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  1. dyladams

    Land Cruiser 300 Launch

    Hi All I got sent this Youtube link of the Lauch that happened yesterday for the New 300 Series. Fast forward to about 5hrs 30 minutes for the launch. I have not finished watching it , but its got some nice content of the older models as well. I must say I like the look of the 300GR
  2. dyladams

    Wanted - Prado or Colorado (90 or 120 series)

    Hi all A friend of mine is looking for a Prado. Anyone know of one in decent condition without rust issues? I believe the budget is around the £6k mark or lower. Please let me know if you know of any good ones for sale.
  3. dyladams

    Wanted /Swop - 80 Series Aux tank button

    Hi all I am looking for a aux tank dashboard switch for my 1996 land cruiser. I picked up a tank with some accessories but the button is for the pre 1995 dash board. does anyone have one going at a reasonable price (or possibly looking for a swop?)
  4. dyladams

    Pick-up in the Craven Arms area??

    Hi there Is anyone in the Craven Arms area that might be able to collect a Medium side box for me from a seller and then either allow a courier to pick it up from you or if I am luck enough someone might be travelling to London at some point..... Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  5. dyladams

    Land Cruiser increasing in value?

    Saw this 80 going for £19 990.00 Think I better put mine one - might get £25-30k....... (Think this is from Chesham) 1998 Toyota LAND CRUISER AMAZON 4.2 TD GX 5dr SUV Diesel Manual | eBay - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Think this is due to the minimal amount of 80 series on the market at the...
  6. dyladams

    Roof rack / Roof bars - Aluminium slats

    Hi All, I am looking at installing a some roof bars to my 80 series instead of the backet type roof rack. I already have a front runner rack. I was thinking that I might be able to use the feet / brackets from the front runner and combine them with some aluminium bars / slats to make a kit...
  7. dyladams

    CDL not engaging in Low Range -1994 VX80.

    Hi all A friend of mine is looking at buying a 1994 HD-T. Apparently the Lockers don’t engage, both on the axel and the CDL. it’s a UK spec truck in Africa. So hopefully it’s not too rusty and the Acel lockers are ok. If not that’s a pretty simple fix. the question is what about the CDL not...
  8. dyladams

    TopGear and Grand Tour support vehicles.

    Just finished watching the TG tour to Nepal and spotted them using 80 series Land cruisers as support vehicles. My Mrs thinks I am a bit crazy for spotting and watching out for a glimps of the cruisers but I loved it. Does anyone have any photos of them using support Cruisers for their...
  9. dyladams

    2020 Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy

    Anyone know about this and is anyone taking their Cruiser? Please see attached link for further information: The Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy is back! After its successful inaugural outing in 2019, Toyota GB and the Vintage Sports-Car Club...
  10. dyladams

    Any Black Friday deals....

    Morning All, Thought I would start a thread on any black Friday deals that people have spotted. I am guessing anything relating to Cruisers; camping; tools; travel etc.
  11. dyladams

    Buyers guide for a 90 series Prado / Colorado?

    Hi there is there a buyers guide for a 90 series. a friend of mine is considering buying one and want to point him the right direction. Thinking of the later D4D model. Where are the week points including where do they rust?
  12. dyladams

    Tyre pressure monitoring System - Options

    Hi All, Is anyone using a tyre pressure monitoring system on their truck? Looking for options - I see some of the ones on Amazon have solar panels so they charge teh control unit. Or there is the 12v option. I am looking for one that's easy to install yet does not look like a bolt on system...
  13. dyladams

    Sub Tank Installation Advice / Guide (Diesel)

    Hi All, I have managed to get my hands on a "Full" (I Hope) Sub tank kit for my 80VX HD-FT . I have done some research and believe that the 2 tanks in the OEM format are NOT directly connected together, but pipework is split via 2 solenoid valves (Supply and return). Thus the Pump in the...
  14. dyladams

    Headlights / brights not working

    Hi All, I have done a search but am not able to find any information that might solve my problem. My headlights work under normal use and when I "Flash" my brights everything is OK. However if I put the lights on "high beam" or "brights", all the lights go off. Sometimes they all come on but...
  15. dyladams

    BLACK Friday deals

    So has anyone spotted any really good deals coming up on Black Friday. Maybe something along the lines of: - accessories - parts - tools - camping equipment - service etc - etc. I saw it on another forum and thought some people on this site might have something to share....
  16. dyladams

    80 series centre console (fridge?)

