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    Dog guard and boot liner surplus to requirements

    Will post this in classifieds as well but specifically fir a 120. Travail dog guard -as new. £140 when new. Happy to take £50 if collected from Wells Somerset. Also a top quality boot liner with cut outs for the boot seats. Cost me £77. Happy to take £30 collected. Pictures below.
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    Bolt Hamber rustproofing

    So it’s time to tackle the underside rust now that it’s been steam cleaned. I don’t have a hoist so will have to buy a pair of ramps and then drive up rear and then front and crawl under suitably clad. I have some Aqua Steel so plan is to coat chassis members with that to convert existing rust...
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    2 stroke in the tank

    Evening. Seen some older threads on here about adding 500ml of 2 stroke oil to a full tank- reportedly making engine quieter and smoother. So wondering what the current view is on this , who’s doing it , whether it it is likely to be beneficial or detrimental to the injectors etc, and which 2...
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    Is this an oem coil spring?

    Still finding the rear suspension v firm and not smooth. Changed the shocks (oem) and the drop links and trailing arms and most bushes. Still wondering if I’ve got toyotspeings or some updated after market though from previous owner. I have 6 coils in each rear spring. At back of my mind is that...
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    Permanently live 12v socket in boot?

    I would like to install the above in the boot area in addition to the existing ignition switched 12v socket. Obviously I could run some suitable fused cabling all the way back to one of the batteries. Wondering however if there is a suitable feed already in the jack area that the Towbar uses...
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    Tyre Pressures- Again!

    Away at the moment with the LC4. Experimenting with tyre pressures as recently changed the Grandtrek for Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S in the 70 rather than 65 profile. Struggling to find the sweet spot for the tyres fir a comfortable ride- at moment it’s a bit jumpy and harsh at the rear. 87K...
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    VSC and ABS warning light won’t go out- intermittently

    Can anyone help? Occasionally when starting up after a while some warning lights won’t go off. They are the VSC lights ( so also light showing VSC off) and ABS light. The lights stay on but then when I stop after a while and restart after a delay then all fine. Happened a few times now and can’t...
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    Recommendations for new tyres

    Will soon be needing a new set of tyres. Dunlop’s on at moment- suspect the originals! Funlops het some bad reviews for wet performance. I like a cushion ride and low tyre noise. Use is mainly tarmac , some tracks, sometimes tow a heavy T/A caravan. What do people suggest( I know this must be...
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    Icamper roof tent

    Evening. I’ve posted in the Equipment section of the site about the above and waiting responses. In meantime wondered if anyone had seen any images of the roof tent closed up on a 120. Just wondering whether at 140cm wide it would look out of proportion on the roof?
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    What is this?

    I need to upgrade the front fog bulbs. Reckon I have to take the plastic wheel arch liners off? Looking at the drivers side one I am wondering what these cut outs are for and what is behind them ( given that it gets a dousing if water from the tyre)?
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    Difficulty engaging low range

    I haven’t really tried engaging low range much since I got the truck. Today however I’ve noticed that pushing the H/L stick from H to L while the auto box is in N is not smooth. There is a crunchiness to the engagement- as if a shaft is still spinning slightly as the cogs try to mesh. It...
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    Help with Towbar wiring

    I’ve been changing the twin 7 pin Towbar sockets to a 13 pin as that is easier for the various things I connect to the Towbar. All gone fine save for one thing. I no longer have rear fog lamps on truck when I switch them on. But I do have fog lights on the trailer light bar. When I dismantled...
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    Rust Proofing fing Engine bay

    Once the warmer weather is back again I plan to try to improve the corrosion resistance underneath by treating with Rust Converter and then covering. Juddian on here has waxed lyrical about Bildt Hammer, so thinking of that. In the meantime would like to have a go at the Engine bay before I put...
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    Advice on welding please

    Has a set of oem shocks fitted all round today with new drop links and arb bushes. Rides and corners v differently now! HOWEVER my local mechanic found some v nasty rot at another rear mount underneath. See photo below. The chassis bracket in question has rusted right through and cannot support...
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    Best Place for Reverse + feed

    About to fit reversing sensors and a rear camera - a slightly sophisticated set up via an 8 pin soft relay with a dash switch. So that I can switch from camera and sensors on truck to camera and sensors on bike rack- a set up that works a treat on the Campervan. However, where is the best place...
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    Screeching wiper spindle

    Well, I seem to be having a succession if issues with my new ( to me) 2005 120. Shock absorbers all round, floppy gear lever and now screeching wipers which nearly drove me mad in the rain today. So not sure 86k , one careful owner and full Toyota service history is necessarily the business...
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    A pillar trim

    Need to remove the above to run a dab cable up inside and earth it to the a pillar. Worried by the airbag in there. So any help in safely removing trim much appreciated. Thanks
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    Best alternatives to oem Coil Springs - non lift

    Evening. I’ve been posting on a thread about replacement shock absorbers and have now decided I’d better replace all 4 Springs at same time. So am starting seperate thread. Non lift and want to restore ride comfort. 86k. Not sure about towing history. New shocks will be oem at rear and Bilstein...
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    Help with sloppy gear shift lever LC4 auto

    When I recently acquired my LC I noticed the gear lever was v stiff moving it across from D to 4and down to 3 and L. Today I used too much brute force moving it across and I heard something click unhealthily. As a result the lever now moves freely BUT it is v wobbly now and won’t stay in 4- it...
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    Rear bumper removal

    I’m new on here and trying to find my way round the site and especially the search function. Wanting to remove the rear bumper on my LC4 to fit parking sensors (also a rear camera in number plate areas) but can’t find anything . Must be here somewhere so could someone point me in the right...
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    Hello from Exmoor

    Just acquired my first Landcruiser-2005 J120 LC4. Always wanted one! A couple of quick questions if someone can point me in the right direction First, I wonder if it could do with new shock absorbers alround Only done 85k but feels more trembly on rough tarmac than I recall from others I...