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  1. Crispin

    We're back!

    Well, that was a pain..... I was doing some "routine maintenance", took another sip of wine and deleted the website...... Oops. A few hours later and we're back up and running with a few bumps. The images are still restoring. They may take a few more hours to copy across Images uploaded today...
  2. Crispin

    Install Land Cruiser Club as an app on computer, phone or tablet

    Since the last upgrade we've now been able to enable some new features and get them working properly. You can now install Land Cruiser Club as an application on your phone or computer. Benefits include: you'll get notifications when someone replies (you can turn that off if you wanted to)...
  3. Crispin

    April 2021 Upgrade - Whoops

    Well, we did an upgrade this morning and suffice to say, it did not all go well. The upgrade itself went fine, the post-upgrade tasks utterly broke it. Everything was a mess and looked a bit like a Defender after a short journey :) Sadly, the restore of the backup did not fix it either for...
  4. Crispin

    Clarkson for mayor?

    If only. Yes, date noted
  5. Crispin

    I would rather be doing this in isolation.......

    If you're forced to stay away from others, what would you rather be doing? Any other "I would rather....?"
  6. Crispin

    Make Phone App - Android + Chrome

    One of the advantages of the new upgrades is that the site is now better suited to mimicking a native app on your phone. This tutorial works on Android You must have Chrome installed on your phone (Not sure if it works with other browsers) I will do one for iPhone as soon as I can get my...
  7. Crispin

    Site Upgrade (Something has has nothing to do with COVID-19)

    Well folks, it's been a long time coming! I've been working on and off for a few weeks now on a new version of the platform and it's finally ready to go live. :) At some point tomorrow morning (Monday) I will take the site down and start the upgrade. All being well, this should be about an...
  8. Crispin

    Corona virus: Humour

    Let's keep it humorous :) Not taking away from the seriousness of this but in the words of Brian, Always look on the bright side of life.....
  9. Crispin

    2020 Calendar - get your order in! - attempt 2

    Well, I cocked that up somehow..... Evening folks, Chris has (again) done a great job at piecing together the 2020 calendar Land Cruiser Club. He's picked 12 of the best submissions want to see them, well, vote above how many you'd want. Price is £13 per calendar this year...
  10. Crispin

    Spotted in Kruger National Park

    Spotted this in Kruger Park today. Had German plates from Berlin. Was having lunch at Afsaal Picnic Site
  11. Crispin

    Tanks v. Landrovers

    The proliferation of high-speed filming on youtube has for some interesting watching; This was quite interesting pFSIu7CyawI Mind you, I've seen a Disco do that when you turn the ignition.
  12. Crispin

    2019 Calendar - who wants one?

    Right folks, Chris has done a stellar job at piecing together the 2019 calendar Land Cruiser Club. He's picked 12 of the best submissions want to see them, well, vote above how many you'd want. Price is £10 per calendar this year including postage. Postage to the EU (i.e. non-UK...
  13. Crispin

    GDPR - what is it and how does it affect us

    Folks, Some of you may know what GDPR is, what is means for consumers and what it means for websites and companies. This new EU law comes into effect on the 25th May 2018. In a nutshell: Consumers have to opt-in to marketing or "non-contract" emails. Consumers should be able to easily...
  14. Crispin

    Calendar 2018 submission

    !!!EDIT!!! Ordered! Click here to view !!!EDIT 2!!! SOLD OUT Folks, Sorry, I totally lost track of time. Again... Thanks to a "gentle" nudge by Chris :) Original discussion was here: So, submissions here...
  15. Crispin

    Paul Bowles - sad sad news

    Many of you know who @Paul is and probably met him on a few occasions. Hi Partner, Jo, just posted this on Facebook. I spoke to Jo last night and passed on our thoughts. Really is sad news.
  16. Crispin


    With barn doors so assuming ausie or south Africa import. Spotted at old Guinea in south mymms :)
  17. Crispin

    Time for a winch bumper?

    Well I had an "oops" on Wednesday evening on the way home :( IMG_20171025_211927 by Crispin posted Oct 27, 2017 at 5:35 AM IMG_20171025_211842 by Crispin posted Oct 27, 2017 at 5:35 AM IMG_20171025_175512 by Crispin posted Oct 27, 2017 at 5:35 AM IMG_20171025_175555 by Crispin posted Oct 27...
  18. Crispin

    Flashing Park light

    Hi folks, Well, another trip to Italy, another new flashing warning light... I'm currently in Italy and the 150 has started pinging and flashing the P light when you stop and turn it off. Can't see anything in the manual for it, never heard it do this before. Wondering if I broke it...
  19. Crispin

    2018 Land Cruiser

    Could this be the new LC? Did someone from Audi defect to Toyota? I don't think the dash of the 150 is anything to write home about and they certainly seemed to do a good job at ruining it more :( Made from old tesco bags? Clocks might be nice? Hard to tell... Back to the 120 look...
  20. Crispin

    Spotted driving around Paddington this morning.

    This guy took a wrong turn somewhere. Curious as to why you import a fiesta?
  21. Crispin

    Water pump for your travels?

