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  1. Howmanygoes

    Bad Kissengen 2023

    Back from my tour of Ireland (report to follow) and in typical chating around the camp fire style, discussing where the next trips will be taken, I floated the idea of organising a trip to the show in June 2023. I've never been, but understand its a good crack, weather dependent. Obviously it's...
  2. Howmanygoes


    Are the props the same in the diesel and petrol models I.e. a rear from the petrol will fit the rear for a diesel? and any difference for the pre '02? Then any suggestions on sources for new?
  3. Howmanygoes


    Slightly biased as a Leicester man but a good Premiership rugby final. Winners are grinners....
  4. Howmanygoes

    Transfer box rebuild 4sp

    Tracking this vibration down and my transfer box is apparently a little noisy. Any recommendations on someone to rebuild it, midlands based ideally or is there a kit available. Slightly pushed for time if I need to do it.
  5. Howmanygoes

    Shes giving me not good vibrations

    After a sounding board. Truck developed a vibration around the time I fitted front bumper and winch. Can't see anything wrong or loose here. I also had the transmission fluid changed as I had a leak on the pan. Vibration comes on about 50mph at 1800rpm then disappears about 60mph circa...
  6. Howmanygoes

    Forum web address stickers.

    Ordered the forum web address as a vehicle sticker. There was a minimum order value so will have some spares. Only looking to recover costs. They are due to arrive Monday next week, think i will have 18 spare. Need to work out postage and if they can be folded before finalising price, but less...
  7. Howmanygoes

    Front spot light's

    Been planning the connection of my new spots. Has anyone wired them just to the high beam trigger and wished they had an override to allow them to come on separately? Is it a legal requirement to have a second switch to activate them? Also looking for a feed for the DRLs any suggestions? I have...
  8. Howmanygoes

    Inlet heater disconnect.

    Hi. Can I just confirm that this is the inlet heater feed and disconnection point. The wires feed back to a point mounted on the drivers side inner wing. How have others disconnected it?
  9. Howmanygoes

    The Bushcraft show

    Came across this on Facebook. Maybe of interest to some or another excuse to get tiddly in a field.
  10. Howmanygoes

    Winch connection to 100 series

    Did a search and found items relating to 80s but not the 100. For a winch connection on a right hand drive vehicle, drivers or passenger side battery? I believe physically the drivers side is nearest the alternator and the start is still 12v just utilises the amps from both batteries, so was...
  11. Howmanygoes

    Winch options

    So I did a thing, and bought an Ironman front bumper (BBCD006) for my 100 and am now looking at winches. I have the following on my short list but open to other suggestions. Prefer synthetic. Warn VR evo 10s Superwinch Exp 10SR Terrafirma 12000 Smittybilt x2o 10k synthetic. Cheers
  12. Howmanygoes

    100 Series Gullwings (The Cruiser Company)

    As you know I am in the process of redoing my storage and kitchen and as part of this I wanted to add some gullwings to make the space more usable. I debated on which brand to go with and I saw a recommendation for wings from The Crusier Company, TCC for ease. Home | The Cruiser Company -...
  13. Howmanygoes

    Pedestrians and revised high code.

    Maybe i have misinterpreted what I have read but does this... At a junction, drivers, motorcyclists, horse riders and cyclists should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross a road into which or from which you are turning. You should give way to pedestrians waiting to cross a zebra...
  14. Howmanygoes

    Windscreen rust repairs and rear arches.

    Finally got Thomas back from the body shop with a much lighter wallet. I had them remove the windscreen and address the rusted areas. Also to do the same to the rear lower arches. The screen side trims had been held in with screws instead of the captive rivets and i also assume there was some...
  15. Howmanygoes

    30l water tank and sender

    Selling my smaller water tank and sender now I've increased my capacity. Dims. 695x165x355 lxdxh h includes cap 30l black, vented cap. 1/2 bsp brass lower connection. Additional 15mm hose connection on top, previously used as a fill line. 240-39 ohm float sensor included. Collection or I...
  16. Howmanygoes

    Frontrunner slanted tank - level sensor.

