side-valve with a 998 rescued from a crashed A35 van. It took some doing too, the transmission tunnel in the A30 is tiny compared with the A35, so I cut the whole thing out and...
  44. clivehorridge

    April 2021 Upgrade - Whoops

    It’s working fine for me (always use my iPad anyway) and I was logged in automatically, I don’t care what the colour is, so this end it’s tickedy boo except that I seem to have lost my country flag. Thanks Cris for your diligence and good luck sorting out all the wrinkles folks seem to be having.
  45. clivehorridge

    Is there a CV joint test

    The first replacements on mine were needed at 212k km, they were factry (as the Canadians would say) and the ones I fitted were Trail Gear from the USA, because I was doing a lot of ‘adventurous‘ offroad at the time, and they were recommended as the toughest. That may be so, for offroad - but...
  46. clivehorridge

    New car, well new to me

    I think the older model (the first minors) were 850cc in the split-screen models prior to the 1970 facelift - I don’t know when they became the Morris 1000 with the 998 cc engine. I guess Wiki will have all the details of model changes. I had a 1955 Austin A30, that was an 850cc till I put a...
  47. clivehorridge

    My 80

    Looking good Gary, as usual.... a little envious of those low miles... and the new bespoke fuel tank is a beast. :thumbup:
  48. clivehorridge

    Bringing down the house!

    Can I suggest you buy a doorbell, instead? What a bummer, still - it’ll buff out Gav.
  49. clivehorridge

    Is there a CV joint test

    The CV test I know of is engage the CDL, and creep forwards and backwards on full lock. If you hear a low tone loud clank-clank-clank there f**ked, if they’re silent they’re good and anything in between means about 6 months left in them.
  50. clivehorridge

    80 series interior step nuts

    I can’t see the retaining pins that should be welded to the floor and protruding through the holes in the carpet in your photo Shayne, are they still there? If not it’s a waste of time trying to buy the nuts, they’re plastic with a coin-sized slot in the top to spin them onto the “threaded”...