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  1. pugwash

    rear Heater Tees

    If anyone need any genuine ones I think I still have a pair in my spares box, I'm unlikely to need them!
  2. pugwash

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    What vehcile are they on gr8? They look gr8 anyway .... Did you know that landcruiser wheel caps fit? if they nuts are 2mm long doesn't that mean you can't use them? They will impact the hub before tightening against the wheel properly? These are hub centric wheels so it's even more important...
  3. pugwash

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Just checked- they are definintely different- although they are both the same length- the placement of the nut "flat" is different, hopefully he two photos here help- the landcruiser is first, has the longer nut above the flat.
  4. lc100 nuts.jpg

    lc100 nuts.jpg

  5. range rover nuts.jpg

    range rover nuts.jpg

  6. pugwash

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Just picking up on this- i'm not sure the range rover are the same- they are the same thread and pitch, but have a different shape on the wheel facing end of the nut. I'm not saying they wouldn't work, but i wouldn't be sure they would either!
  7. pugwash

    Do you have a lathe?

    Morning All, I'm doing a body lift on 100 series and originally had some 2" lift pucks made- I've now decided that they are a bit excessive and need to cut them down to 1" So, does anyone in shouting distance of Newbury happen to have a lathe that they could use to cut these down please? i...
  8. pugwash

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Yes- so its like running a 20mm spacer - which is helpful if you're running wider tyres!
  9. pugwash

    rear Heater Tees

    Pulled into the driven yesterday and one of the heater tees let go grr Fortunately i had all the parts - Yay. Its a pig of a job though- boo. Made worse if you have an lpg kit fitted. Few things to note- the pipes on mine were fine. Have some red coolant handy Make your life...
  10. pugwash

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Yumm- i just bought 5 of these in black :) I'm expecting the standard 100 series nuts to fit- specifically these ones 14x1.5mm Flat 47mm Thread 22mm Hex Chrome Wheel Nut for Toyota Land Cruiser [J100] 98-07 - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  11. pugwash

    SOLD - ARB Speedy Seal Series 2 Puncture Repair Kit Brand New Sealed

    I'll take it if no one else is first!
  12. pugwash

    HELP! Heater hoses

    Does anyone know anyone in the UK that stocks heater pipes for the heater T-s at the back of the block for 100 Series V8s? Need some urgently
  13. pugwash

    AHC system bleeding 5th valve.

    Nice RaJ- great job. Bet the suspension will feel that little bit softer now :) It's a lovely truck- i was lucky enough to take it for a drive last week! Thanks Raj :)
  14. pugwash

    C1336 Error - Zero Point Calibration- VSC related

    Have the Zero point error come up. Someone posted a link to a pdf of how to fixed, originating from Julian V, but the file is corrupted. I can't get techstream to fix it, and i can't work out the "SST method" as i need much clearer instructions. Can anyone help please?
  15. pugwash


    What i've just found out with techstream is that the dongles make a LOT of difference. I now have 3 "vims"- 2 are the silvery USB dongles- oone of them is firmware version 1.6 and the other is firmware version 2.04. The latter is twice the price of the former, but 3 times the value! I also...
  16. pugwash

    Toyota Long Life coolant Red for 55£ 15 Lts ideal for collection

    Where are you based Raj? i need to change the cooland in my 100 series- just need to check if its Red that i need :)
  17. pugwash

    Looking to borrow a Mini VCI or VXDiag for Techstream

    Hi All, My Mini-VCI connector has given up the ghost (mainly because i stepped on it- DOH), I've ordered a new one but its going to take 4 weeks from China :( Of course at the same time i'm having issues with the truck. Does anyone have a v2.04 i could temporarily borrow (happy to put a...
  18. pugwash

    looking for hub caps....

    does anyone have any 100 series centre caps from oem 16" alloys? need 4 to paint.
  19. pugwash

    100 Series 16" Centre caps

    Hi All- need 4 centre caps for 16" 100 series wheels- don't care on the condition as they are being painted!
  20. pugwash

    100 series hub rebuild

    Are the front hubs on a 100 series basically the same as an 80? Need to rebuild my 100 series- I've done the bearings on my old 80 far too many times so i'm hoping they are the same!
  21. pugwash

    Howling Moon Deluxe 1.4m roof tent for sale

    Holy Thread resurrection- did you ever sell this?
  22. pugwash

    Recommendation for 100 Series diff rebuilds in the UK?

    Hi All, Considering re-gearing the diffs in my 100, along with adding arb lockers. Can anyone recommend a supplier who might be able to help - I'll probably have the gears and the lockers on hand! Thanks all James
  23. pugwash


    It doesn't really matter as long as you have post version 9 (i think) The key with techstream is that allows you to communicate over the unusual Jap OBD signal! The best way i found of using it, is to download the virtual machine from the "techstream in 5 minutes" thread on ih8mud- here...
  24. pugwash

    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    Chris- take care of yourself- keep pushing on. Love the tone of your posts- you seem to have the right stuff sorted. At some point you'll feel scared- you'll still be loved and you have left a mark on the world- many of our lives are better for having known you (no matter how vicariously)...
  25. pugwash

    LPG in short supply

    Anyone in North Hampshire then you'll pretty much always find lpg at Sutton acotney petrol station (although it's behind the petrol station)
  26. pugwash

    Which tyre

    Hi Peeps Love my new 100 and it needs tyres Looking at Mud terrains- will be 60% road 40% off road (mainly because i hardly drive it anywhere on the road....)- possibly in a 35" tyre, but maybe just in a 33"/ So which would you choose between: Cooper STT Pro BFG KM3 MT Maxxis Mt764...
  27. pugwash

    100 Series questions

    So i came from a triple locked 80 that was pretty well wheeled- expeditions and competitions. I wouldn't use my 100 series for winch competitions, but for everything else its genuinely amazing- Atrac just works and the AHC system (despite people finding it troublesome) is genuinely clever- i...
  28. pugwash

    Maintenance App

    would love to find an app where i can record all the work done on the 100 and set reminders for servicing/mots etc Does anyone use anything similar that they can recommend?
  29. pugwash

    Would you surrender?

