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  1. Jake the Peg

    Another one looking for a half decent 80 series

    @Higgy is on the fence for selling his as also mentioned @Gary820 will be selling his soon, I guess 2 trucks and gentlemen you could trust!
  2. Jake the Peg

    Repairing a vandalised ignition barrel.

    Good stuff
  3. Jake the Peg


    It’s been a long time since I did my theory during my apprenticeship but I’m sure it’s 1.3bar for a normal radiator cap which raises the boiling point of straight water to around 120c, the use of correct Toyota coolant brings this to 125c under the pressure of 1.3bar
  4. Jake the Peg


    I wouldn’t be too concerned about that either, you could have a coolant system flush done, change of thermostat to a lower opening temp and replace the coolant with a waterless type, this will increase the boiling point of the coolant. It could be worth having an exhaust gas temp installed, this...
  5. Jake the Peg

    Best 80 series tyre size

    I’m in Russia until 15th so can send you some then, but these are wheels on the truck!
  6. 375C88D8-D07F-44B6-91EB-627377900D61.jpeg


  7. 445E452A-65F6-4BA4-950B-93DE35D5047D.jpeg


  8. 623BE3CD-5444-4BBC-8FEC-634B6D43F58A.jpeg


  9. Jake the Peg

    Best 80 series tyre size

    I’ve got a few sets of 16”wheels for the 80 for sale, 1 set of 4 oem wheels, 1 set of 5 and 1 set of 4 jap import 5 spokes. The set of 5 wheels is fairly decent but the other 2 sets would need a refurb!
  10. Jake the Peg

    New (to me) LC80 - A rolling project - first question!

    I’ve done a couple now with spray enamel paint, cleaned up with the wire wheel on the grinder, two coats of zinc primer and two coats of the enamel spray
  11. 459AC6F5-B714-411E-B8EF-0AE73CE32E79.jpeg


  12. FF87562F-E9EF-481E-89FC-593347B1AE2B.jpeg


  13. Jake the Peg

    Clutch Slip Travel Risk?

    @Higgy i think he was already there turning to us to say go for it, but if it’s slipping in mud, how much confidence would you have setting off for a long trip? I’m with you on the supping ale tho:)
  14. Jake the Peg

    Clutch Slip Travel Risk?

    I’d think if the clutch was indeed slipping in the mud, and not being ridden, with that mileage it would be worth making plans to have it changed asap, as you don’t have time to do it before you leave can you schedule a day to have it done on the trip, this will also allow you to plan a suitable...
  15. Jake the Peg

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to you all, Lang may yer lums reek! Let’s hope for a bit more freedom and a healthy dollop of common sense in 2022!
  16. Jake the Peg

    My first Landcruiser. Amazon 4.2 Diesel 1998 vintage. A Revelation.

    @Odin 8 i don’t think there was any animosity meant in the comments, and I’m sure we are all glad your experience was good at Valley 4x4 but we find his advertising highly amusing, it’s always in a “SHOUTING” manner, everything is the the best thing since sliced bread and a general poor use of...
  17. Jake the Peg

    My first Landcruiser. Amazon 4.2 Diesel 1998 vintage. A Revelation.

    Welcome to the group here, you’ll find it first of all, friendly, very knowledgeable and helpful, I believe the only must is you need to post some pics up of your truck!
  18. Jake the Peg

    Merry Christmas you filty animals

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas:happy-cheerleaders:
  19. Jake the Peg

    Do I take the risk

    @fbnss Don’t! Last weekend I locked them in the ignition, the button to open the doors wouldn’t work so I had to ”re-profile” that door lock. At least it was a job I had to do as it was the last lock to change for 1 key…
  20. Jake the Peg

    Do I take the risk

    I’m guilty as well, chrome is for Harleys…
  21. 06C3F11D-BBBD-4CC6-B459-A3D1AC0228D2.jpeg


  22. Jake the Peg

    80 Series Winch Bumper Designed by MUD-KIT and Made in UK

    As per @Grimbo I think it would be nice without the hoops!
  23. Jake the Peg

    100 series Steering Rack

    Think I replied to your other thread, try Kelly Bray Steering
  24. Jake the Peg

    Landcruiser 100 series 1HD-FTE injectors.