    Anyone fitted a level sensor to the FR slanted tank. The access point is too small to get a hand in for an internal nut/s so only option I can see is one mounted to the the tank cap or using screws from the outside. I have an analogue gauge which I'd like to keep so I've been looking at float...
  17. Howmanygoes

    Merry Christmas you filty animals

    Nice to get out and see more of you this year, hopefully 22 is even better and we can start to travel further afield. As iam hosting 12 this year, I think I'd rather be round a roaring bushpig with @fbnss Wings, G&T in hand and my Bundutec to hide I away in at the end of a night's chin wagging...
  18. Howmanygoes

    Facebook market place

    Rant time: If you have f*cking sold something or its no longer for sale remove the listing If you posted something for sale, f*cking respond to messages If I turn up as arranged to pick something up, f*cking be in or have the common curiosity to tell me otherwise. Rant over..... I feel so...
  19. Howmanygoes

    Stove options

    As I had to remove all my drawers and boot build for some work to be done and to allow reconfiguration because of the gullwings which are on their way, I am looking at buying a new stove to build into the new layout. Don't have enough battery space or money to go induction so will stay with gas...
  20. Howmanygoes

    Gull wings and rework

    Well the time has come and funds allow to get some rust attended to in the boot spac/arches. Unfortunately this meant removing all of my custom galley, electrics and plumbing. The positive means that it's an ideal time to install my gullwings. I've just ordered these from Australia via The...
  21. Howmanygoes

    Facebook alternative

    So I finally got so fed up with every other post being an advert for some pile of junk or legal scam and, getting banned for a week for telling someone to "crack on with their day", that I have set in motion the 30days (why so long) deletion process. Iam now looking at alternatives, so set up a...
  22. Howmanygoes


    Just came across this.... Lunacy. Not a weekend job.
  23. Howmanygoes

    I found hell....

    Rolled into the reception to get our pass for a local field to find this. Each to their own but, hell no....
  24. Howmanygoes

    Adventure Overland Show Stratford Sept -18th 19th 2021

    Unless I am blind I couldn't see a tread for this. Any interest. Organisers are saying camping tickets are nearly sold out?
  25. Howmanygoes

    Just going to leave this here!!

  26. Howmanygoes

    Wanted ostrich wing sides panels 2.1 buy or rent for a week

    Huge long shot but looking to buy or rent some ostrich wing side panels for a trip to Scotland, hopefully to keep the midge numbers down for the wife and little ones. Going last week in July. Preferably 2.1m I thought TT had them in stock but they were the 2.4s
  27. Howmanygoes

    Revised awning configuration and new RTT

    Well, thanks to Tuff-trek my new RTT, Bundutec King arrived in time and has been installed, hardwired and prepared. I hoped to test it out at the overland show but turns out that work and the wife have other plans. Any how thought you'd all like some pictures.
  28. Howmanygoes

    Been busy....

    Well I've had some time and some spare cash that's to working from home so managed to get phase 2 off and running. Fabryka rear bumper with dual swing outs, huracan tail gate storage mod and slowly removing aspects of my now redundant AHC system. Re-wired my rack and changed my lighting...
  29. Howmanygoes

    Adventure Overland - Stratford, June

    Seen this advertised as being back (shared with the campervan show on with a cap of 4k tickets, anyone planning on going? They are also still planning the September show.
  30. Howmanygoes

    Wiring confusion and panel consideration

    So auto electrical guru's I had solar 100w on previously into my CTek 250sa. I now have a new RTT coming which is prewired for 300w solar. The instructions say to ensure regulator can take 45v that a 300w panel produces My previous cable was 4mm2 "solar" I have some 6mm2 thin wall (53a) and...
  31. Howmanygoes

    Purchases from Europe

    Hi all Anyone bought anything from the EU since 1st Jan I have heard about people having to pay VAT twice, once on purchase and once on customs clearance on the full amount of the goods. I fully understand VAT and Duties need to be paid. From what I have found (which is very little unless you...
  32. Howmanygoes

    Removal of old AHC kit after swap out

    Hay So I've swapped out my AHC and am slowly working my way through removal all the old components. Pump and reservoir removed without issue (will list it shortly) Came to the items on the chassis rail and unsurprisingly the fixing are tighter than a nuns twat and a nightmare to get at with...
  33. Howmanygoes

    NO Indicators or Hazards - Help Needed

    Hi all So out of the blue on sat/sunday my indicators and hazards have stopped working, I get no lights at any corner or the side. Immeadiate thought was the fuse, fuse ok, swapped with another known working fuse and still nothing. Removed the relay and bought a 2nd hand one and fitted that...
  34. Howmanygoes

    Storage box inc solar panel

    Hi all, 131cm wide x 77cm long x 30cm (highest) weight 26kgs I had this box custom professionally made May 2020. It's made from aluminium checker plate and then powder coated. The lid is fitted with 2 heavy duty gas struts and 2 handles. The recess is fitted with threaded bar mounts to secure...
  35. Howmanygoes

    Remote central locking reciever

    Anyone know where the receiving unit is? I have a strange occurence where by if it's cold/damp or really wet my key fobs stop working works fine in the door locks and the central locking works as normal. If it warms or dries up my fob will then work again. Want to check for water ingress...
  36. Howmanygoes

    100series shock bushes -SOLD

    Set of front and rear genuine lower shock bushes for AHC shocks Part numbers in images £20 +£5 p&p
  37. Howmanygoes

    King springs KTRS-79 SOLD.