    That approach wouldn't have worked since the 90s You can as much agile band movement as you like, but you can't control that many drones over hostil territory from the other side of the world. You would need local control from a manned aircraft and guess what, that's awfully susceptible very...
  30. pugwash

    Group Buy- Funky dash Ram ball dash mount for pre 03 100 series

    p.s. website is here: M2V2 Ram Ball Mount - Now available directly from YotaMD! - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  31. pugwash

    Group Buy- Funky dash Ram ball dash mount for pre 03 100 series

    There's a chap in the US that makes very cool ram mounts that fit in the unused switch panel next to the HVAC controls: Obviously we'd want the otherside, which he can also make, but has such low call for in the states, that he doesn't stock them. Would anyone else be interested in buying...
  32. ram ball mount.png

    ram ball mount.png

  33. pugwash


    Looking at putting 35” tires under the 100iya currently a 2001 auto so believe the diffs are 4.33- calcs suggest moving to 4.88? Is there a supplier in the UK? Does anyone know the diff specs- believe it's a unique 8.5ifs for the front (but not reverse cut) but a standard 9.5 for the rear, does...
  34. pugwash

    100 Series Gullwings (The Cruiser Company)

    Thanks Steve - the 80 has gone unfortunately- just have a 100 now (which is great, but different......)
  35. pugwash

    100 Series Gullwings (The Cruiser Company)

    Amazing work HMG So if this supplier is to be avoided, do we know of another supplier that might work?
  36. pugwash

    Rooftent hire in southern England

    Thanks All- glad it wasn't just me struggling. Karl, thank you, you aren't a million miles away, so I might get in touch next week.
  37. pugwash

    Rooftent hire in southern England

    Does anyone happen to know anywhere that rents rooftents somewhere in shouting distance of Reading? Looking for just a few days this half term to try with wife and kids! Can't seem to find a rental place that isn't in Scotland or Yorkshire. Thanks peeps
  38. pugwash

    Looking for 100series accessories

    Thanks Geek- i made my own for an 80 series last time - will get in touch with Chapel
  39. pugwash

    Looking for 100series accessories

    Hi Koos, yes please :)
  40. pugwash

    Looking for 100series accessories

    Bit of a longshot this one BUT does anyone have the following that they are looking to sell: Rear Drawer system Rocksliders Front winch Bumper Roof Rack Just about finished base lining the truck, now starting to build it up...... Had my first box delivered today, might have some really...
  41. pugwash

    Advice on Techstream scanner

    Mine is an '01 Japanese import VXLimited It has the OBD2 port on the brake pedal- the ONLY way i found it was to get my head under the dash!
  42. pugwash

    Advice on Techstream scanner

    P.s. I bought this one £47.12 11%OFF | Newest V16.00.017 FT232RL Real V2.0.4 Firmware MINI VCI j2535 Support VPW Protocol MINI-VCI V2.0.4 Stable For Toyota Techstream
  43. pugwash

    Advice on Techstream scanner

    I bought mine from AliExpress Ih8mud has a perfect thread for this called techstream in 5 minutes, or something similar. You can download a bundles virtual box that installs the everything you need in one easy go. All you need then is to plug into the obd2 port......which is easy to find once...
  44. pugwash

    Changing Spheres

    Tuesday is replace the AHC spheres day. They came in from Impex in Japan- OEM, total cost about £500 including taxes for all 4. Took about a week door to door. Toyota wanted £830 and even the aftermarket UK suppliers were a bit more. Have 4x Globes (2 front and rear), a 36mm thin spanner...
  45. pugwash

    100 series ahc parts for sale and help wanted

    Hey Geoff, Bit of a long shot, but do you still have these?
  46. pugwash

    Where can i buy Key fobs and printed FSM?

    Hey All, Where can i buy new fobs for a 2001 2 button UZJ100 remote? is it toyota only? deoes anyone know of a source of printed FSM for same, or at worst digital copies? i still have digital version of the 80, but that's not much use :) Thanks James
  47. pugwash

    Just joined the club with a cruiser! (Again)

    Jon Wildsmith this is all your fault anyway Back when i had my 80 i had a bit of hunkering for your 100- I can't even remember where i saw it- maybe on a Winching day near Taunton that i organised- anyway i saw it and thought it was a lovely lovely truck and reckoned on having one too one...
  48. pugwash

    Just joined the club with a cruiser! (Again)

    Now in my hands, and it's lovely truck! So much quieter and comfier than my old 80 and I'm already loving the big woofly V8 (although it really needs to breathe better to release the sounds...) The only job that has to happen is a new alternator and battery, then it will be undersealed and have...
  49. pugwash

    Factory service manuals

    To bump this, can anyone help here?
  50. pugwash

    Tesla style screen?

    Has anyone here fitted one of the Tesla style screens that are discussed on ih8mud? If so, is it a worthwhile upgrade?