    Hi there Does anyone have a centre console lying around that is no longer required? I am looking for either the normal one or as a bonus a fridge one. Please let me know if you have anything. Happy to pay but don’t want to break the bank.
  17. dyladams

    80 Headlight Brights slow

    Hi All, My brights on my headlights on my cruiser are very "slow". If I flash them then there is no issue, however when I put them on high they are very slow to respond and this sometimes means a black out. Is there any easy fix? or something I should be looking at? I have already purchased a...
  18. dyladams

    Putfoot cruiser

    All Looks like I ended having a share in a cruiser located in South Africa. It’s an 80 series GX with the 4500cc carb petrol engine so a bit of a thirsty beast. I found the truck, my other friend arranged collection and the 3rd member of the group has been putting some hours into fixing it...
  19. dyladams

    Double roof top tents

    Hi All, Has anyone installed 2 roof top tents onto their 80 series roof rack? If so, what was the gap between the 2 in order to fix the cover. I have 2 Eezi Awn tents to fit onto a Front runner full length roof rack. Thanks!
  20. dyladams

    Tire sealant / slime

    hi all Can anyone recommend a tire sealant or a spike that they have successfully used on their truck. I have been doing some research and it seems to indicate that slime or oxo are the 2 better options. My concern is that I have also read that the slime can eat the wheel. Also what happens...
  21. dyladams

    Toyota Steel Wheel - 80 Series

    Hi All, I have an original Toyota Steel wheel for an 80 series. Its the spare wheel that has been mounted to the rear of the vehicle since I bought the truck. There is no sign of damage (or use really) however it could use a refurb or lick of paint. It appears that the previous owner painted...
  22. dyladams

    Yokohama M/T 285 / 75 / 16 Tires and Wheels

    Afternoon all. I have a set of Yokohama Mud Tires with aftermarket Alloy wheels for sale. There were on my 80 Series (as per my profile picture). I would say that both the tires and alloys are in good condition with plenty of tread left on the tires. I don't believe that they have any...
  23. dyladams

    Retrofitting a spare wheel carrier / winch to the undercarriage.

    hi all, My imported cruiser came with a factory rear swing out spare wheel carrier and I am thinking about retro fitting the uk spec spare wheel carrier / winch that mounts the spare wheel under the vehicle. Although I know that this is not the best option for off roading, it does give a...
  24. dyladams

    LED Tailights - Good idea?

    I am looking at installing new rear lights on my 80 series and saw these for sale. Looks like the housing has got built in LED board to support the brakes and rear driving lights. Has anyone got any experience of these? Thanks!
  25. dyladams

    Frontrunner roof rack - legs too long

    Hi all, So I picked up a front runner 3/4 roof rack for a decent price. The advert was for a 80 series but once installed it looks like the legs are too tall. There is a number "7" stamped on the legs and I think it might be designed for a defender or discovery 2. Does anyone have any cost...
  26. dyladams

    France: Battlefields tour March 2016

    Gents, I am sure like most of us, I follow a couple of forums. I saw this on on the four wheel drive club. Battlefields Tour and Laning in Calais - Sat 12th March It might be of some interest to some of you...
  27. dyladams

    Solar trickle charger

    I am currently experiencing some issues with my alternator / batteries which could be the alternator. I do however wonder if it's worth getting a small solar panel to trickle / top up the batteries when I am not using the truck. Unfortunately I don't have the option of a garage with 240v...
  28. dyladams

    Help: Auto electrician needed - dashboard warning lights

    Morning all, Can anyone recommend a reasonable auto electrician in the South West London area who can look at my 80 series. The dashboard currently looks like a Christmas tree with the warning lights on. I think it might be the the alternator as my batteries are now flat and the truck needs a...
  29. dyladams

    Jeremy Clarkson's 80 series

    Apparently this used to belong to Jeremy Clarkson. I knew he had one and always thought it was a petrol.....
  30. dyladams


    Can someone please point me in the right direction regarding diff breathers for an 80 series. I have done some research but don't seem to find enough information. Am I correct that a simple fix is to use 6mm id fuel line clamped onto the original fittings?
  31. dyladams

    12v Fridge / Freezer Rental.

