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  1. Snowbound

    62 series for sale

    It sounds like you and the buyer were happy with that, so a good deal was done. If you had put it on an auction website, I think there is a chance you may have got 20 or more, but 10k would definitely have been in a steal!! In my opinion, anyway. Others may disagree. It's just good to know what...
  2. Snowbound

    Offered: BJ42 from 1984

    You have uploaded the photos as pdf's rather than as photo files like jpg, but you can see them if you open the file.
  3. Snowbound

    62 series for sale

    Congratulations. If you don't mind me asking, what figure were you hoping to get for it, as so few are on the market in that condition, it is difficult to gauge prices.
  4. Snowbound

    62 series for sale

    That looks fantastic. Has it ever been welded or painted?
  5. Snowbound

    Offered: BJ42 from 1984

    Looks great, I hope you get what you want for it. A few more photos would help
  6. Snowbound

    62 series for sale

    You might want to put up a few photos and maybe give everyine a clue as to where you are located...
  7. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

    The idea was to get older Land Cruisers but in the end we had a 2021 79 and a 200 series from West Coast Off-road. I guess 200's are virtually classics now!
  8. Snowbound

    Another one 'saved'....

    I don't think a sandblaster would leave very much left.....:tools-hammerdrill:
  9. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

    I'm sure we will have another one next year. If you are on social media you can keep an eye on my Insta @cruiserscot or the Classic Land Cruisers UK Facebook group.
  10. _20220611_100432.JPG


  11. Snowbound

    Another one 'saved'....

    I'll see whether or not it runs first. Was parked up 15 years ago. Could be a candidate for a chop into a pickup
  12. Snowbound

    Another one 'saved'....

  13. 1654859564672.png


  14. Snowbound

    Another one 'saved'....

    I came across this one gently rotting in the woods. Apparently Barry Sheene was the first owner in 1985 - he needed an auto after he had smashed his legs. Maybe Toyota gave it to him, as he was driving for them around that time... Who knows??
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  22. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

    And some more...
  23. IMG-20220530-WA0020.jpg


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  27. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

    Thanks to everyone that came and supported the first ever Classic Cruise Scotland . We had a great weekend and the Cruiser Camaraderie made up for the iffy weather. Here's some photos...
  28. IMG-20220528-WA0001.jpg


  29. IMG-20220528-WA0025.jpg


  30. IMG-20220529-WA0034.jpg


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  33. Snowbound

    1996 Prado RZ for sale

    Anything is possible..... I drove to Galway and back to pick up a 40 series, but that included a nice little boat trip at the mid point, so broke up the journey. I think my worst was a simple trip down the motorway to Derbyshire to pick up a Caddy...... Due to the weather, that turned into a 22...
  34. Snowbound

    1996 Prado RZ for sale

    Well, I guess it is uphill from your end...
  35. Snowbound

    1996 Prado RZ for sale

    Looks nice. Is that kms or miles on the clock? And what's wrong with Scotland.....???:think:
  36. Snowbound

    What Model/ type of 70 series is this?

    Looks like it's a home made mod on a shorty 70. Not factory.
  37. Snowbound

    Recovery Point?

    Those look like the tie down loops so not rated for recovery
  38. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

    Registration is now open!! Anyone who wants to come along, send me a DM with your email address and I can send you the form. Here's a clue about where we will be going......


  40. Snowbound

    How many FJ55's are there in the UK??

    Found another. She's a beauty. Genuine UK model too
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  43. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

    How long is a piece of string? :auto-rally:
  44. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

    You know you can drive to Scotland without crossing any high bridges??
  45. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

    We don't discriminate against Prado's...... or wives.... Bring both of them
  46. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

    Yup, an 80 is fine
  47. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

  48. IMG_20220125_181402_356.jpg


  49. Snowbound

    Classic Cruise '22

    After the 'success' of JOCKA 21 (see previous thread), we have put together another event for 2022 - Classic Cruise '22. May 27th - 29th. Based in the East Cairngorms it will be a gathering for all old cruisers (and a few newer ones). 2 nights camping with a couple of drive outs on private hill...
  50. IMG_20220125_181402_356.jpg