    Imported these from Australia maybe a year ago to support my AHC with the extra load. They had little use < 5k miles. Now swapped out my AHC. Really helped with the N to H when loaded out. £50 +p&p or collection
  38. Howmanygoes

    Ostrich Wing awning

    Been to pick up a second hand Ostrich Wing awning today (2nd hand a a bit of a bargain I hope). The previous owner also had a front runner rack so the custom brackets were already spaced for my rails. I've roughly fitted it this afternoon so that I can grease the hinge, poles and look for any...
  39. Howmanygoes

    Major Overhaul

    Been to pick up Thomas from @Trevor (Freedom 4x4) after Removal of AHC and installation of Ironman Foam Cell Pros inc TBs and springs New steering rack, track rod ends, upper wishbones and lower ball joints Rear wheel bearings, inner axle seals, hbrake shoes. After much swearing and dealing...
  40. Howmanygoes


    So my amazing wife has given me a baby boy this morning, I tried to get the initials to be HDJ but alas ended up with OEJ. Can't wait to get him in and under the cruiser. Happy Christmas all....
  41. Howmanygoes

    Gull wings

    Anyone aware of sensibly priced and available gull wings to replace the rear window. Initially looking at near side. Cheers
  42. Howmanygoes

    Power steering pipes for pre 2002 100 4.2

    Other than Garry and @karl webster, both of which I've messaged, is anyone breaking a 100 where I can grab a set of power steering pipes (from rack back to pump/Res) needs to be in good condition. Partsouq link 4441060490 Toyota TUBE ASSY, PRESSURE FEED, Price: 227.82$, Weight: 1.28kg -...
  43. Howmanygoes


    Do we have a spotted thread? Saw this in Coventry last week. Looking a bit rough...
  44. Howmanygoes

    Cd multichanger

    Hi all. Going to upgrade the stereo in the 100. It has the original Toyota unit with cd multichanger in the centre consol. Is there a blanking plate or alternative insert to recover the space from the removed changer? If you have done this what did you do? Photos please.
  45. Howmanygoes

    Suspension Upgrade to IM FCPs - AHC removal

    Lockdown mk2 is dangerous, started a further phase of works on the car and working from home only leaves me wanting to fettle more. I finally pushed the button today on my planned suspension upgrade. I've gone with the Ironman Foam Cell Pros, extra duty springs (200-400kgs) and the IM...
  46. Howmanygoes

    Error..... in judgement

    Been quiet for a while, whilst real life took over. Working in health and safety currently is rather a slog. Anyhow. Following having to replace my nsf knuckle, WB etc at £500ish at local garage, I booked my LC into Overland Cruisers for a health check, too look at the work the local place...
  47. Howmanygoes

    Windscreen replacement, Images please

    Hi All, Having my windscreen replaced (hopefully today as Auto windscreens have been useless so far) due to a crack. It looks like my current screen is a replacement,so i dont know what it should look like. The main plastic side trims were secured with 4 small screws and not rivets as per the...
  48. Howmanygoes

    Wheel bearing, failure, knuckle replacement.

    Anyone heard of a knuckle needing changing after a wheel brearing collapsed? Vehicle felt fine, went into garage for a sticking rear calliper and a small oil leak, the wheel bearing on that corner had been rebuilt about 1k miles ago(by same garage). They gave Thomas a check over and found some...
  49. Howmanygoes

    Key reprogramming

    Hear me out I went to Thomas this am and neither of my keys would unlock him remotely. Ok manually Strange that both stopped working at the same time. keys recognised as masters when inserted Both will start the car. tried following ih8mud procedure to reprogram the keys but I can’t get the...
  50. Howmanygoes

    CTEK 250sa with Victron BMV712

    Afternoon all after seeing a few of you with the monitoring last year I decided when I rewired I would go the same way. So I now have a victron bmv712. i also run a ctek 250sa with both solar and starter battery supply iam having an issue sorting out the location for all the -ve connections...