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  1. flint

    1HD-FT manual

    Try here:
  2. flint

    Nu' 10 meeting, bad whatever.

    Worth a look:
  3. flint

    Toyota diagnostic wire part 09843-18040

    Probably mentioned before, but a decent (i.e. accurate, Norbar etc.) torque wrench will be your friend. If you check the drain plugs and they're below spec for tightness then nudge them up. If ok then (as already mentioned) new seals were not used. Until you get used to tightening things up, a...
  4. flint

    Hello from Australia + Workshop manuals

    Hi Shaun, Welcome and thanks very much for the manuals link.
  5. flint

    ~ Power Of Love ~

    RIP Magawa.
  6. flint

    Nu' 10 meeting, bad whatever.

    Perhaps more of a worry:
  7. flint

    Need new front prop UJ's

    One thing I did notice with the 95 was a slight tendency to understeer under power with the front prop off, not a lot but might be worth bearing in mind. GMB ujs (as sold by RT) have been fine for me, never tried the Toyo.
  8. flint

    No electric Land Cruiser

  9. flint

    what film are you watching tonight?

    Watched The Peanut Butter Falcon and enjoyed it. It's on Iplayer for a while:
  10. flint

    Tow bar electrics advice needed

    Just in case it helps:
  11. flint

    ~ Power Of Love ~

  12. flint

    Merry Christmas you filty animals

    Merry Christmas to all, have a good one and a great 2022 !
  13. flint

    Rustproofing, updating methods and products.

    No idea if it's any good, probably need a fairly strong pressure washer, but this seemed an interesting idea:
  14. flint

    Adding interior light 12v / 24v ?

    Hella do a range called Valuefit. I've just got some 7" single led spots (had to get them from USA as Hella UK say they are not stocking them), not fitted yet but well built and very bright. You can get the light bars in the UK: Hella ValueFit Light Bar Range - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  15. flint

    Funny Pictures

  16. flint

    Rustproofing, updating methods and products.

    These are handy if you've got a pressure washer:
  17. flint

    200 series workshop manual

    Not a full service manual, but might be of use:
  18. flint

    Stove options

    My previous stove before the dual fuel was a Coleman Gladiator propane twin burner, worked well on blowtorch 400g propane refills (about a tenner a go). It was ok, but the dual fuel is a more durable thing.
  19. flint

    Stove options

    +1 on the Coleman. Picked one up on Ebay, haven't used it much so far but running it on Aspen 4 (a bit pricey, but you don't use much) it stays nice and clean.
  20. flint

    auto or manual for 1HD FT

    Both true here. :) But the auto works well on my 81, does have other positions than D and with an O/D switch, a bit of thought and a careful right foot I don't feel my manliness is under threat. I do miss the engine braking a bit sometimes, but in traffic it's worth it.
  21. flint

    auto or manual for 1HD FT

    Happy with the auto in mine.
  22. flint

    the straight through crew.

    All good yesterday !
  23. flint

    80 series damage/sourcing parts

    +1 on trying a few body shops for prices. Not sure of your location, but maybe check with a few sellers on Gumtree or Ebay for parts:
  24. flint

    Monday, not the best day ever.

    That's harsh, a sorry sight, glad you're ok. Thank goodness you weren't a second or two further on !
  25. flint

    All set for Bad Kissengen 2021

    Hope it's a great trip.
  26. flint

    Brake warning light (handbrake warning light)

    Handbrake switch (at lever) sounds likely, can get a bit fluffy, good place to start.
  27. flint


    +1 on checking with your local friendly (?) Toyota dealer. I rang round a couple of years ago and the price was as good as anywhere. So far no problems.
  28. flint

    This diesel shortage then

    Just as important is to let the engine idle for a minute or so after a fast run (motorway etc.) to keep the oil feed to the turbo going.
  29. flint

    Aerial won’t fully extend and reverse camera stopped working.

    Is the aerial up / down switch on the dash having any effect ?
  30. flint

    This diesel shortage then

    Just checked again and it's running at about 56p a litre (1000 litre price) at the moment. Either I read it wrong before (quite possible) or it was a blip. Nice price on the diesel !
  31. flint

    This diesel shortage then

    Just had a look at heating oil (kerosene) prices, up from about 45p a litre to about 65p in just over a week. Haven't checked the price of cetane improvers yet ......
  32. flint

    This diesel shortage then

    Cutting, carting and splitting the wood keeps you warm too.
  33. flint

    CV joints after caster correction

    If indeed it is an 80 with solid axle, I think I'd be checking that the wheel bearings had been set up properly.
  34. flint

    This diesel shortage then
  35. flint

    This diesel shortage then

    Having just read this, it is a big factor with general haulage and agency drivers:
  36. flint

    This diesel shortage then

    Probably not with regards to fuel deliveries. A lot are handled by logistics firms and fuel delivery drivers, quite rightly, have to have the right qualifications. A look at somebody like Hoyers (German firm with UK branch) vacancy lists will give an idea of present problems. A lot of logistic...
  37. flint

    This diesel shortage then

    Madness at the pumps !
  38. image0-13.jpeg


  39. flint

    Torque converter bad?

    Not too sure whether it's your problem or not, but maybe worth trying a few TC re manufacturers for prices. No idea about repairs in the US, but this might be handy as a starting point: TCRA, Torque Converter Rebuilders Association | The Torque Converter Rebuilders Association, TCRA, is a...
  40. flint

    Sahara Crossing

    Lots of info here if not already seen (click on hubb) : Welcome to the global home of motorcycle travel and overland adventure travel! - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Sadly at present, security is a topic that it would be unwise to overlook. Trans Sahara Routes - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  41. flint

    Tranny Sump Plug?

    Long shot, but might be worth giving a ring here (either for plug or plug specs):
  42. flint


    Up, up and away, looks nice though:
  43. flint

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    It's come home........nice !
  44. flint

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    I think I posted this before somewhere, but just in case it's handy:
  45. flint

    What to do about this?

    Looks like it's a two tone colour code:
  46. flint

    Steaming up when raining…

    If the clutch is ok, a remanufactured unit from somewhere like this maybe ?
  47. flint

    RIP Sean Lock

    A very funny man.
  48. flint

    Basic tools to buy for self servicing land cruiser.

    +1 on the 3 pronged filter tool, also make sure that the oil drain pan is big enough, one of the wide 16 litre jobs with the drain spout works well for me.
  49. flint

    Decipher this

    A H Leeson ?
  50. flint

    80 Series front screen. UK? HELP!

    +1 still listed on toyodiy for $346 part no. 56111-60110 Not sure what FRF in H/West are like, but the parts dept. at FRF Swansea usually good on price, Carmarthen not so much.