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  1. Graham

    100 series cills

    Hi all. My daughter needs a pair of cills for her 2001 Amazon. Where to buy from please? Graham
  2. Graham

    Anybody watch Matts Recovery ?

    80 series roll over. Quite a bit of damage
  3. Graham

    2001 V8 with no cat.

    Looking under my daughter's 2001 V8 petrol Amazon, there is no catalytic converter. Is one needed for MOT ?
  4. Graham

    Rusty Rear Cross member

    Hi All, You may recall I was concerned about rust on the rear cross member of my daughters 100 series. Well I gave Westcoast 4x4 a ring, and asked if I could come along with it, for a more knowledgeable opinion. I duly took it along and met up again with Paul and his dad. I said that my...
  5. Graham

    Rusty Rear cross member

    I was under my daughters 2001, 100 series earlier today, and there is quite a bit of corrosion on the rear cross member, and about the last 15 inches of the side chassis rails. As she plans on towing a double horse box, I feel this cross member needs replacing, or strengthening. How to go...
  6. Graham

    Front windscreen wipers sizes

    Hi all. My daughter needs a pair of front wipers. Can some kind person tell me the sizes, are left and right the same size? Any Amazon or eBay links would be most welcome. Thanks
  7. Graham

    80 towbar v 100 towbar

    Hi all. Are the width of the chassis rails same on 80 series and 100 series? My daughter got a towbar off an old friend, but doesn't know if it's for an 80 series, or a 100 series. Can some kind person give me the chassis widths please for 80 series and 100 series.
  8. Graham

    Amazon 100 series tow bar

    Hi all, Anyone have Amazon 100 series tow bar
  9. Graham

    100 series upper tailgate, black if possible

    Hi all, Looking for a 100 series upper tailgate, black if possible Graham
  10. Graham

    Daughter bought 100 series V8

    Hi all, Finally a Land Cruiser in the family, well, sort off. Susan bought a 2001 Land Cruiser Amazon. Pretty good condition, but does need work to the bottom of the upper tailgate. As per normal. . So I think better to find a replacement upper half of tailgate. Graham
  11. Graham

    Daughter wants a petrol 120 series

    Hi All, My daughter is looking for an early 120 series, petrol. Tows a horse box with 2 horses. 3000 miles a year max. Similar to this' Originally wanted a 2000 Discovery, which I very quickly talked her out of...
  12. Graham

    Found this from an Old day out

    Corwen ? January 2010 ?
  13. Graham

    Covid Swab Testing - China

    In my wife's sisters province in China, Hebei, we watched live via her sisters phone on how the Chinese do the testing. They will test 75 million people in 3 days, 24 hours a day. Thousands upon thousands of testing centers. All the "testers" in fully enclosed bio suits. They (three in the...
  14. Graham

    Any Cylinder mower experts here?

    Hi all, I have bought a Masport Olympic 660 (26 inch petrol cylinder mower) probably a 2010 model. When I used it the other day, I noticed only one half of the rear drive drum assembly was driving, the right side was driving, but not the left. I understand, as it is a fair size mower, then...
  15. Graham

    Diesel or Petrol for 3000 miles / year

    Hi All, Suggestions please. My wife does maximum of 3000 miles a year. Is there any point in buying a diesel? Diesels really don't like short distances. Her commute to work is just 3 miles each way. Interested in a wiggle box petrol. Graham
  16. Graham

    100 series prices

    Hi all, Are 100 Amazon prices on the rise ? I was considering a 100 Amazon when we had our 120 D4d some years ago. However, I am not sure if after 4 years of selling our 120 series, the prices for a 100 series are more for say a 2007 truck, than what they were then. Graham
  17. Graham

    Buying a late 100 series or early 200 series

    Hi all, We may be in the market to buy a late 100 series, or a very early 200 series. Strictly for an "on-road" daily driver for my wife. Have watched a few on 'bay in the past month. Is the 200 so much improved to warrant the extra cost? Graham
  18. Graham

    My wife and her choice of new vehicle

    Touareg. 3.0 Litre V6 The newer 150 seies are very nice, but very expensive.
  19. Graham

    Honestly, how much better or worse is a , , , ,

    Late model 120 series as per an early 150 series. Hoping to get both sides of the story. Graham
  20. Graham

    Honestly, how much better or worse is a , , , ,

    Late model 120 series as per an early 150 series. Graham
  21. Graham

    Trying to get my wife into an Amazon

    However her is having none of it at the moment. Fay does like various 4x4 vehicles, . Her most favoured at the moment is a RR Sport Followed by a Mitsi PHEV Then the 120 series. . . . Her reasoning is that the Amazon looks too big, and old fashioned, as we would only be looking to buy up to a...
  22. Graham