    I wonder if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction.... Does anyone know where I could rent a 12v fridge / freezer (engel / national Luna / waeco / etc) I am going camping in France in 2 weeks time for a long weekend. Last time I went we tried to buy ice, but it seems that...
  32. dyladams

    London gathering summer 2015.

    Well it looks like the last time there was a meet up for those around London was in 2012(?). So guess it's time we arranged something. So what do you all think? Maybe a Thursday after work? So maybe the 4th , 18th or 25th June? Any other dates? And any suggestions on venues?
  33. dyladams

    Finally.... An 80 series

    Well after being in the shadows for a while.... I am very happy to say that I finally am the owner of a 80 series, 24v TD! It's an import with low mileage and from what I can see.... Minimal / no rust!!! Now looking forward to base lining it and taking off a few cosmetic items from the...
  34. dyladams

    "Car vs Wild" on Discovery Channel

    Has anyone else watched the TV series Car vs Wild on Discovery? I don't know what you think but in my humble opinion, this show does not promote responsible off road driving. I almost feel embarrassed watching it! Nothing is strapped down in the back. No care it taken for the vehicle...
  35. dyladams

    Family rescued from flooded pajero

    Saw this and thought it might be of interest to some of you.
  36. dyladams

    FJ Cruiser for sale.

    Saw this on eBay and thought it might interest someone. Something a little different...... Not sure about the LHD or the wheels, especially the spare.
  37. dyladams

    ARB 4X4 Action magazine (Tablet App)

    Saw this app and thought some of you might be interested. Looks like you will also be able to view it on iPad, android or on the net.
  38. dyladams

    Land Cruiser Spotting

    Hi all, I am sure most of us do a little bit of the occasional "land cruiser spotting" when about town or on the net. So I thought that maybe we should have a topic that is dedicated to those pictures that people take of an interesting cruiser that others might enjoy. It can also serve as "do...
  39. dyladams

    How not to do a water crossing

    Saw this on YouTube this morning. It's a little scary / funny to be honest! Bet you he (and his insurance company) wishes that he had checked the crossing before attempting to skim his 4wd over the water!
  40. dyladams

    Andrew St. Pierre White trans Africa trip - 4xforum.

    Hi all Thought some of you might be interested in following the presenter of 4xforum on his journey from Cape Town to the UK. This is only a teaser but I am sure there will be more video footage to come!
  41. dyladams

    Three Allah's And You're Out!
  42. dyladams

    PWR Liqud to Air Barrel Intercooler for Toyota Land Cruiser 75 78 J7 1HZ engine

    Saw this and thought it might be interesting / different?
  43. dyladams

    Rhino vs Bufallo video

    Hi all Saw this video and thought some of you might be interested. Enjoy.
  44. dyladams

    Road Trip to Northern France - Advice needed.

    Hi All, I am looking for some advice on possible locations for a quick (long weekend) road trip to northern France. I am currently looking at the maps / google and am getting a little confused / frustrated. I am not looking for an off road adventure, just some time to relax, sit on the beach...
  45. dyladams

    Overland ready 120 series ... 0897096207
  46. dyladams

    Adolf's take on the green oval.

    Hope this does not offend anyone. Saw it on another form and thought it might be worth a laugh. ... ata_player
  47. dyladams

    Aircon installation in an 80 series GS

    I have a query that I hope someone might be able to help me with. From what I understand, the 80 series GS model did not come with air-conditioning / climate control. I was wondering if a Toyota aircon could be installed retrospectly, however it would need to be as per the standard...
  48. dyladams

    Conflict Cruisers

    I am sure that this has been covered before but a quick search did not reveal anything. Just opened a copy of TG magazine and there is an article on vehicles used in Libya. Naturally there are a few pictures of cruisers.
  49. dyladams

    Woman killed by a TOW BALL!!!

    Hi all, Saw a post on another form about a tow ball failing and being flung back at the recovery vehicle. ... hp?t=92189
  50. dyladams

    80 Series OEM Winch and ARB bullbar

    Hi, I asked this question previously on the Land Cruiser Club South Africa but did not really get too many replies.... guess that there are not too many cruisers with the factory electric winch. My question is what modifications (if any??) are required in order to install an ARB bullbar and...