    Found this might be of interest. Not exactly a lot of money. It could be fixed in the truck or just loose.
  22. Crispin

    Brake Caliper Piston Rewind

    I was idly browsing eBay and found this - For the say of £15 (and free postage) it's not worth not owning if you're going to change brake...
  23. Crispin

    Jaguar Land Rover Solihull site has engines 'worth £3m' stolen

    What would you do with them?
  24. Crispin

    When there's a bit to much murica!

  25. Crispin

    Replacement radio for how much? When did these enter the near-£10 bracket?
  26. Crispin

    site upgrade tonight

    Folks, I'll be updating a few things tonight on the platform. This should not have too much outage - or we might nver come back. Who knows :) C
  27. Crispin

    Auto folding mirrors on the 150

    Right, I launched the 150 into the 20th century with auto-folding mirrors :D Auto Folding mirrors by Crispin posted Jan 15, 2017 at 2:53 PM I bought a Auto-folding mirror kit from AliExpress for around £18 including postage. Link...
  28. Crispin

    Slow coming up to temp

    In these code(r) temps I feel the 150 takes ages to get up to temp. In the morning it takes around 6 miles (15 minutes) for the need to get to 1/4 on the scale. For much of this I'm doing 60-70mph. Yesterday I did a slow drive to pick up my daughter (10-15 minutes each way) and did not climb...
  29. Crispin

    BBC2 programme - Real housewives of ISIS

    This had me laughing - I wonder how long it will air for. We need a good bough of comedy which pokes fun at everything again.
  30. Crispin


    I've been following this guy rebuilding a Briggs and Stratton (or breek en sikkel as my uncle called them) with a glass head. Very cool series but the version here where he gets it running is interesting -
  31. Crispin

    LED high beams

    The LED low beams on the 150 are brilliant. Very bright, very white and do well at lighting everything up. The brights also throw very far but are rather orange in comparison. I thought, for the sake of £20 and some change, I thought I'd try these. There were two options - with...
  32. Crispin

    Another cool camping gadget

    In my next installment :) Camping lights...
  33. Crispin

    I lost a bet today

    This is me for the day. I had to wear this and people donated to NSPCC so all for a good cause.
  34. Crispin

    Who wants one of these?
  35. Crispin

    And today's weird news story..... Imagine the torment? "WTF are they going to do to me with chopped onions?"
  36. Crispin

    Auto folding mirrors

    I find it odd that in 2016 a vehicle does not have auto folding mirrors when you lock it. end rant. Right, so, at the risk of being ribbed by @TonyP again about this - I don't have folding mirrors. I have found a few candidates from China who sell kits to enable this function. It works on the...
  37. Crispin

    Bluetooth battery monitor

    I thought this was quite handy - Not quite as straightforward as an in-cab meter but... hey, it's wireless. Has to be better right :p
  38. Crispin

    French company who sold 4x4 bumpers etc?

    Can anyone remember the name of the French company who sold winch bumpers for LCs? They were all copy parts of TJM I think.
  39. Crispin

    Well, the blue thing is gone. :( :)

    Well, after saying goodbye to the 150 2 years ago and swapping it for this... ( received a lot of ribbing for it :( ) This evening I said goodbye to the blue thing and got this - Another 150 :) The blue thing has been fun. Very quick (two sets of tyres , sips fuel, quite comfortable to...
  40. Crispin

    Would there have been less conflict in the world without Toyota?

    If Land Rover was used the conflict would be isolated to a 50 mile radius from base :lol:
  41. Crispin

    Portable camp fire?

    Saw this and thought it was nifty. I can think of a few faults with it but might be handy if you don't want to burn the ground? (When is that a problem though?)...
  42. Crispin

    Non-genuine parts used by insurance companies

    I was on the phone today with an insurance broker who mentioned that a lot of the larger companies - he named Admiral - use copy parts if the car is older than 3 years and at their discretion if the car is newer than 3 years. I thought this was a bit of a con. You crash, you get non-genuine...
  43. Crispin

    Interesting question on insurance questionaire

    In particular "driver awareness courses" I wonder what the weighting is towards it and points.
  44. Crispin

    Nice red 80 on Autotrader
  45. Crispin

    Was it you? Reg ending in JAG

    Driving a shiny 100 series with a roof rack and a snork around Hendon on the A41. C
  46. Crispin

    Whiplash plans to 'cut car insurance premiums by £40'

    Just saw this pop up - Call me a cynic but I wonder if we'll see a £40 reduction? Perhaps we just won;t see a £40 increase in the next renewal....
  47. Crispin

    Calendar - 2017

    Folks, UPDATE: Order placed. See this Calendar - 2017thread for details :) It’s a year since the last Land Cruiser Club calendar! Judging by the number we sold last year I think it was well received. (See thread here) On that note a 2017 calendar is a must :) We’re looking for...
  48. Crispin

    7M-GE Electrical diagrams

    Crispin submitted a new resource: 7M-GE Electrical diagrams - 7M-GE Electrical diagrams Read more about this resource...
  49. Crispin

    7M-GE Prop shaft

    Crispin submitted a new resource: 7M-GE Prop shaft - 7M-GE Prop shaft Read more about this resource...