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  1. flint

    RIP Sean Lock

    A very funny man.
  2. flint

    Brake / clutch fluid tester

    While regular brake/clutch fluid changes are a part of most folks servicing regime, I invested heavily in one of the testers below. On checking with new fluid and slowly adding measured water, it seems to be pretty accurate, but how long this will be is anyones guess. A simple tester...
  3. flint

    E10 fuel coming soon

    It looks as though E10 petrol will be at the pumps soon in the UK. Obviously not a problem for the oilers amongst us (diesels), but on various compatibility charts pre '98 Toyota engines are not included as being ok. Whether this is down to seals being affected by the extra ethanol or other...
  4. flint

    LHD 105 for sale

    I don't know the 105 or its owner, but just in case anyone is looking for one:
  5. flint

    HVO diesel

    Perhaps a bit of hope for diesels ? Haven't come across it yet, but wouldn't mind giving it a go.
  6. flint

    Injector service manual

    Service manual for 2 stage Denso injectors (non common rail). Just posted for interest, unless well equipped probably a job best left to the experienced !
  7. flint


    After much umming and aahing I decided to lash out on a dehumidifier to use in the house (old, stone built) as the windows (d/g) were getting a bit of condensation on a cold morning. It did the trick, sucked out a couple of litres from the air and the rooms involved felt better to be in. I...
  8. flint

    Shape of things to come ?

    Gassy Grenadier: hyundai-and-ineos-join-forces-to-make-the-grenadier-hydrogen-powered-more-151920.html
  9. flint

    Stanfords in trouble

    Perhaps not so relevant in the age of the internet, but it would be a shame if they disappeared:
  10. flint

    Aquaforno stove

    Hmm, a bit pricey, and quite bulky, but might be handy for longer stops...... or if you like pizza
  11. flint

    Oz to UK postal help request.

    Would any members in Oz be kind enough to send on a couple of things on Australian Ebay to me in the UK. I’ve been in touch with the seller, but he’s not willing to send overseas. Thanks (hopefully)...
  12. flint

    Not so welcome.........

    Scheisse !:
  13. flint

    Coming to a socket near you.......maybe.

    Rivian - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Hopefully will have a hitch for the generator, maybe the shape of things to come though ?
  14. flint

    RIP Tony Allen

    One for the drummers out there.
  15. flint

    Renewables ???

    Interesting, if rather depressing, take on renewables, EVs etc.. Quite long and not exactly cheering.
  16. flint

    Wheel dolly

    Just wondering if anyone has tried one of these ? COSTWAY 1500lbs Wheel Skate Dolly with 4 Swivel Castors, Foot Pedal, Carry Handle, Vehicle Positioning Jack Tyre Lift Trolley for Car Van Caravan Workshop Garage (Blue): Car & Motorbike - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  17. flint

    Speed and stopping

    Interesting (well I thought so) chart on stopping distances. Overcoming kinetic energy and thinking distance means that the speed of impact does not directly correspond to road speed before braking.
  18. flint


    Firewout mentioned this before, but just in case anyone missed it and would find it useful (quite a bit of UK coverage and worldwide):
  19. flint

    How deep ?

    Much wind and rain here ! Seems timely:
  20. flint

    Handy site for Overlanders
  21. flint

    Unusual camper conversion candidate ?

    Perhaps not to everyones taste..........
  22. flint

    Front Runner stainless table wanted

    A bit of a long shot,. the one I'm after is an ABRA003, its the 1150 x 750mm x 28mm one.
  23. flint

    Pembrokeshire Windscreens

    Had a new screen fitted on the 81 today, top job ! Much better than the nationals if in W. Wales, careful with the paintwork (thankfully virtually rust free) and quality glass (Pilkingtons) at a good price.
  24. flint

    RIP Ginger Baker

    Worth a watch:
  25. flint

    Roof Rack Fail

  26. flint

    Nifty trailer
  27. flint

    Not on ebay 79

    Not on ebay, and not cheap, but might interest someone planning a SA trip.
  28. flint

    Kong American Train Horn Setup Twin Viair 380c Compressors 14gal Tank

    Not long left, but might be handy for onboard air :)
  29. flint

    285/75/16 bfg at

    Not in need myself, but if interested, I just looked up on the ATS site and for a set of 4 they're on special for £552.56.
  30. flint

    120 gets big brother

    Import 1995 24v auto. Not perfect, but not bad, bit of sunburn. And so it begins..............
  31. flint

    Tembo electric 70 series

    Made for mines, otherwise long extension lead needed....... p.s. tech specs, torque at the wheels impressive !
  32. flint

    Soar y Mynydd

    Popped along this yesterday, west to east. Not as bad as the Glass pics of a few years back, but still a fair bit of water damage with quite deep ruts in places, drop down to the chapel in poor state. Nice run though, topped off with a take away from the Shapla Tandoori in Lampeter on the way...
  33. flint

    Interesting videos from Fourby4diesel in Oz
  34. flint

    CVJ boot clips

    Only a small thing, but I've had a couple of the original small end boot clips not gripping properly. Could just be me, but might be worth checking as one boot had a bit of water in it. I've regreased the CVJ (which seemed ok) and put new clips on.
  35. flint

    Proslip caliper greases

    Just thought I'd give this a try, expensive way of buying grease (and fancy packaging) but hopefully worth a go.
  36. flint

    Export only armoured 200s

    No idea on price.
  37. flint

    RIP Aretha Franklin

  38. flint

    IDP after EU exit

    It looks like an International Driving Permit might be needed for EU travel after March 2019. Not a biggie, but might be worth bearing in mind. Available at selected Post Offices.
  39. flint

    Hydrogen decoke

    Sykes Pickavant have a new gizmo, things must get pretty hot. Looks like it's about £4k !
  40. flint


    Interesting idea for locating places.
  41. flint

  42. flint

    Loof Lirpa

  43. flint

    75 years of Toyota

    Not sure if this has been posted before:
  44. flint

    Ring of ire.......
  45. flint

    Battery chargers ?

    My battery charger is on it's way out, old age and rust have taken their toll. Ctek seems to be the way to go, just wondering if anyone has any other thoughts.
  46. flint

    Anything wrong officer ?
  47. flint

    RIP Hugh Masekela

  48. flint

    Alternative to bucket and sponge ?

    Just saw this:
  49. flint

    120 camper

    Just wondering if anyone has any more info or pics of one of these that was available in Denmark ?
  50. flint

    Elvis lives

    Nothing to do with Cruisers I fear, but this made me smile, particularly the bit about the police using facial recognition. I can imagine the outcome. “sorry sarge but they all look like, um... Elvis……….”