    @Indie contact Kelly Bray Steering, they did a superb job on my 80 steering box, they may be able to sort you out as well
  25. Jake the Peg

    Do I take the risk

    That’s how I had to do it Nick, there were a couple of other pictures of it on the guys profile, along with some off a 70
  26. Jake the Peg

    Do I take the risk

    Post up some more pics, we like pics
  27. Jake the Peg

    Do I take the risk

  28. 427317F7-F2DE-45F2-8AC6-462A54503191.png


  29. Jake the Peg

    Do I take the risk

    There are some pictures of it in his Facebook profile, it looks decent before it’s paintwork refresh
  30. Jake the Peg

    Do I take the risk

    That’s sucking some diesel! Checking the v5 this guy had it since April, likely bought it as a “do upper” Nothing bad in the mot history so definitely worth looking at, and if the work done is good in current market I think it’s a good price. Check what has been done to the engine and running...
  31. Jake the Peg

    Do I take the risk

    I’d as him if he has other photos of the truck during repairs, and before, especially the front of he wing and lower rear quarter repairs. I’d say he knows what he is doing if it’s him who has done the pain and repairs, windows out show it’s not just a quick tart up job to sell. Make sure you do...
  32. Jake the Peg

    Suspension 80

    @Shayne how did you do the castor correction, I’m going to be replacing my axle case and would like to improve my driving experience with getting the castor and track set properly this time!
  33. Jake the Peg

    Any plan on the cruiser(s) over Xmas break?

    @Raj dont forget to use wheel chocks and start on level ground. Great to see you plan some new skills. Worth a pair of safety glasses and work gloves if your going to venture underneath when you have it jacked :)
  34. Jake the Peg

    Suspension 80

    I’d look at getting EFS from the guy in Poland, @Chris rates them highly, and I have on my own 80. Were a decent price and after a year of use still look like brand new, ride well
  35. Jake the Peg

    New owner seeking advice and thoughts!

    It looks like is been on the passenger side, all the body arches are screwed on, a big dent high up in the rear pillar, rear spoiler is missing the end and the passenger headlight looks like it points downwards sidelight / indicator doesn’t fit properly, I’d be concerned at what damage is below...
  36. Jake the Peg

    the straight through crew.

    Another year’s membership for me in this group today:) Tester thought it had been growing since last year, well it did, it had 3”EFS kit fitted in Jan!
  37. Jake the Peg

    Big tyres

    The not so little :)
  38. Jake the Peg

    Big tyres

    That truly is a beast :p
  39. 1639164293521.jpeg


  40. Jake the Peg

    Big tyres

    I think this is my favourite 80, second up @clivehorridge, last step on the podium @Chris and then my own old truck!
  41. Jake the Peg

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    4 new track rod ends to keep the new steering box company, welded the anti roll bar brackets back to the axle and fitted my original Toyota alloys. Just to get the tracking done now and it’s hopefully mot time!
  42. 8274A8A1-4142-46F0-A560-1EACBB611EB6.jpeg


  43. Jake the Peg

    Repairing a vandalised ignition barrel.

    I assume there was no damage to any wiring around the lock or key transducer or the transducer itself? My only guess might be that the key isn’t being read?
  44. Jake the Peg

    Repairing a vandalised ignition barrel.

    I think might need to have your original key taped up to the transducer or kept close to the inserted key?
  45. Jake the Peg

    Crap night at work!

    That’s the platform known as Alpha, 2/4A. I’ve worked many shifts on there in my younger days, it was for its last years in operation unmanned and we used to shuttle across from the complex whenever there was our intervention work. It was spooky as heck in the living accommodation with nobody in...
  46. Jake the Peg

    80 front bumper corner caps

    Actually I should have updated this, I bought these and they are decent enough. I bought a genuine set from eBay, but the seller lost them The day he was posting them…must have decided they were too cheap...
  47. Jake the Peg

    A little facelift

    Decided to change the look of the old 80 in support of @clivehorridge being told to get the grinder out! MOT coming this week so along with the the steering box I have new track rod ends to fit, a decent front axle case, original 80 wheels and a prop shaft UJ
  48. 51834732-76B1-4C6A-ADE5-2265F0C4425D.jpeg


  49. Jake the Peg

    Funny Pictures

  50. Jake the Peg

    80 Series Rebuild

    Your truck is looking great, well done