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    Quick question when some of you have time. Alternator appears to be defunct on my 24v 4.2. Do any have recommendations for a replacement and the necessary output. I see there are some big variations in £ out there. Thanks and happy festive season to all. Peter
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    Electric seat drivers

    Evening all Leant on my seat buttons by mistake and moved the seat forward, then it jammed moving it back. Cut a long story short the end cap had come out and the cog stripped. Fortunately I had a spare from a seat I had bought of Garry Rigby a while back. I see on line you can buy a Chinese...
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    80 series 4.5 P Reg value

    Friend has a reasonably sound petrol that is redundant. They took it out to France with a trailer earlier this year when they emigrated. Problem is it was an import and not new in EU. French have been difficult in re-registering, effectively requiring removal of tow bar and 3rd row of seats...
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    Scorpion immobiliser removal.

    Hi I am trying to eliminate the negative and accentuate......
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    Hello from Peter in UK.

    Good evening or morning? I have an early '95 4.2 24V 80 series. Often abused and neglected, owned in family since 2004.