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  1. Michael Clark

    Anyone fancy Morocco in Nov/Dec this year?

    Posted on a couple of FB forums and had a couple of leads but thought Id post here too Im tentatively planning a trip to Morocco in November for a few weeks. Very flexible with timings. Wondering if anyone fancied coming as IMHO it would be more fun (and secure) with two vehicles travelling Im...
  2. Michael Clark

    80 series 24V Complete EGR removal

    So I havent found that much info on completely removing the EGR setup from a 24v 80 series so thought Id start a thread. Im fitting a cross country top mount intercooler so the existing EGR/top pipe setup is deleted anyway so thought I may as well remove all the EGR gubbins too. Julian at OC...
  3. Michael Clark

    My HDJ80 Overland Build - Part Deux!

    So.....earlier this year I finished my overland build for a trip to Namibia and Botswana - details here Awesome trip, and since used it across UK and Europe. However, for what we want to use it for in the future...
  4. Michael Clark

    Bundutop Roof Tent/Pop top setup - 80 series maybe others

    Im going for a full chop and box on the back so selling my custom Bundutop electric roof tent, Safari Outback (same as Front Runner) rack, custom storage box and 160w solar panel. Mounted on an 80 but Im guessing the rack can be modified to fit a 100 series or other. I modified the rack and...
  5. Michael Clark

    80 series interior camper conversion

    This is the setup from my 80 series that I fitted last year. Only selling as doing a rear chop and box on the back. Now removed and ready to fit. Easy to fit - check the pics of it removed, you can see how it is constructed and how it will be straightforward to fit back in an 80. Storage...
  6. Michael Clark

    Possible sale of my 80 pop top Conversion (80 not included!)

    OK. One of those annoying gauging interest threads. Im thinking of chopping the back off my 80 and doing a full cabin conversion. But I have a nice complete 80 series pop top/roof tent conversion currently fitted which could easily be transfered to another 80. All the internal conversion...
  7. Michael Clark

    80/100 Rear body extensions/conversions

    Has anyone done/looked into, have any opinion on, the rear body conversions on the 80/100 from the likes of Toms, Innovation Campers, Custom Campers, Maltec, Offroad Schmiede, Twiga etc.. Seriously considering this on my 80. Wondered if there were any UK companies that could undertake the task...
  8. Michael Clark

    Immobiliser problem

    So, ive just got back from 6 trouble free weeks driving my 80 series around Namibia and Botswana Get back home and my 100 series had a flat battery. Jumped it and now will crank but not start with the immobiliser light (under radio) constantly flashing with whichever of the three (previously...
  9. Michael Clark

    Mysterious control unit with bolt coming out of it!?

    Just bought a cheap v8 100. Trying to resolve a central locking always automatically locking issue but came across this strange box. I undid the bolt (as I thought it was holding it in) and a couple of relays clicked off and on again. Very strange - is it an earthing point or somthing? Its in...
  10. Michael Clark

    Overland Trip with HDJ80 - spares package suggestions

    So I am going to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana with my HDJ80. What spares should I take. She is pretty well services, new calipers, brakes, front and rear axles done etc.. I dont want to go overboard, just the common issues. I think HDJs are fairly well catered down in Southern Africa so...
  11. Michael Clark

    Gutter mount brackets for roof rack

    Does anyone know if you can buy good quality gutter mount brackets for a roof rack that fits the 80 series. I have an outback rack and want another couple of brackets at the front to fit a storage box. I know there are lots of generic ones available (with bars) but wondered if anyone knew of...
  12. Michael Clark

    80 series side steps, rear ladder and Bundutec Roof tent ladder

    80 series side steps. Recently refurbished - brackets dipped and regalvanized, I think the steps were re powder coated, not sure but very clean. All very good condition, just one small scrape on the drivers side. £130 SOLD 80 series rear tailgate ladder - brand new - front runner copy from...
  13. Michael Clark

    Wiring/Starter/12V conversion help

    HDJ80 1997 Ok I did the 12v starter conversion. Jumped the timer relay plug. Starter relay clicks but no voltage to the starter solenoid on the starter motor. So Im trying to trace the starter solenoid wire back to the relay. Am I correct in thinking the black/red wire to the starter motor...
  14. Michael Clark

    12 Volt Starter Motor for 80 series (100 may fit)

    Anyone have one in the UK?
  15. Michael Clark

    Locating leisure battery in engine bay & replace existing setup?

    I am wanting to fit a leisure battery to my overland build and wondering if I could fit under the bonnet. I was wondering about the possibility use two smaller batteries to replace the two whoppers that are in there - thus taking up one battery location and then using the other space for a...
  16. Michael Clark

    1997 80 Series Alarm/immobiliser and security questions

    Im overland preparing my 80 and it has the OEM alarm and immobiliser. Is it worth leaving in there or can it be unreliable. If so how to remove and what other security measures can one take. I usually fit a hidden switch to cut off something like fuel pump or starter relay and tap in to a...
  17. Michael Clark

    Parts from my Grey 80 overland build

    Some parts left over from my overland build. I can ship anywhere - please contact for price. Pics at bottom. SOLD 4 x Freshly refurbished OEM 80 series wheels with nearly new Cooper Zeon XST Tyres 275/70/16. One tyre has a puncture but its in the middle of tyre so can be repaired. £500 SOLD...
  18. Michael Clark

    My HDJ80 Overland Build

    Hi all, New member here. Owned a 100 series for years but sold that and bought a 96 80 series to turn into an overland vehicle with a trip to Africa planned next year. When I bought her: First job was to drop off at Overland Cruisers for health check and thorough going through, so new...