    120 series, full sets of front caliper brake seals

    I have a full set for both fronts on bay Graham
  23. Graham

    If any one is wanting front brake seals etc,

    I have a full set for both fronts on bay Graham
  24. Graham

    Tyre now on Ebay BRAND NEW MASTERCRAFT / COOPER MUD TYRE 265 X 70 X R17

    BRAND NEW MASTERCRAFT / COOPER MUD TYRE 265 X 70 X R17 122049489200 Gra
  25. Graham

    I put this on Ebay fits 120 series

    BRAND NEW MASTERCRAFT / COOPER MUD TYRE 265 X 70 X R17 122049489200 Graham
  26. Graham

    Remember this, sound on, eyes open

  27. Graham

    Sage 50

    Hi all, who was it was chatting about Sage a few months ago? I am trying to obtain a working copy. Gra.
  28. Graham

    Our Lexus IS250

    Decided against the Jeep at last moment. Picked this beauty up yesterday. . . . . . . . IS250 2,5L 200+ BHP 6 speed auto Sublimly quick and very smooth And above all, it really is a Toyota. Gra.
  29. Graham

    Who had the JEEP ?

    I remember some one here had a JEEP. Reason I ask is my wife is seriously looking at a Cherokee 2.8 CRD Graham
  30. Graham

    Brand new - 265 - 70 - R17

    Hi all, Brand new tyre 265 - 70 - R17 50.00 Graham
  31. Graham

    Still in my garage Brand new 265 - 70 - R17

    Look in for sale section Gra
  32. Graham

    Little girl gives money to street musician - just watch
  33. Graham

    Am I right ? wiggle bax stick gate - 4 bolt pinions

    Hi all, Are all the autos with the satin chrome look wiggle box gate, (from 54 reg I think) are they all the 4 bolt pinion transfer, as opposed to the weaker 2 bolt pinion transfer? What was it about the fiber washer that could cause trouble in the autobox, Gra
  34. Graham

    Don't see many of these - HJ75 Pickup
  35. Graham

    Migrants in Germany cause more trouble

    Fay has been telling me, in many of the Chinese forums, there are many unsavoury reports about the migrants. It is widely reported about great resentment against these migrants. There are reports of gangs of migrants just looting Aldi, and Lidl stores, and, simply walking out with whatever...
  36. Graham

    Do you get SD to USB adapter

    SD to USB. Not USB to SD Are they made? Gra
  37. Graham

    Bohunt School. - Ashamed of you

    My wife and I watched the BBC 2 documentary last night (9.00 pm),. ARE OUR KIDS TOUGH ENOUGH It was about 4 or 5 top Chinese teachers, who came to Bohunt school, Hampshire, to do teaching. All I can say, is that whilst sitting next to my Chinese wife, I was totally...
  38. Graham

    120 series, front brake calliper overhaul kit x2

    Hi all, I have 2 off, unused, unopened brake calliper overhaul kits for the 120 series Land Cruiser. 10.00 plus a bit for postage. All in original, unopened bags. Graham
  39. Graham

    FOR SALE ~ ~ Brand new 17 inch Mudtyre

    Hi all, I have a brand new 17 inch mud tyre. 265~70~R17 120.00 new 60.00 Gra
  40. Graham

    New Mud tyre on Ebay

    Item. 201259385544 Brand new
  41. Graham

    For Sale, 265 x 70 x R17 NEW TYRE

    Hi all, I have a brand new tyre available. Mud and Snow. Unused. Master Craft Courser. 60.00
  42. Graham

    Tomtom without Google play

    hiall, I am trying to get Tomtom for my new Lenovo smart phone. But I dont have Google play store. I have contacted tomtom to try buytheapk direct, but that seems to benot possibile Anyone care to help me, get the apk and uk. map please. Gra.
  43. Graham

    100 series for less than £4k .
  44. Graham

    Mud tyre for sale - brand new

    Hi all, 265 - 70 - R17 £60.00 Gra
  45. Graham

    Holiday time,

    Now I need a rest to recover from our holiday. We had a great time in Marmaris, Turkey, where the weather was, well, "Holiday weather" 35 to 40 deg most days. We did a few great activities, and here are a few pictures from just three of our activities. 1/ Swimming with dolphins, every one has...
  46. Graham

    Ebay possible self hosting

    Hi all, Is it possible to insert pictures in an Ebay listing, using the HTML tags, generated by Photo-bucket? Or, what way can I include additional pictures for a couple of weeks, while I sell our caravan? Gra
  47. Graham

    Did some one upgrade?

    Spotted this on the way to work. Gra
  48. Graham

    Mud tyre 265 x 70 x R17 -- 1 off

    I have a brand new 17 inch mud tyre for sale. . . £90.00 Gra
  49. Graham

    Mud tyre 265 x 70 x r17 -- 1 off

    Last one for sale Gra
  50. Graham

    MH370 - What do YOU think happened?

    Well this all seems stranger than fiction. So in the light that MH370 is missing, WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED ? First off, I think , , , , , , , , , , 1/ The young pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, cracked the older pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53 over the head and knocked him out. Then the young...