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  1. Esben Bøll

    Anti inversion shackles hitting the leafs

    have just installed TerrainTamer parabolic Leafs on my 75 series. With them came anti inversion shackles. My problem is now that the shackles hit the leafs all the time.. well not the leafs but that little bracket thing. (Please see attached pictures.) Any idea what is going on? Did I get the...
  2. Esben Bøll

    Manuel including hzj75 brake drum information?

    So I thought I had all the information I needed in the 3 instruction manuals I have. (See attached pictures) But there is absolutely nothing about the rear brakes? And now I need to replace pads.. Does anyone know what manual to get or if it happens to be online somewhere?
  3. Esben Bøll

    New handbrake cable, now to tight

    I have a 1995 hzj75. I needed a longer handbrake cable to make room for a toolbox under the tray. I have installed a handbrake cable from a 79 series and the length is perfect. But it seems like the adjustment is a bit different so even though I have loosened the little nut on the actual...
  4. Esben Bøll

    Engine bay sound insulation?

    Finally done fixing up the truck and especially the engine bay. Unfortunately the old firewall dampener is dead and in the trash. I have not been able to find a new or used. So what can I use instead? I was considering a Dynamat Hodliner but are a bit worried it will soak up spray water and...
  5. Esben Bøll

    New Engine mounts and possible noise reduction?

    Has anyone here installed new engine mounts and felt any reduction in vibration and noise? Mine has more noise than I like, especially when idling. I have already installed sound deadening material in the cab but was wondering if it might make change for the better if I installed new engine...
  6. Esben Bøll

    Longer handbrake cable?

    I am building some storage boxes underneath the tray on my hzj75. It's for storing legs for my demountable camper. So it will be a long box from side to side and now the handbrake cable is in the way. Has anyone tried to make or has been able to buy a longer cable to route differently. Would a...
  7. Esben Bøll

    Do I need to worry about chassis torsion?

    Hello everyone My hzj75 overland camper project here in Denmark is moving along (slowly) and should have a "finished" box within a couple of months. Then I need to fix a few things on the car. One of them is a worry I have had for some time and that I hope you can give some advice on. Chassis...
  8. Esben Bøll

    Grease for CV joint and bearing on hzj75

  9. Esben Bøll

    HZJ75 Suspension for both light AND heavy loads

  10. Esben Bøll

    Hzj75 possible fuel starvation?

    I have a hzj75 1994 with the 1hz non turbo. I just got it and did a longer drive today. When going down the highway between 70 og maybe 90.. keeping the same speed. Sometimes it felt like it was pulling just a little less than normal. Like I suddenly had a stronger headwind (the was absolutely...
  11. Esben Bøll

    Choosing Pre filter for Safari Snorkel

  12. Esben Bøll

    Hzj75 test-drive today.. what to look for?

    Where is the rust.
  13. Esben Bøll

    HZJ75 or HZJ79 for overland camper?

    Hzj75 or hzj79 for overland camper