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  1. James GrP

    New Forest area camping

    Morning all, Have to pop over to Salisbury next week so going to camp out with the family for a few nights, looking for information on LC friendly camp sites around the new forest area, any suggestions would be great. Have called many sites (camping in the forest etc) and they all state I'll...
  2. James GrP

    LC 100 Spares list for short trips.

    Hi All, Jon mentioned over the weekend at Avalanche that it would be really useful for some of us new folk to have a selection of spare parts for covering damage caused by common trail incidents, many of us use our trucks as our daily driver so being able to fix minor issues might also help some...
  3. James GrP

    Air box clips

    Hi all, does anyone know where I might grab a spare airbox clip - been looking online and at local breakers but non seem to have them - rare as rocking horse... Thanks James
  4. James GrP

    Tyres or Mortgage

    Hi All, Been away while the pandemic rages - hope your all well. Time for new tires all round on my LC100 and just wondering what the current consensus on AT tires are. Was going to get KO2's but finding them in 275/70/60 is proving a challenge, are you lot running anything different and if so...
  5. James GrP

    Screaching sound when sometimes turning left or right after R&L upper ball joint replacement

    Hi all, My local mechanic has just finished replacing my upper ball joints on the front L & R of my 100, quite often now i hear what sounds like tire screeching when turning left or right (slow speeds as well as moderate). Have had a good look around but cannot see anything untoward, its...
  6. James GrP

    Idiot Light Lighting up - Lost all power in the fast lane...

    Hi All, Just got back from a long trip in Wales, yes it rained as per usual :) My truck had an issue on the M4 whilest in the fast lane that was a worry. While cruising the Engine Warning light lit and I lost power, no acceleration - had to drift over to the hard shoulder, no other lights...
  7. James GrP

    Three days in south west Wales - any advice of things to see?

    Hi All, Have to tour around South West Wales for a few days to show some elderly family around, already have Tenby & St Davids on the list and have found a few BOAT's over the black mountains which should be nice if the weather is :) Anyone know the area or know of some nice places to go look -...
  8. James GrP

    Windscreen wiper connection help

    Hi all, Just had my windscreen replaced and the fitter has pointed out that the passenger side wiper connection has a lot of play and is wearing/rubbing on the vented grill. Took the arm off and the bushing/articulator freely moves up and down - seems like the round connector housing has rusted...
  9. James GrP

    Salisbury plains 3/4th August

    Hi All, Going to head over this weekend, looking for any advice if anyone has any recommendations of tracks/pubs/other they would recommend. Happy for others to tag along if they wish, just a casual drive around to get some mud on the LC :) Kind regards James
  10. James GrP

    Morning you lot!

    Just joined, going to be dipping my feet into the Land Cruiser world as I'm about to make my first Toyota purchase. Had Subaru pickups and Fourtraks in the very distant past - now looking for a second hand LandCruiser for family fun on the weekends :) Based in the South of the UK, between London...